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Global Pathways to Net Zero & Beyond

Thursday, 10 March

9:35 am - 10:10 am (CST) / 10/mar/2022 03:35 pm - 10/mar/2022 04:10 pm

Since the publication of IEA’s “A Roadmap to Net-Zero” last May, there have been numerous reports and scenarios on how to get to net-zero emissions globally by 2050 or later. In most of these scenarios, electricity will be the linchpin of the global energy system by 2040 (or earlier), with almost half of the global energy consumption in the form of electricity. To achieve this, the bulk of electricity will have to come from renewable and non-fossil sources. Simultaneously, the electricity systems will have to be modernized and become highly flexible while maintaining stability and reliability. Extreme weather events and cyber security will be just two of the many challenges for the electricity system. How are two of the world’s leading electricity companies building their roads to net-zero emissions and beyond? How realistic is the goal to make global electricity generation net-zero emissions by 2050? How is digitalization driving decarbonization in the electricity sector? What is needed to accelerate energy investments in developing countries and at a lower cost of capital? What is a “just transition” and why is it important?

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