2019 Speakers

CERAWeek has an unprecedented speaker line-up of industry and government leaders

  • Osmar Abib

    Credit Suisse

    Chairman of Global Energy

    ["Osmar Abib","Credit Suisse","Chairman of Global Energy","Plenary"]
  • HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

    Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi National Oil

    ["HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber","Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)","Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, Chief Executive Officer of the Abu Dhabi National Oil","Plenary"]
  • Musabbeh Al Kaabi

    Mubadala Investment Company

    Chief Executive Officer, Petroleum & Petrochemicals

    ["Musabbeh Al Kaabi","Mubadala Investment Company","Chief Executive Officer, Petroleum & Petrochemicals","Plenary"]
  • H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei

    Ministry of Energy & Industry, UAE

    Minister of Energy & Industry

    ["H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei","Ministry of Energy & Industry, UAE","Minister of Energy & Industry","Plenary"]
  • Vagit Alekperov


    President of PJSC

    ["Vagit Alekperov","LUKOIL","President of PJSC","Plenary"]
  • General (Ret) Keith Alexander

    IronNet Cybersecurity

    Founder, Chairman & Co-CEO

    ["General (Ret) Keith Alexander","IronNet Cybersecurity","Founder, Chairman & Co-CEO","Plenary"]
  • Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter

    Saudi Aramco

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter","Saudi Aramco","Chief Technology Officer","Plenary"]
  • Marco Alverà


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Marco Alverà","Snam","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Caglayan Arkan

    Microsoft Corporation

    Senior Vice President for Manufacturing and Resources Industry

    ["Caglayan Arkan","Microsoft Corporation","Senior Vice President for Manufacturing and Resources Industry","Plenary"]
  • Dr. Robert Armstrong


    Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering

    ["Dr. Robert Armstrong","MIT","Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering","Plenary"]
  • HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

    Secretary General

    ["HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo","Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)","Secretary General","Plenary"]
  • Dr. Maikanti K. Baru

    Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

    Group Managing Director

    ["Dr. Maikanti K. Baru","Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)","Group Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Ashok Belani

    Schlumberger Ltd.

    Executive Vice President, Technology

    ["Ashok Belani","Schlumberger Ltd.","Executive Vice President, Technology","Plenary"]
  • Ganesh Bell



    ["Ganesh Bell","Uptake","President","Plenary"]
  • Sally M. Benson

    Stanford University

    Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering

    ["Sally M. Benson","Stanford University","Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Energy Resources Engineering","Plenary"]
  • Dr. Fatih Birol

    International Energy Agency (IEA)

    Executive Director

    ["Dr. Fatih Birol","International Energy Agency (IEA)","Executive Director","Plenary"]
  • Jason Bordoff

    Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University

    Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director

    ["Jason Bordoff","Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University","Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Kanat Bozumbayev

    Republic of Kazakhstan

    Minister of Energy

    ["Hon. Kanat Bozumbayev","Republic of Kazakhstan","Minister of Energy","Plenary"]
  • Arnaud Breuillac

    TOTAL S.A.

    President, Exploration & Production

    ["Arnaud Breuillac","TOTAL S.A.","President, Exploration & Production","Plenary"]
  • Thomas Brostrøm

    Ørsted North America


    ["Thomas Brostrøm","Ørsted North America","President","Plenary"]
  • Dan Brouillette

    United States Department of Energy

    Deputy Secretary of Energy

    ["Dan Brouillette","United States Department of Energy","Deputy Secretary of Energy","Plenary"]
  • Chris Brown


    President, North America

    ["Chris Brown","Vestas","President, North America","Plenary"]
  • Paul Browning

    Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPSA)

    President & CEO

    ["Paul Browning","Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPSA)","President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Andy Calitz

    LNG Canada

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Andy Calitz","LNG Canada","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Linda Capuano, Ph.D.

    U.S. Energy Information Administration


    ["Hon. Linda Capuano, Ph.D.","U.S. Energy Information Administration","Administrator","Plenary"]
  • Roberto Castello Branco


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Roberto Castello Branco","Petrobras","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Neil Chatterjee

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)


    ["Hon. Neil Chatterjee","Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)","Chairman","Plenary"]
  • Peter Coleman

    Woodside Energy Ltd

    CEO & Managing Director

    ["Peter Coleman","Woodside Energy Ltd","CEO & Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Iain Conn


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Iain Conn","Centrica","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Al Cook

    Equinor ASA

    EVP, Global Strategy & Business Development (GSB)

    ["Al Cook","Equinor ASA","EVP, Global Strategy & Business Development (GSB)","Plenary"]
  • Hon. John Cornyn

    U.S. Senate

    United States Senator for Texas

    ["Hon. John Cornyn","U.S. Senate","United States Senator for Texas","Plenary"]
  • Lisa Davis

    Siemens AG

    Member of the Managing Board and CEO Gas and Power

    ["Lisa Davis","Siemens AG","Member of the Managing Board and CEO Gas and Power","Plenary"]
  • Agustín Delgado Martín


    Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer

    ["Agustín Delgado Martín","Iberdrola","Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer","Plenary"]
  • Makan Delrahim

    U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division

    Assistant Attorney General

    ["Makan Delrahim","U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division","Assistant Attorney General","Plenary"]
  • George Dethlefsen

    Corsa Coal

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["George Dethlefsen","Corsa Coal","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Bob Dudley

    BP plc

    Group Chief Executive

    ["Bob Dudley","BP plc","Group Chief Executive","Plenary"]
  • Governor Michael J. Dunleavy



    ["Governor Michael J. Dunleavy","Alaska","Governor","Plenary"]
  • HE Eng. Tarek El Molla

    Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources

    Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources

    ["HE Eng. Tarek El Molla","Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources","Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources","Plenary"]
  • Tufan Erginbilgic

    BP p.l.c.

