• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

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REsurety | Maximizing & Measuring Carbon Impact: How to Operationalize “Emissions First” Principles

Tuesday, 7 March

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm (CST) / 07/mar/2023 08:30 pm - 07/mar/2023 09:00 pm
Leading clean energy buyers and investors have called for an evolution of carbon accounting standards – moving away from megawatt-hour matching and toward an emissions impact-centric system. That evolution requires more granular, accurate data, and the tools to make it actionable. In this session you will learn how marginal emissions data, which measures the carbon impact of consuming or generating energy at a given time and place, can be used to maximize the impact of clean energy investments, and to accurately measure that impact.

Session Type: Agora Pod

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