Innovation Agora Studio Sessions (subject to change)

Agora Studio Sessions allow attendees to participate in interactive discussions with top thought leaders in an intimate theater-in-the-round setting.

Monday, March 5

  • Energy + Robotics
  • Forecasting Oil Demand: Art or Science?
  • Waves of Innovation: Oceans, Technology & the Energy Future
  • Manufacturing Without Borders: Agile and Additive
  • Blockchain Rising: What Does it Mean for Upstream and Trading?
  • What Future for Hydrogen?
  • Driving Innovation in Mobility: Forumula-E

Tuesday, March 6

  • Voices of Innovation with Fatih Birol, IEA: Are We at a Tipping Point?
  • Inclusion and Diversity: Faces of the Energy Future
  • Biofuel: Fulfilling the Promise?
  • Voices of Innovation with Diane Greene, CEO, Google Cloud and Ashok Belani, CTO, Schlumberger: Into the Cloud
  • EV vs. ICE: Battle of Technologies
  • Voices of innovation with Juan Enriquez, Managing Director, Excel Venture Management: Evolving Ourselves
  • Digitalization and Oil & Gas: What's Next?
  • Data and Analytics: The Next Frontier
  • New Ways to Finance Energy Innovation

Wednesday, March 7

  • Voices of Innovation with Lord John Browne, Board Member, IHS Markit: AI, Progress and the Energy Future
  • Energy Innovation Pioneers: Meeting the Challenges of the New Energy Landscape
  • AI & Energy: Revolution or Evolution?
  • Methane: The Challenge of Zero Emissions
  • Blockchain: The Potential to Disrupt Power and the Consumer
  • Energy and Cyber Risk
  • Voices of Innovation with Vaclav Smil, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba: Energy Transitions
  • The Cloud vs. the Edge: The Future of Connectivity?
  • Voices of Innovation with Ahmad Al Khowaiter, CTO, Saudi Aramco and Bob Armstrong, Director, MIT Energy Initiative: Strategies

Thursday, March 8

  • Voices of Innovation with Varun Sivaram, Fellow for Science & Technology, Council on Foreign Relations: Taming the Sun
  • Energy Innovation Pioneers: Meeting the Challenges of the New Energy Landscape
  • Electric Power: Disruption, Innovation and New Business Models
  • Energy, Mobility and the Future of the City
  • Building the Resilient Grid of the Future: Microgrids and Beyond
  • Voices of Innovation with Rich Wilson, President, sitesALIVE Foundation: Inspiring the Next Generation
  • NextGen Nuclear: Breakthroughs on the Horizon?
  • Habitat: Future of the Built Environment
  • Electrification of Everything: The Transformation of Energy Systems
  • EVs and the Grid: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Voices of Innovation interview with Walter Isaacson, President, The Aspen Institute and author of Leonardo Da Vinci: Inventive Imagination

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