• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Ron Beck

Aspen Tech

Sr. Industry Marketing Director

Ron Beck is Senior Director, Solutions Marketing at Aspen Technology. His focus is working with global energy and chemical companies on digitalization of sustainability and decarbonization pathways. He has over forty years experience in the intersection between the energy industry, digital technology, and environmental science. He is a thought leader in the areas of applying digitalization to energy efficiency, carbon capture and removal, to hydrogen economy, and to the circular economy. His work in the area of sustainability and energy security goes back to the first US energy crisis in 1973 and 4 when he was involved in US DOE strategy work and innovation, including conducting one of the first economic studies of wind energy, waste conversion through pyrolysis and new approaches to enhanced oil recovery. Ron is also an authority on Indonesian Wayang and a former professional squash tour player.

Sessions With Ron Beck

Wednesday, 8 March

  • 08:30am - 09:00am (CST) / 08/mar/2023 02:30 pm - 08/mar/2023 03:00 pm

    AspenTech | Why the Energy Industry Needs to Rethink Situational Awareness

    Energy companies face unprecedented complexity in making both strategic and operational decisions. They also face information overload and “app overload.” This discussion will focus on how applying situational awareness principles helps companies to make decisions at all levels that move towards net zero carbon, energy security, and revenue and profit growth. We will focus on the example of improving insight, decision-making and auditability around carbon abatement.