Innovation Agora


EV Charging: Business models & players of the future

Wednesday, March 13

09:00 am - 10:00 am

The emergence of EVs and the different means by which to charge them represent a behavioral shift for consumers. This also creates opportunities for new business models for energy providers. It will be critical to provide the right specification of infrastructure, place it in the right location, and bring it to market at the right time for market participants to thrive in the new EV ecosystem. Will the majority of EV drivers continue to charge at home at night instead of during the day? How will charging be handled for vehicle fleets?

Session Speakers
  • Egil Juliussen

    IHS Markit

    Research & Analysis Director, R&A

  • Sergej Mahnovski

    Edison International

    Director, Growth and Innovation

  • Cathy Zoi


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Michael Ableson

    General Motors Corporation

    Vice President, Electric Vehicle Charging & Infrastructure

  • Jordan Ramer

    EV Connect

    Chief Executive Officer