Session Details

Renewables in the Boardroom: New strategies for corporate procurement

Thursday, March 12

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Direct procurement of renewable power by corporations more than doubled in 2018, with the US accounting for most transactions. The trend hasn’t abated, with 2019 announcements exceeding the prior year’s record. New industry segments entered the market and a range of financing arrangements emerged to support expanding renewable targets and business requirements. Where are the opportunities, across geographies and industries? How will corporate demand evolve, and what will procurement mechanisms look like in the future?

Session Speakers
  • Anna Shpitsberg

    IHS Markit

    Director, Global Power and Renewables

  • Miranda Ballentine

    Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Christen Blum

    Edison Energy

    Vice President, Renewables & Analytics Advisory

  • Brian Janous

    Microsoft Corporation

    General Manager of Energy and Sustainability