Session Details

Grid Anxiety: Integrating EVs & the power grid

Thursday, March 12

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

When each passenger EV charges, it could be likened to as many as 30 new homes joining a grid, and if an EV truck is charging, more than 100 new homes. How will the grid handle neighborhood-sized loads that appear and disappear throughout the day, every day? What will it take to get the grid ready? Are there non-hardware solutions to ease the impact? Should some countries be more anxious than others? 

Session Speakers
  • Wade Shafer

    IHS Markit

    Associate Director, Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables

  • Carl Bayliss


    Vice President, Mobility & Home Energy

  • Yuan Ren

    State Grid US Representative Office

    Executive Director