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Technology and innovation immersion at the
Innovation Agora @ CERAWeek 2018

This year, we featured a new range of Agora Experiences, designed with our partners to engage Agora participants with innovation and disruptive technologies directly – out of the laboratory and into our daily lives.

2018 Agora Experiences

Beyond electric: an augmented reality, transportation experience

The future of mobility and the city is here in a Hololens journey through the modular mobility options of the future – and of today. Agora participants had the opportunity to take a virtual ride in the Hyperloop, experience a vertical taxi, drive an e-race car, and more. Brought to the Agora by ABB.

Digital Ecosystem: The Future of Work

Digitization is transforming business performance, but is also transforming the way people work. Automation and mixed reality technologies are shaking up old models. At the Emerson Digital Ecosystem, delegates could “follow the molecule” from reservoir to downstream processing, and explore the intersection of IoT technologies and people. Brought to the Agora by Emerson.

Formula E race car

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship unites two pioneers at the forefront of electrification and digital technologies for the world's first fully electric international motorsport series. The series is more than just motor racing for single seater electric racing cars. It's a competitive platform to test and develop road-relevant technologies – helping refine the design and functionality of electric vehicle components and speeding up the transition and uptake of clean transportation on a global scale. Brought to the Agora by ABB.

The D2OLab

An interactive environment where executives had the chance to test their expertise against industrial machine learning. In this fast-paced simulation, players saw how their decisions matched up with a digital plant that employs the latest asset performance management technology – from digitalization to optimization.

Covering a year of operation on an offshore oil platform, executives competed head-to-head against the digitally optimized plant. From normal conditions through a number of critical issues, they defended the facility against equipment failure, unplanned downtime and loss of production and profits, and got to see where their skills ranked on the AspenTech D2OLab leaderboard. Brought to the Agora by AspenTech.

Energy Innovation Pioneers

Each year, CERAWeek identifies a select few Energy Innovation Pioneers to showcase their technologies in the Innovation Agora, allowing delegates to interact with them and experience their promise to disrupt the energy industry for themselves. This year, we featured technologies facilitating the decentralization and democratization of operational decisions, offering the potential to transform the nature of field operations.

  • FogHorn Systems – an edge computing platform that processes, analyzes, and responds to industrial IoT data, right where the devices reside.
  • Water Lens – a fast, accurate and repeatable water testing platform that enables anyone to test water from anywhere in the world – even in the Agora!

Swiss chocolate and Houston coffee roasters

We’re proud to have had Greenway Roasters back to the Agora to set up our Agora Café, even happier to have had YuMi bring her robotic talents to wrapping individual Swiss chocolates to go with every cup. Brought to you by the Agora partners and ABB.