• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Marie-Pierre Paquin

Rio Tinto

Chief Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist

Marie-Pierre is a metallurgical engineer with over 20 years experience in process development, operation/maintenance, project study and strategy. Across her various roles in the business, Marie-Pierre has been exposed to most stage of a mining business, from project development, to operation and to closure, gaining a holistic view of the business. Most recently at Rio Tinto, Marie-Pierre has provided technical and strategic guidance to develop the decarbonization roadmap across the different product group.  Recent work includes new net-zero process design, asset re-powering and long duration energy storage technologies. Marie-Pierre is also part of the Venture team supporting investment in new technologies aligned with the business challenges.

Sessions With Marie-Pierre Paquin

Monday, 6 March

Thursday, 9 March

  • 09:30am - 10:00am (CST) / 09/mar/2023 03:30 pm - 09/mar/2023 04:00 pm

    Hydrogen's Role in Decarbonizing Steel

    Iron is found on earth as ore that needs to be reduced and refined to produce steel. Utilizing hydrogen, new technologies like direct reduction of iron offer pathways to decarbonization. How quickly can steel manufacturing reduce its emissions? What opportunities exist to reduce the emissions of mining iron ore?