    Chief Executive, Downstream

    ["Tufan Erginbilgic","BP p.l.c.","Chief Executive, Downstream","Plenary"]
  • Francis R. Fannon

    United States Department of State

    Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR)

    ["Francis R. Fannon","United States Department of State","Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR)","Plenary"]
  • David Farr


    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["David Farr","Emerson","Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Jim Fitterling

    The Dow Chemical Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jim Fitterling","The Dow Chemical Company","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • William Clay Ford, Jr.

    Ford Motor Company

    Executive Chairman

    ["William Clay Ford, Jr.","Ford Motor Company","Executive Chairman","Plenary"]
  • Matt Fox


    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    ["Matt Fox","ConocoPhillips","Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer","Plenary"]
  • Jack Fusco

    Cheniere Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jack Fusco","Cheniere Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Scott M. Gallager

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Associate Scientist

    ["Scott M. Gallager","Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution","Associate Scientist","Plenary"]
  • Rolf Gibbels

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Head of Worldwide Business Development, Power & Utilities Industry

    ["Rolf Gibbels","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Head of Worldwide Business Development, Power & Utilities Industry","Plenary"]
  • Staale Gjervik

    XTO Energy


    ["Staale Gjervik","XTO Energy","President","Plenary"]
  • Jim Goldinger

    ClearSky Power and Technology Fund

    Managing Director

    ["Jim Goldinger","ClearSky Power and Technology Fund","Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Daniel González


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Daniel González","YPF","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Hendrik Gordenker

    JERA Co. Inc.

    Executive Chairman

    ["Hendrik Gordenker","JERA Co. Inc.","Executive Chairman","Plenary"]
  • Michael Green

    Director of Asian Studies at Georgetown University

    SVP for Asia and Japan Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

    ["Michael Green","Director of Asian Studies at Georgetown University","SVP for Asia and Japan Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)","Plenary"]
  • Mark Gunnin

    Hunt Oil Company


    ["Mark Gunnin","Hunt Oil Company","President","Plenary"]
  • Mark Gyetvay


    Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

    ["Mark Gyetvay","PAO NOVATEK","Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Chairman of the Management Board","Plenary"]
  • Emily Haber

    German Embassy Washington

    German Ambassador to the United States

    ["Emily Haber","German Embassy Washington","German Ambassador to the United States","Plenary"]
  • Ahmed Hashmi

    BP plc.

    Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Upstream

    ["Ahmed Hashmi","BP plc.","Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Upstream","Plenary"]
  • Ricardo Hausmann

    Harvard's Center for International Development


    ["Ricardo Hausmann","Harvard's Center for International Development","Director","Plenary"]
  • H.E. Mme Lelenta Hawa Baba Ba


    Minister of Mines and Petroleum

    ["H.E. Mme Lelenta Hawa Baba Ba","Mali","Minister of Mines and Petroleum","Plenary"]
  • Gary Heminger

    Marathon Petroleum Corporation

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Gary Heminger","Marathon Petroleum Corporation","Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Peter Herweck

    Schneider Electric

    EVP, Industrial Automation

    ["Peter Herweck","Schneider Electric","EVP, Industrial Automation","Plenary"]
  • John Hess

    Hess Corporation

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["John Hess","Hess Corporation","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • John Hickenlooper

    State of Colorado

    Former Governor

    ["John Hickenlooper","State of Colorado","Former Governor","Plenary"]
  • Amos Hochstein



    ["Amos Hochstein","Tellurian","SVP","Plenary"]
  • Didier Holleaux


    Executive Vice President

    ["Didier Holleaux","ENGIE","Executive Vice President","Plenary"]
  • Vicki Hollub

    Occidental Petroleum

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Vicki Hollub","Occidental Petroleum","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Maynard Holt

    Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Maynard Holt","Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Tim Holt

    Siemens Energy

    CEO, Power Generation Services

    ["Tim Holt","Siemens Energy","CEO, Power Generation Services","Plenary"]
  • Shin Hosaka

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

    Deputy Commissioner for Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

    ["Shin Hosaka","Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)","Deputy Commissioner for Agency for Natural Resources and Energy","Plenary"]
  • Jim Hughes

    Prisma Energy Capital

    CEO & Managing Director

    ["Jim Hughes","Prisma Energy Capital","CEO & Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Josu Jon Imaz

    Repsol S.A.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Josu Jon Imaz","Repsol S.A.","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Andrew R. Jassy

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Andrew R. Jassy","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Joe Kaeser

    Siemens AG

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Joe Kaeser","Siemens AG","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Derek Kan

    United States Department of Transportation

    Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy

    ["Derek Kan","United States Department of Transportation","Under Secretary of Transportation for Policy","Plenary"]
  • Lal Karsanbhai


    Executive President, Automation Solutions

    ["Lal Karsanbhai","Emerson","Executive President, Automation Solutions","Plenary"]
  • Kairat Kelimbetov

    Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)


    ["Kairat Kelimbetov","Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)","Governor","Plenary"]
  • Glenn Kellow


    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Glenn Kellow","Peabody","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Fred Krupp

    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)


    ["Fred Krupp","Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)","President","Plenary"]
  • Dr. M. M. Kutty

    Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India


    ["Dr. M. M. Kutty","Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India","Secretary","Plenary"]
  • Yiorgos Lakkotrypis

    Republic of Cyprus

    Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry

    ["Yiorgos Lakkotrypis","Republic of Cyprus","Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry","Plenary"]
  • Mark Little

    Suncor Energy

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    ["Mark Little","Suncor Energy","President & Chief Operating Officer","Plenary"]
  • Bernard Looney

    BP plc

    Chief executive, Upstream

    ["Bernard Looney","BP plc","Chief executive, Upstream","Plenary"]
  • Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui

    Ministry of Finance, Argentina

    Secretary of Energy

    ["Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui","Ministry of Finance, Argentina","Secretary of Energy","Plenary"]
  • Arif Mahmood


    Executive Vice President & CEO, Downstream

    ["Arif Mahmood","PETRONAS","Executive Vice President & CEO, Downstream","Plenary"]
  • Suzanne Maloney

