Innovation Agora


Life on the Edge: The Next Computing Revolution

Wednesday, March 13

09:00 am - 10:00 am

Edge computing enables computation to be performed on distributed devices, moving computing power closer to the user. Combined with artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning, the new paradigm is unleashing a new set of applications that is limited only by the imagination. How will the cloud – along with distributing compute to the telco and enterprise edge – create new disruptions in business and industrial processes? How quickly are these being deployed, and where? How will these together enable digitized businesses?

Session Speakers
  • Cliff Grossner

    IHS Markit

    Senior Research Director

  • Sujit Kumar

    Agora, a Schlumberger Startup


  • Casey Coleman


    Senior Vice President of Global Government Solutions

  • Bill Vass

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Vice President of Technology