Session Details

Using Big Data to Create Demand-side Solutions

Thursday, March 12

11:30 am - 12:20 pm

As the industry has increased the collection and usage of data from Smart Meters and other network sensors, the exponential growth in this data has created an opportunity for those who employ the best tools to analyze it. In development for over a decade, the introduction of AI and machine learning to these vast data sources is resulting in better energy efficiency programs and demand-side management (DSM) programs. Which analytical DSM systems should be deployed and from which industries will we see the most results? How do these systems combine non-energy data, such as weather and climate, and more global economic data along with energy usage data to help energy managers succeed? How do these systems evolve beyond it’s blunt use today to sophisticated optimization tools that leverage the breadth of the asset characteristics?

Session Speakers
  • Roger Kranenburg

    Eversource Energy

    Vice President, Strategy and Policy

  • Siddhartha Sachdeva



  • Brian Savoy

    Duke Energy

    Senior Vice President, Chief Transformation and Administrative Officer

  • Arthur Vos


    President & CEO