Session Details

Plastics Sustainability: The Challenges and Emerging solutions

Monday, March 9

07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Plastics sustainability is one of the top priorities and a potential disruptor for the chemical industry as well as determining the future role of plastics in our society. Much work remains to develop sustainable business models and behavioral models to address this systemic issue with transformation of the linear approach to plastics into a circular economy. Initiatives are underway to end plastics waste with an articulated approach of clean-up, infrastructure development, innovation, and communications. What is the status of these developments? What are the drivers and actions to ensure plastics sustainability from a policy perspective? Who should take responsibility across the value chain? How will technology and infrastructure development affect the outcome?

Session Speakers
  • Dewey Johnson

    IHS Markit

    VP, Research & Analysis, Chemical

  • Christopher M. Reddy

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Senior Scientist

  • Christof H. Rühl

    CGEP, Columbia university & M-RCBG, Harvard Kennedy School

    Research Fellow

  • Sunita Narain

    Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

    Director General

  • Diego Donoso


    Business President, Packaging & Specialty Plastics