Session Details

CCUS: Can it scale?

Monday, March 9

04:00 pm - 04:50 pm

With just 19 industrial-scale CCUS projects deployed in the world, the technology needs to transform in scale to significantly assist climate change mandates. The US National Petroleum Council’s report “Meeting the Dual Challenge: A Roadmap to At-Scale Development of CCUS,” identified several areas of improvement, from policy reforms and financial incentives, infrastructure development, and technology R&D to cost-reduction for capture, compression and transport, use, storage, and EOR, as well as education and confidence in the technology. Scaling up and reducing costs of CCUS globally will be a challenge. What is the outlook for technological innovation to change the game on CCUS? Where should policy makers’ efforts be directed first to accelerate scaling it up? Who are the other key players needed to ensure progress? What role should the oil and gas industry play?

Session Speakers
  • Paul Markwell

    IHS Markit

    Vice President, Global Upstream Oil & Gas Insight

  • Jennifer Holmgren


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sarah D. Saltzer

    Stanford University

    Managing Director, Stanford Center for Carbon Storage

  • Kyle Simpson

    G2 Net-Zero LNG

    Chief Strategy Officer