Innovation Agora


The Future of Ride-hailing & Mobility as a Service

Wednesday, March 13

10:30 am - 11:15 am

Due to the globally increasing popularity of ride-hailing, this session will explore the emerging Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sector and its impact on customers and on emerging business models. The substantial growth of urban mobility services is expected to shift a significant number of vehicle miles travelled (VMT) away from the private car, potentially signaling an energy/propulsion shift toward electrification. Will this possible move to EVs help accelerate consumer adoption of this new technology? Will mobility services help the consumer see the vehicle as a generic device that can be optimized for passenger transport? What are the advantages for owners of these fleets?

Session Speakers
  • Tom De Vleesschauwer

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Automotive

  • Johann Jungwirth

    Volkswagen Group of America

    Executive Vice President of Mobility Services

  • Aric Ohana

    Envoy Technologies


  • Kristopher Luey


    Client Success Manager

  • Jeff Meyer

    IHS Markit

    Director, Mobility and Energy