Executive Conference

Power English to Spanish, Spanish to English

Latin American Power Auctions: Optimizing for sustainability & reliability?

Thursday, March 14

07:30 am - 08:45 am

Latin American countries are using auctions to contract wind and solar generation at record low prices. As intermittency increases, what does this mean for market reliability? Where should responsibility for ensuring transmission and dispatch capacity rest? What have been the challenges to implement awarded projects?

Session Speakers
  • Lisa Pearl

    IHS Markit

    Managing Director, Americas Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables

  • Justin DeAngelis

    Denham Capital


  • Adrián Katzew

    Zuma Energía

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Diego Mesa

    Ministry of Energy and Mines of Colombia

    Vice Minister of Energy

  • Agustín Delgado Martín


    Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer