• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Roger Kranenburg

Eversource Energy

Vice President, Energy Strategy & Policy

Roger Kranenburg, Vice President, Strategy and Policy, Eversource Energy, is responsible for clean energy and growth strategy and policies along with transportation electrification and battery storage initiatives. He was with IHS Markit, advising top power sector companies globally on transformation, investment, and operations. Clients included major global petroleum, automotive, and technology companies. In his innovation and technology role, he led the application of data analytics to power sector data and information. Earlier at the Edison Electric Institute, he led strategy for the electric industry in the areas of supply and taxation. He was instrumental in the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Earlier, he led development in wireless telecommunications and worked at Siemens (formerly Ansaldo-Finmeccanica). He has done research and published on high-temperature superconductors, high-performance electric drive systems, and high-frequency telecommunications. A CFA charterholder, Mr. Kranenburg holds a BSc and an MSc (plus PhD course requirements) in electrical engineering/applied physics and an MBA from the University of Houston. He has completed the Leadership for Senior Executives and Preparing to Be a Corporate Director programs at the Harvard Business School. He serves on the Woodwell Climate Research Center Board of Directors – finance and chair of the investment committee.

Sessions With Roger Kranenburg

Wednesday, 8 March