• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Issam Dairanieh


Venture Partner

Issam’s three decades of experience bring a unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen. Issam concurrently serves as an operating partner for a private equity firm, advising on sustainability-focused investments and decarbonization. Issam has a strong track record of creating financial and strategic value via technology investment, development, and deployment. Issam’s unique perspective and experience were gained from an early career in academia conducting fundamental research, working for BP Chemicals on applied chemicals and polymers research (product development, application development, technical service and project management), and working for BP Corporate investing in renewable and conventional energy emerging technologies. Issam spent 18 years at BP, holding multiple positions in the chemicals and energy divisions, ultimately leading the BP corporate venture capital team and managing over $250m in related assets. Post BP, Issam served as the CEO of the CO2 Global Initiative, an organization focused on CO2 capture and conversion.  As a venture partner at Piva Capital, Issam offers guidance on a wide range of investment strategies, from deal origination and execution and portfolio management. His major areas of expertise include Waste to Value, CO2 capture and Utilization  as well as the Circular Economy.  Issam is married, has three children and three grandchildren. He co-founded two non-profit organizations focused on educating and empowering women.

Sessions With Issam Dairanieh

Tuesday, 7 March