Executive Conference


Reducing CO2 in North American Power: Emerging technologies?

Thursday, March 14

06:10 pm - 06:40 pm

Many US states and Canadian provinces are pursuing deep decarbonization policies that often impact not just the power sector, but their entire economy. The implementation of these policies will require new technologies in power generation, storage, and efficiency, and new strategies for their successful implementation. What is the outlook on the cost and possible business cases for emerging zero-carbon power technologies? How could technologies like floating offshore wind and next-generation battery storage succeed as part of low-carbon strategies? Could hydrogen emerge as both an energy storage medium and a generation fuel?

Session Speakers
  • Mark Griffith

    IHS Markit

    Senior Research Director

  • Wade Shafer

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables

  • Alex Klaessig

    IHS Markit

    Director, Power and Renewables

  • Patrick Luckow

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director