    The Brookings Institution

    Deputy Director of the Foreign Policy

    ["Suzanne Maloney","The Brookings Institution","Deputy Director of the Foreign Policy","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Joe Manchin

    U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

    United States Senator for West Virginia

    ["Hon. Joe Manchin","U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee","United States Senator for West Virginia","Plenary"]
  • Bernard L. McNamee

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


    ["Bernard L. McNamee","Federal Energy Regulatory Commission","Commissioner","Plenary"]
  • Mark W. Menezes

    United States Department of Energy

    Under Secretary of Energy

    ["Mark W. Menezes","United States Department of Energy","Under Secretary of Energy","Plenary"]
  • John Mingé

    BP America

    Former Chairman and President

    ["John Mingé","BP America","Former Chairman and President","Plenary"]
  • Shunichi Miyanaga

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Shunichi Miyanaga","Mitsubishi Heavy Industries","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Grethe Kristin Moen

    Petoro AS

    President & CEO

    ["Grethe Kristin Moen","Petoro AS","President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Maria Moræus Hanssen

    DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Maria Moræus Hanssen","DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Luis Miguel Morelli

    National Hydrocarbon Agency


    ["Luis Miguel Morelli","National Hydrocarbon Agency","President","Plenary"]
  • Curtis A. Morgan

    Vistra Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Curtis A. Morgan","Vistra Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Jennifer Morris

    Conservation International (CI)


    ["Jennifer Morris","Conservation International (CI)","President","Plenary"]
  • Simon Mulcahy


    Chief Innovation Officer

    ["Simon Mulcahy","Salesforce","Chief Innovation Officer","Plenary"]
  • Immanuel Mulunga

    National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR)

    Managing Director

    ["Immanuel Mulunga","National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR)","Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Lisa Murkowski

    U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee


    ["Hon. Lisa Murkowski","U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee","Chairman","Plenary"]
  • H.E. Rocío Nahle García

    Ministry of Energy Mexico

    Secretary of Energy

    ["H.E. Rocío Nahle García","Ministry of Energy Mexico","Secretary of Energy","Plenary"]
  • Kunio Nohata

    Tokyo Gas

    Member of the Board and Senior Executive Officer

    ["Kunio Nohata","Tokyo Gas","Member of the Board and Senior Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Bente Nyland

    Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

    Director General

    ["Bente Nyland","Norwegian Petroleum Directorate","Director General","Plenary"]
  • Babur Ozden

    Maana, Inc.

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Babur Ozden","Maana, Inc.","Founder & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Paddy Padmanathan

    ACWA Power International

    Chief Executive Officer & President

    ["Paddy Padmanathan","ACWA Power International","Chief Executive Officer & President","Plenary"]
  • Georgios Papadimitriou

    Enel Green Power

    Chief Executive Officer, North America

    ["Georgios Papadimitriou","Enel Green Power","Chief Executive Officer, North America","Plenary"]
  • Steve Pastor


    President Operations, Petroleum

    ["Steve Pastor","BHP","President Operations, Petroleum","Plenary"]
  • Robert Pender

    Venture Global LNG

    Co-CEO, Co-Chairman & Founder

    ["Robert Pender","Venture Global LNG","Co-CEO, Co-Chairman & Founder","Plenary"]
  • Rick Perry

    United States Department of Energy

    Secretary of Energy

    ["Rick Perry","United States Department of Energy","Secretary of Energy","Plenary"]
  • Pedro Pizarro

    Edison International

    President & CEO

    ["Pedro Pizarro","Edison International","President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Michael R. Pompeo

    United States of America

    Secretary of State

    ["Michael R. Pompeo","United States of America","Secretary of State","Plenary"]
  • Patti Poppe

    CMS Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Patti Poppe","CMS Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Anne Pramaggiore

    Exelon Corporation

    Senior Executive Vice President & CEO of Exelon Utilities

    ["Anne Pramaggiore","Exelon Corporation","Senior Executive Vice President & CEO of Exelon Utilities","Plenary"]
  • Connor Prochaska

    U.S. Department of Energy

    Chief Commercialization Officer and Director, Office of Technology Transitions

    ["Connor Prochaska","U.S. Department of Energy","Chief Commercialization Officer and Director, Office of Technology Transitions","Plenary"]
  • Scott Prochazka

    CenterPoint Energy

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Scott Prochazka","CenterPoint Energy","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Riccardo Puliti

    The World Bank

    Senior Director, Energy and Extractive Industries Global Practice

    ["Riccardo Puliti","The World Bank","Senior Director, Energy and Extractive Industries Global Practice","Plenary"]
  • Dr. Pratima Rangarajan

    OGCI Climate Investments

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Dr. Pratima Rangarajan","OGCI Climate Investments","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Ernest Rubondo

    Petroleum Authority of Uganda

    Executive Director

    ["Ernest Rubondo","Petroleum Authority of Uganda","Executive Director","Plenary"]
  • Anders Runevad

    Vestas Wind Systems A/S

    Group President & CEO

    ["Anders Runevad","Vestas Wind Systems A/S","Group President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Artur Runge-Metzger

    European Commission, EU

    Director, Directorate General for Climate Action

    ["Artur Runge-Metzger","European Commission, EU","Director, Directorate General for Climate Action","Plenary"]
  • Eldar Sætre

    Equinor ASA

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Eldar Sætre","Equinor ASA","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Philippe Sauquet


    President, Gas, Renewables & Power & President, Strategy-Innovation

    ["Philippe Sauquet","TOTAL","President, Gas, Renewables & Power & President, Strategy-Innovation","Plenary"]
  • Sir John Scarlett

    Morgan Stanley

    Senior Advisor

    ["Sir John Scarlett","Morgan Stanley","Senior Advisor","Plenary"]
  • Greg Scheu


    President, Americas Region

    ["Greg Scheu","ABB","President, Americas Region","Plenary"]
  • Ambassador Susan C. Schwab

    Professor at the University of Maryland & Strategic Advisor on International Trade at Mayer Brown

