Innovation Agora

5G Providing a Backbone to the Smart Energy & Mobility Future

Thursday, March 14

09:00 am - 10:00 am

The arrival of 5G (fifth-generation) mobile communication technologies could usher in a wide set of changes in mission-critical infrastructure within the energy industry and the automobile of the future. New communicationssystems, cloud computing, and processing based on AI and adaptive learning are critical features driving innovation in these sectors, which are both set to benefit significantly from upcoming 5G rollouts. Which players will be first to market with these new systems? Will 5G be the panacea to connect all the nodes seamlessly? Where will the investment come from that is needed to advance this technology?

Session Speakers
  • General Steven L. Kwast

    U.S. Air Force

    Commander, Air Education and Training Command

  • Raj Paul

    Microsoft Corporation

    GM/Regional Lead Automotive Industry

  • Sam Lucero

    IHS Markit

    Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and IoT