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Growing Power Infrastructure: Electrification of cities & public transport

Thursday, 10 March

9:30 am - 10:10 am (CST) / 10/mar/2022 03:30 pm - 10/mar/2022 04:10 pm

The transportation sector(s) are increasingly electrified over time. How and when does this significantly impact commercial or government fleets? How does the transition impact urban versus suburban (last-mile) applications and interstate long-haul applications differently? What are regional government, coalition, and/or utility policies providing to harness this development? Are smart-city initiatives a leading or lagging factor to electrification? What other fundamental technologies, such as connectivity, autonomy, population trends, telecommuting, etc., will drive this transition? Is the overriding rationale to address carbon and climate issues, or is the focus on business margins and cost efficiencies? Or both?

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