    Former U.S. Trade Representative

    ["Ambassador Susan C. Schwab","Professor at the University of Maryland & Strategic Advisor on International Trade at Mayer Brown","Former U.S. Trade Representative","Plenary"]
  • Yuri Sebregts

    Royal Dutch Shell plc

    Executive Vice President Technology & Chief Technology Officer

    ["Yuri Sebregts","Royal Dutch Shell plc","Executive Vice President Technology & Chief Technology Officer","Plenary"]
  • Adam Sieminski

    King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center


    ["Adam Sieminski","King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center","President","Plenary"]
  • Eric E. Silagy

    Florida Power & Light Company

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Eric E. Silagy","Florida Power & Light Company","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Lorenzo Simonelli

    Baker Hughes

    Chairman, President & CEO

    ["Lorenzo Simonelli","Baker Hughes","Chairman, President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Sanjiv Singh

    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)


    ["Sanjiv Singh","Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)","Chairman","Plenary"]
  • Michael Smith

    Freeport LNG

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    ["Michael Smith","Freeport LNG","Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & Founder","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Amarjeet Sohi

    Government of Canada

    Minister of Natural Resources

    ["Hon. Amarjeet Sohi","Government of Canada","Minister of Natural Resources","Plenary"]
  • Charif Souki


    Chairman of the Board

    ["Charif Souki","Tellurian","Chairman of the Board","Plenary"]
  • Ulrich Spiesshofer

    ABB Ltd.

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ulrich Spiesshofer","ABB Ltd.","President & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Garold Spindler

    Coronado Global Resources

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Garold Spindler","Coronado Global Resources","Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Angela Stent

    Director, Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University

    Author of Putin’s World: Russia against the West and with the Rest

    ["Angela Stent","Director, Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University","Author of Putin’s World: Russia against the West and with the Rest","Plenary"]
  • Andree Stracke

    RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

    Chief Commercial Officer (Origination)

    ["Andree Stracke","RWE Supply & Trading GmbH","Chief Commercial Officer (Origination)","Plenary"]
  • Minister María Fernanda Suárez


    Minister of Mines and Energy

    ["Minister María Fernanda Suárez","Colombia","Minister of Mines and Energy","Plenary"]
  • Dr. V. Sumantran

    Celeris Technologies


    ["Dr. V. Sumantran","Celeris Technologies","Chairman","Plenary"]
  • Doug Suttles


    President & CEO

    ["Doug Suttles","Encana","President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Dr. Vijay Swarup

    ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company

    Vice President of Research and Development

    ["Dr. Vijay Swarup","ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company","Vice President of Research and Development","Plenary"]
  • Jim Teague

    Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

    Director and Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jim Teague","Enterprise Products Partners L.P.","Director and Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Peter Terwiesch

    ABB Ltd

    President, Industrial Automation Division & Member of the Group Executive Committee

    ["Peter Terwiesch","ABB Ltd","President, Industrial Automation Division & Member of the Group Executive Committee","Plenary"]
  • Ernie Thrasher

    Xcoal Energy & Resources

    CEO & Chief Marketing Officer

    ["Ernie Thrasher","Xcoal Energy & Resources","CEO & Chief Marketing Officer","Plenary"]
  • Lee Tillman

    Marathon Oil Corporation

    President & CEO

    ["Lee Tillman","Marathon Oil Corporation","President & CEO","Plenary"]
  • Mike Train


    President, Emerson; Chairman, Automation Solutions

    ["Mike Train","Emerson","President, Emerson; Chairman, Automation Solutions","Plenary"]
  • Shri B. C. Tripathi

    GAIL India Limited

    Chairman & Managing Director

    ["Shri B. C. Tripathi","GAIL India Limited","Chairman & Managing Director","Plenary"]
  • Mayor Sylvester Turner

    City of Houston


    ["Mayor Sylvester Turner","City of Houston","Mayor","Plenary"]
  • Marcel van Poecke

    Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)

    Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund

    ["Marcel van Poecke","Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)","Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund","Plenary"]
  • Ambassador Carlos Vecchio

    Government of Venezuela to the United States


    ["Ambassador Carlos Vecchio","Government of Venezuela to the United States","Ambassador","Plenary"]
  • David Victor

    University of California, San Diego

    Co-Director, Deep Decarbonization Initiative

    ["David Victor","University of California, San Diego","Co-Director, Deep Decarbonization Initiative","Plenary"]
  • Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee


    President & Group Chief Executive Officer

    ["Tan Sri Wan Zulkiflee","PETRONAS","President & Group Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Gretchen Watkins

    Shell Oil Company

    President, Shell Oil Company, Executive Vice President, Shell Upstream Unconventionals

    ["Gretchen Watkins","Shell Oil Company","President, Shell Oil Company, Executive Vice President, Shell Upstream Unconventionals","Plenary"]
  • Maarten Wetselaar

    Royal Dutch Shell plc

    Integrated Gas & New Energies Director

    ["Maarten Wetselaar","Royal Dutch Shell plc","Integrated Gas & New Energies Director","Plenary"]
  • Andrew Wheeler

    US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


    ["Andrew Wheeler","US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)","Administrator","Plenary"]
  • Thilo Wieland


    Executive Director, Exploration & Production in Russia, North Africa & South America

    ["Thilo Wieland","Wintershall","Executive Director, Exploration & Production in Russia, North Africa & South America","Plenary"]
  • Darryl Willis

    Microsoft Corporation

    Vice President - Energy Industry

    ["Darryl Willis","Microsoft Corporation","Vice President - Energy Industry","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Steven Winberg

    United States Department of Energy

    Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy

    ["Hon. Steven Winberg","United States Department of Energy","Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy","Plenary"]
  • Mike Wirth


    Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mike Wirth","Chevron","Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer","Plenary"]
  • Jason Zander

    Microsoft Corporation

    Executive Vice President

    ["Jason Zander","Microsoft Corporation","Executive Vice President","Plenary"]
  • Maria Zuber


    Vice President for Research & E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics

