Innovation Agora


What's New at Stanford: A Conversation

Thursday, March 14

12:45 pm - 01:30 pm

Stanford is recognized as a leader in technology and engineering, and its location in the heart of Silicon Valley has solidified its position as being at the forefront of that ecosystem. Hear from Stanford leaders on their agenda for energy technology, sustainability, digitalization and policy.

Session Speakers
  • Susan Kish

    IHS Markit

    Agora Curator

  • Thomas Jaramillo

    Director, SUNCAT Center, Stanford University

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy

  • Michael Lepech

    Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

    Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

  • Arun Majumdar

    Stanford University

    Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Photon Science