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Cybersecurity in the Energy Ecosystem: Lessons learned

Wednesday, 9 March

3:30 pm - 4:10 pm (CST) / 09/mar/2022 09:30 pm - 09/mar/2022 10:10 pm

The energy industry is the lifeline of every country. Energy infrastructure threats are growing. During 2021, the global energy sector endured a multitude of cybersecurity attacks. A complex web of nation-state threat actors, hacktivists, and cyber criminals, combined with the energy sector’s expansive attack surface, decentralized cybersecurity leadership, and interdependencies between OT and Internet of Things (IoT) systems make the energy sector particularly susceptible to cyber threats. How are cybersecurity risks growing as the energy industry pivots around digitalization? Is the industry able to learn from experience? How are integrity and compliance assured through the energy digital supply chain? What lessons are learned from past attacks and how can current best practices in cybersecurity solutions improve to stay ahead of the game? How will cybersecurity evolve proactively to defend against threats?

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