    ["Maria Zuber","MIT","Vice President for Research & E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics","Plenary"]
  • Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam

    Ministry of Energy, Ghana

    Deputy Minister of Energy for Petroleum

    ["Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam","Ministry of Energy, Ghana","Deputy Minister of Energy for Petroleum","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Fatema Al Nuaimi

    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

    Acting Chief Executive Officer, ADNOC LNG

    ["Fatema Al Nuaimi","Abu Dhabi National Oil Company","Acting Chief Executive Officer, ADNOC LNG","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Omar Al Suwaidi

    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

    Director, Executive Office

    ["Omar Al Suwaidi","Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)","Director, Executive Office","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Minister Bento Albuquerque


    Minister of Mines and Energy

    ["Minister Bento Albuquerque","Brazil","Minister of Mines and Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jay Allardyce

    Uptake Technologies

    Executive Vice President - Industry, Product and Partnerships

    ["Jay Allardyce","Uptake Technologies","Executive Vice President - Industry, Product and Partnerships","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ibrahim Al-Muhanna

    Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia

    Consultant & Advisor to Saudi Oil Ministry

    ["Ibrahim Al-Muhanna","Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia","Consultant & Advisor to Saudi Oil Ministry","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ayed S. Al-Qahtani

    Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

    Director of Research Division

    ["Ayed S. Al-Qahtani","Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)","Director of Research Division","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Enrique Álvarez-Uría

    EDP Renewables

    Offshore Wind Business Development Director, North America

    ["Enrique Álvarez-Uría","EDP Renewables","Offshore Wind Business Development Director, North America","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • B. Anand

    Nayara Energy

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["B. Anand","Nayara Energy","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Janet Annesley

    Husky Energy

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs

    ["Janet Annesley","Husky Energy","Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Felipe Arbelaez


    Regional President, Latin America

    ["Felipe Arbelaez","BP","Regional President, Latin America","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • B. Ashok

    Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["B. Ashok","Ratnagiri Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Azman Aziz


    Senior General Manager, Strategy & Commercial, Upstream Business

    ["Azman Aziz","PETRONAS","Senior General Manager, Strategy & Commercial, Upstream Business","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Gustavo Baquero


    SVP, Operations Technology Excellence, Development & Production International

    ["Gustavo Baquero","Equinor","SVP, Operations Technology Excellence, Development & Production International","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Gordon Birrell


    Chief Operating Officer, Production, Transformation & Carbon

    ["Gordon Birrell","BP","Chief Operating Officer, Production, Transformation & Carbon","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Adi Blum


    Managing Director, Energy & Power Infrastructure

    ["Adi Blum","BlackRock","Managing Director, Energy & Power Infrastructure","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dick Brown

    Eagle LNG Partners

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Dick Brown","Eagle LNG Partners","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Marcos Browne


    Executive Vice President Gas & Power

    ["Marcos Browne","YPF","Executive Vice President Gas & Power","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mark Brownstein

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Senior Vice President, Energy

    ["Mark Brownstein","Environmental Defense Fund","Senior Vice President, Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Stephen Cadden


    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Stephen Cadden","SEA-LNG","Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Chris Chandler

    Plains All American Pipeline, LP

    EVP and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Chris Chandler","Plains All American Pipeline, LP","EVP and Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kunal Chandra

    Siemens Power and Gas

    Vice President, New Energy Businesses

    ["Kunal Chandra","Siemens Power and Gas","Vice President, New Energy Businesses","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Syarif Maulana Chaniago

    Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities, Republic of Indonesia

    Senior Manager of Gas Monetization

    ["Syarif Maulana Chaniago","Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities, Republic of Indonesia","Senior Manager of Gas Monetization","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Gang Chen

    Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange

    Chairman & CEO Assistant

    ["Gang Chen","Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange","Chairman & CEO Assistant","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Keith Chiasson


    Executive Vice-President, Downstream

    ["Keith Chiasson","Cenovus","Executive Vice-President, Downstream","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Lisa Cohen

    Cheniere Energy

    VP of Finance & Treasurer

    ["Lisa Cohen","Cheniere Energy","VP of Finance & Treasurer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nick Confuorto

    CR Ocean Engineering

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    ["Nick Confuorto","CR Ocean Engineering","President & Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Paul Corcoran

    Nord Stream 2 AG

    Chief Financial Officer

    ["Paul Corcoran","Nord Stream 2 AG","Chief Financial Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Adrián Katzew

    Zuma Energía

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Adrián Katzew","Zuma Energía","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nick Cron

    Xcoal Energy & Resources

    General Manager, Portfolio Optimization & Marketing

    ["Nick Cron","Xcoal Energy & Resources","General Manager, Portfolio Optimization & Marketing","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Matthew Croucher


    Director of Business Analytics

    ["Matthew Croucher","Entergy","Director of Business Analytics","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Helen Currie


    Chief Economist

    ["Helen Currie","ConocoPhillips","Chief Economist","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Spencer Dale

    BP p.l.c.

    Group Chief Economist

    ["Spencer Dale","BP p.l.c.","Group Chief Economist","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Prof. Dr. Nasir Darman


    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Prof. Dr. Nasir Darman","PETRONAS","Chief Technology Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Justin DeAngelis

    Denham Capital


    ["Justin DeAngelis","Denham Capital","Partner","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Fernanda Delgado

    Centro de Estudo de Energia

    Research Coordinator

    ["Fernanda Delgado","Centro de Estudo de Energia","Research Coordinator","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Alessandro Della Zoppa


    Executive Vice President LNG

    ["Alessandro Della Zoppa","Eni","Executive Vice President LNG","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Frank Demaille

    ENGIE North America

    President and CEO

    ["Frank Demaille","ENGIE North America","President and CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Robbie Diamond

    Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE)

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Robbie Diamond","Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE)","President & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dan Domeracki

    Schlumberger Limited

    Vice President, Government and Industry Relations

    ["Dan Domeracki","Schlumberger Limited","Vice President, Government and Industry Relations","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dan Dorner

    Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

    Head of BEIS-FCO International Energy Unit

    ["Dan Dorner","Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy","Head of BEIS-FCO International Energy Unit","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Thomas Earl

    Venture Global Marketing LLC

    Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Thomas Earl","Venture Global Marketing LLC","Chief Commercial Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nicholas N. Eberstadt

    American Enterprise Institute

    Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy

    ["Nicholas N. Eberstadt","American Enterprise Institute","Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bob Edwards



    ["Bob Edwards","NGP","Partner","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bill Elrick

    CA Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

    Executive Director

    ["Bill Elrick","CA Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)","Executive Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Eric Ernst

    Formula E

    Head of Technology

    ["Eric Ernst","Formula E","Head of Technology","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bob Espey

    Parkland Fuel Corporation

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bob Espey","Parkland Fuel Corporation","President & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nathanaël Esposito

    RWE Renewables Americas

    President Solar PV & Storage

    ["Nathanaël Esposito","RWE Renewables Americas","President Solar PV & Storage","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Robert (Bob) Ethier

    ISO New England

    Vice President, Market Operations

    ["Robert (Bob) Ethier","ISO New England","Vice President, Market Operations","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Brian Falik

    Mercuria Energy Trading

    Chief Investment Officer

    ["Brian Falik","Mercuria Energy Trading","Chief Investment Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Márcio Félix

    Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil

    Secretary of Oil, Gas & Biofuels

    ["Márcio Félix","Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil","Secretary of Oil, Gas & Biofuels","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mohamed Firouz


    Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

    ["Mohamed Firouz","PETRONAS","Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Aldo Flores-Quiroga

    Independent Consultant

    ["Aldo Flores-Quiroga","","Independent Consultant","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • David Foley

    Blackstone Energy Partners

    Sr. Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

    ["David Foley","Blackstone Energy Partners","Sr. Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Zackarie Fortin-Brazeau

    Avenir LNG

    Business Development Manager

    ["Zackarie Fortin-Brazeau","Avenir LNG","Business Development Manager","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Yuri Freedman

    Southern California Gas Company

    Senior Director of Business Development

    ["Yuri Freedman","Southern California Gas Company","Senior Director of Business Development","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Tomás García


    Executive Managing Director of Exploration & Production

    ["Tomás García","Repsol","Executive Managing Director of Exploration & Production","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Howard Gatiss

    CMC Coal Marketing Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Howard Gatiss","CMC Coal Marketing Company","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Honorable Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth

    Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, South Sudan


    ["Honorable Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth","Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, South Sudan","Minister","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Christer Af Geijerstam


    President, US Offshore Wind

    ["Christer Af Geijerstam","Equinor","President, US Offshore Wind","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • David Goldwyn

    Atlantic Council

    Chairman, Energy Advisory Board

    ["David Goldwyn","Atlantic Council","Chairman, Energy Advisory Board","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Sara Graziano

    Vistra Energy

    SVP of Corporate Development

    ["Sara Graziano","Vistra Energy","SVP of Corporate Development","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Duncan Greatwood

    Xage Security

    Chief Executive Office

    ["Duncan Greatwood","Xage Security","Chief Executive Office","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Stephen Greenlee

    ExxonMobil Corporation

    President, ExxonMobil Exploration Company & Vice President, Exxon Mobil Corporation

    ["Stephen Greenlee","ExxonMobil Corporation","President, ExxonMobil Exploration Company & Vice President, Exxon Mobil Corporation","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jim Greer


    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    ["Jim Greer","Oncor","Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Corey Grindal

    Cheniere Energy

    Senior Vice President, Gas Supply

    ["Corey Grindal","Cheniere Energy","Senior Vice President, Gas Supply","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Alex Gruzen


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Alex Gruzen","WiTricity","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Danielle Guccione


    Global Director, Business Development, LNG

    ["Danielle Guccione","Siemens","Global Director, Business Development, LNG","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mauricio Gutierrez

    NRG Energy

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mauricio Gutierrez","NRG Energy","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bob Gwin

    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation


    ["Bob Gwin","Anadarko Petroleum Corporation","President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ted Halstead

    Climate Leadership Council

    Chairman & CEO

    ["Ted Halstead","Climate Leadership Council","Chairman & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • John W. Hanekamp

    Carbonairo, LLC

    US Thermal Coal Sourcing Consultant

    ["John W. Hanekamp","Carbonairo, LLC","US Thermal Coal Sourcing Consultant","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Lisa Hanke


    Director, Government Affairs

    ["Lisa Hanke","Enerkem","Director, Government Affairs","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Karen Harbert

    US Chamber of Commerce

    President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Energy Institute

    ["Karen Harbert","US Chamber of Commerce","President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Energy Institute","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Thomas Hardy

    United States Trade and Development Agency

    Director (Acting)

    ["Thomas Hardy","United States Trade and Development Agency","Director (Acting)","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mark Hedges


    Head of Distributed Power Systems North America

    ["Mark Hedges","Centrica","Head of Distributed Power Systems North America","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Emily Heitman

    Schneider Electric

    Vice President, US & Canada

    ["Emily Heitman","Schneider Electric","Vice President, US & Canada","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Enrique Hidalgo


    President, ExxonMobil Exploracion y Produccion Mexico

    ["Enrique Hidalgo","ExxonMobil","President, ExxonMobil Exploracion y Produccion Mexico","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Horace Hobbs

    Phillips 66

    Chief Economist

    ["Horace Hobbs","Phillips 66","Chief Economist","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jonathan Hoffman


    Managing Director Business Development; Head of Southern Africa

    ["Jonathan Hoffman","Globeleq","Managing Director Business Development; Head of Southern Africa","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jeffrey Holzschuh

    Morgan Stanley

    Chairman, Institutional Securities Group

    ["Jeffrey Holzschuh","Morgan Stanley","Chairman, Institutional Securities Group","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Brian Hook

    United States Department of State

    Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State

    ["Brian Hook","United States Department of State","Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Hou Qijun

    China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)

