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How Is the Capital Transition Changing the Energy Business?

Tuesday, 8 March

12:10 pm - 1:00 pm (CST) / 08/mar/2022 06:10 pm - 08/mar/2022 07:00 pm

The direction of travel for the energy transition is clear, but timing is everything. Companies are making extremely diverse choices when it comes to capital allocation, asset mixes, and strategic planning in the move from a world defined by fossil fuel consumption to one where renewable energy sets the pace, but fossil fuels remain vital and profitable parts of the energy value chain. After decades in which established players knew their role in the energy game, the emergence of new platform companies, digital-led disruptors, and technology that reorganizes energy profit centers, oil and gas companies are pursuing a variety of paths to transition rather than adopting one model to rule them all. Learn more about the industry’s dynamic response to a multi-faceted transition. 

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