Executive Conference

Climate/Environment/Sustainability English to Chinese English to Russian

Climate Strategies in a World of Rivalry

Monday, March 11

03:20 pm - 04:05 pm

COP24 achieved a rule book to implement the Paris Agreement but left a massive gap between pledged actions and Paris targets to limit increases in global temperature. How sure are we of what needs to be achieved? Where can we find the biggest gains for emissions reductions—from carbon sinks to carbon sequestration? What incentives are needed to stimulate private investment in solutions and R&D?

Session Speakers
  • Carlos Pascual

    IHS Markit

    Senior Vice President

  • Jennifer Morris

    Conservation International (CI)


  • Dr. Ernest Moniz

    Energy Futures Initiative

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Maria Zuber


    Vice President for Research & E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics

  • Mark Little

    Suncor Energy

    President & Chief Operating Officer