    Group Vice President

    ["Hou Qijun","China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)","Group Vice President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dan House

    Mercuria Energy Group

    Head of Physical U.S. Crude Trading

    ["Dan House","Mercuria Energy Group","Head of Physical U.S. Crude Trading","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ferris J. Hussein

    The Carlyle Group

    Managing Director

    ["Ferris J. Hussein","The Carlyle Group","Managing Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Iskaziyev Kurmangazy Oryngaziyevich

    JSC “National Company “KazMunayGas”

    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Geology and Exploration

    ["Iskaziyev Kurmangazy Oryngaziyevich","JSC “National Company “KazMunayGas”","Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Geology and Exploration","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Katie Jackson


    Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development

    ["Katie Jackson","Shell","Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Blue Jenkins

    EQT Corporation

    EVP, Commercial, Business Development, Information Technology & Safety

    ["Blue Jenkins","EQT Corporation","EVP, Commercial, Business Development, Information Technology & Safety","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Alex Jensen


    SVP Global Retail

    ["Alex Jensen","BP","SVP Global Retail","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Brendan Jones

    Electrify America

    Chief Operating Officer

    ["Brendan Jones","Electrify America","Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dr. V.P. Joy

    Directorate General of Hydrocarbons

    Director General

    ["Dr. V.P. Joy","Directorate General of Hydrocarbons","Director General","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Timothy Kabba

    Sierra Leone Petroleum Directorate – Office of the President

    Director General

    ["Timothy Kabba","Sierra Leone Petroleum Directorate – Office of the President","Director General","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Marianne Kah

    Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy

    Adjunct Senior Research Scholar & Advisory Board Member

    ["Marianne Kah","Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy","Adjunct Senior Research Scholar & Advisory Board Member","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Andrew Kamau

    State Department of Petroleum, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Kenya

    Principal Secretary

    ["Andrew Kamau","State Department of Petroleum, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Kenya","Principal Secretary","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Joe M. Kang

    International Gas Union (IGU)


    ["Joe M. Kang","International Gas Union (IGU)","President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jonathon Kaufman

    Credit Suisse

    Co-Head of Power & Renewables Group - Americas

    ["Jonathon Kaufman","Credit Suisse","Co-Head of Power & Renewables Group - Americas","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Vibhu Kaushik

    Southern California Edison

    Director of Grid Technology and Modernization

    ["Vibhu Kaushik","Southern California Edison","Director of Grid Technology and Modernization","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Philippe Kavafyan

    MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Philippe Kavafyan","MHI Vestas Offshore Wind","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nina Koch


    Vice President Operation Canada

    ["Nina Koch","Equinor","Vice President Operation Canada","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Steven Koonin

    New York University

    University Professor

    ["Steven Koonin","New York University","University Professor","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Raymond J. Kopp

    Resources for the Future

    Vice President, Energy and Climate Program

    ["Raymond J. Kopp","Resources for the Future","Vice President, Energy and Climate Program","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jeff Kramer

    NRC Realty

    Managing Director

    ["Jeff Kramer","NRC Realty","Managing Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Robert Kreider


    Head of Strategic Management and Development Group, North America

    ["Robert Kreider","Trafigura","Head of Strategic Management and Development Group, North America","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kuanysh Kudaibergenov

    Ministry of Energy, Republic of Kazakhstan

    Director, Oil Industry Development Department

    ["Kuanysh Kudaibergenov","Ministry of Energy, Republic of Kazakhstan","Director, Oil Industry Development Department","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Toshiro Kudama

    JERA Co.

    Senior EVP, Chief Power Development Officer

    ["Toshiro Kudama","JERA Co.","Senior EVP, Chief Power Development Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kiran Kumaraswamy


    VP Market Applications

    ["Kiran Kumaraswamy","Fluence","VP Market Applications","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Sarah Ladislaw

    Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

    Senior Vice President and Director, Energy & National Security Program

    ["Sarah Ladislaw","Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)","Senior Vice President and Director, Energy & National Security Program","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • David Lawson

    Norfolk Southern

    Vice President

    ["David Lawson","Norfolk Southern","Vice President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Seng Wai Lee


    Director, Policy and Planning Department

    ["Seng Wai Lee","EMA","Director, Policy and Planning Department","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Greg Leveille


    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Greg Leveille","ConocoPhillips","Chief Technology Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jane Liao

    CPC Corporation, Taiwan

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Jane Liao","CPC Corporation, Taiwan","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Liu ChaoQuan

    CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute

    Vice President

    ["Liu ChaoQuan","CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute","Vice President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Francisco Lloreda

    ACP Colombia


    ["Francisco Lloreda","ACP Colombia","President","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Holger Lösch

    German Industry Association (BDI)

    Deputy Director General

    ["Holger Lösch","German Industry Association (BDI)","Deputy Director General","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kian Min Low

    JERA Co.

    Chief Development Officer, JERA Energy Development Asia

    ["Kian Min Low","JERA Co.","Chief Development Officer, JERA Energy Development Asia","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ben Luckock

    Trafigura Pte Ltd

    Co-Head of Oil Trading

    ["Ben Luckock","Trafigura Pte Ltd","Co-Head of Oil Trading","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • André Luyckx


    Upstream Digital Transformation Manager

    ["André Luyckx","ExxonMobil","Upstream Digital Transformation Manager","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bill Magness

    Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bill Magness","Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)","President & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Savvas Manousos

    Maersk Oil Trading and Investments

    Global Head of Trading

    ["Savvas Manousos","Maersk Oil Trading and Investments","Global Head of Trading","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Tom Martin

    Kinder Morgan

    President Natural Gas Pipelines Group

    ["Tom Martin","Kinder Morgan","President Natural Gas Pipelines Group","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Steven Martin

    GE Power

    Acting CEO, GE Digital & Chief Digital Officer, GE Power

    ["Steven Martin","GE Power","Acting CEO, GE Digital & Chief Digital Officer, GE Power","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Binu Mathew

    Baker Hughes, a GE company

    SVP and Global Head, Digital Products

    ["Binu Mathew","Baker Hughes, a GE company","SVP and Global Head, Digital Products","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Derek Mathieson

    Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE)

    Chief Marketing and Technology Officer

    ["Derek Mathieson","Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE)","Chief Marketing and Technology Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Rajeev Kumar Mathur

    GAIL India Limited

    Executive Director, Corporate Affair, Risk Management & OSD to CMD

    ["Rajeev Kumar Mathur","GAIL India Limited","Executive Director, Corporate Affair, Risk Management & OSD to CMD","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kevin McLachlan

    TOTAL S.A.

