Agora Session Formats

With over 270 sessions the Agora showcases disruptive technologies and innovations

2019 Agora Session Formats


Providing interactive dialogues with industry leaders on emerging and disruptive technologies, models of innovation and investment strategies.


Featuring deep-dive presentations in an intimate, relaxed setting including start-ups, our Energy Innovation Pioneers, case studies, and primers by leading technologists.

Voices of Innovation

Offering candid conversations with foremost and sometimes controversial thought leaders. View CERAWeek 2019 Voices of Innovation Videos »

The Lyceum @ Agora

The Lyceum @ Agora is the hub for high impact learning through engagement and collaboration in two formats:

Partner Houses

Partner Houses are where our Foundational Partners host personal interaction and experiential activities featuring solutions to energy and technology challenges 

Tour Agora Partner Houses

CERAWeek Agora Partner Houses include a stimulating tour across the energy value chain, demonstrations of drones and machine learning, and hands on examples of how businesses are transforming operations through cloud computing.