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Electrifying Ocean Operations: Sea floor energy systems

Wednesday, 9 March

9:30 am - 10:10 am (CST) / 09/mar/2022 03:30 pm - 09/mar/2022 04:10 pm
The energy industry’s shift toward a low-carbon future is not an easy one. One key element of this shift in the offshore context is the application of subsea electrification and broader subsea systems, which can significantly reduce the carbon footprint, while offering higher efficiency and lower capital and operating costs. Despite these advantages, subsea systems have remained a long-standing ambition of the energy industry. What technologies are needed to advance subsea electrification to wide-scale adoption? How do new business models enable or even drive the uptake of seafloor energy systems? How can integration between traditional energy sources (oil and gas) and new energies (solar, wind, wave) in the offshore benefit from these new subsea asset development models? 
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