    Senior Vice President Exploration

    ["Kevin McLachlan","TOTAL S.A.","Senior Vice President Exploration","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Stephanie Medeiros


    Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure - Canada

    ["Stephanie Medeiros","ABB","Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure - Canada","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Diego Mesa

    Ministry of Energy and Mines of Colombia

    Vice Minister of Energy

    ["Diego Mesa","Ministry of Energy and Mines of Colombia","Vice Minister of Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Clair J Moeller

    Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)

    President and Chief Operating Officer

    ["Clair J Moeller","Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)","President and Chief Operating Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Saidu Mohammed

    Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

    Chief Operating Officer Gas & Power

    ["Saidu Mohammed","Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)","Chief Operating Officer Gas & Power","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Frank Mühlon


    Head, Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

    ["Frank Mühlon","ABB","Head, Global Business for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Andrew (Drew) Murphy

    Edison International

    Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development

    ["Andrew (Drew) Murphy","Edison International","Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Asaf Nagler


    Senior Director, Government Relations

    ["Asaf Nagler","ABB","Senior Director, Government Relations","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Amit Narayan

    AutoGrid Systems

    Founder & CEO

    ["Amit Narayan","AutoGrid Systems","Founder & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bernard Nee

    Energy Market Authority of Singapore

    Deputy Chief Executive

    ["Bernard Nee","Energy Market Authority of Singapore","Deputy Chief Executive","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ted O’Brien

    Xcoal Energy & Resources

    Capital Markets & Marketing

    ["Ted O’Brien","Xcoal Energy & Resources","Capital Markets & Marketing","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Hon. Gabriel M. Obiang Lima

    Equatorial Guinea

    Minister of Mines & Hydrocarbons

    ["Hon. Gabriel M. Obiang Lima","Equatorial Guinea","Minister of Mines & Hydrocarbons","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Hiroaki Osaki

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA)

    President, Oil & Gas Division

    ["Hiroaki Osaki","Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA)","President, Oil & Gas Division","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Francis O'Sullivan

    Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE)

    Senior Vice President, Strategy

    ["Francis O'Sullivan","Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE)","Senior Vice President, Strategy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Andy Ott

    PJM Interconnection

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Andy Ott","PJM Interconnection","President & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mark G. Papa

    Centennial Resource Development, Inc.

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mark G. Papa","Centennial Resource Development, Inc.","Chairman & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ecopetrol S.A.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["","Ecopetrol S.A.","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jesse Parrish

    Blackhawk Mining

    Chief Financial Officer

    ["Jesse Parrish","Blackhawk Mining","Chief Financial Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Steve Pattyn

    Yaupon Capital Management

    Managing Partner

    ["Steve Pattyn","Yaupon Capital Management","Managing Partner","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Timothy E. Perry

    Credit Suisse

    Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking

    ["Timothy E. Perry","Credit Suisse","Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Susannah Pierce

    LNG Canada

    Director External Affairs

    ["Susannah Pierce","LNG Canada","Director External Affairs","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Paula Pinho

    European Commission

    Head, Energy Policy Coordination Unit

    ["Paula Pinho","European Commission","Head, Energy Policy Coordination Unit","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jack Porco

    Xcoal Energy & Resources

    President & Chief Commercial Officer

    ["Jack Porco","Xcoal Energy & Resources","President & Chief Commercial Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Matt Portillo

    Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

    Managing Director, E&P Equity Research

    ["Matt Portillo","Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.","Managing Director, E&P Equity Research","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Greg Powers


    Vice President of Innovation

    ["Greg Powers","Halliburton","Vice President of Innovation","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Steve Reynish

    Suncor Energy

    Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations Services

    ["Steve Reynish","Suncor Energy","Executive Vice President, Strategy & Operations Services","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Emeliana Rice-Oxley


    Vice President Exploration, Upstream

    ["Emeliana Rice-Oxley","PETRONAS","Vice President Exploration, Upstream","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Elizabeth Rosenberg

    Center for a New American Security (CNAS)

    Sr. Fellow & Program Director

    ["Elizabeth Rosenberg","Center for a New American Security (CNAS)","Sr. Fellow & Program Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Iain Ross

    Golar LNG Limited

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Iain Ross","Golar LNG Limited","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Christof Rühl

    Crystol Energy


    ["Christof Rühl","Crystol Energy","Economist","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Charlene Russell

    Occidental Petroleum

    Vice President Low Carbon Strategies

    ["Charlene Russell","Occidental Petroleum","Vice President Low Carbon Strategies","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Daniel Russell

    US-Russia Business Council

    President & CEO

    ["Daniel Russell","US-Russia Business Council","President & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Michael Sabel

    Venture Global LNG

    Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairman & Founder

    ["Michael Sabel","Venture Global LNG","Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairman & Founder","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Sid Sachdeva


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Sid Sachdeva","Innowatts","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Salim G. Samaha

    Global Infrastructure Partners


    ["Salim G. Samaha","Global Infrastructure Partners","Partner","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dharmawan Samsu

    PT Pertamina

    Upstream Director

    ["Dharmawan Samsu","PT Pertamina","Upstream Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Hiroki Sato

    JERA Co.

    Senior Executive Vice President, Chief LNG Transaction Officer

    ["Hiroki Sato","JERA Co.","Senior Executive Vice President, Chief LNG Transaction Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Matt Schatzman

    NextDecade Corporation

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Matt Schatzman","NextDecade Corporation","President & Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • John Schultz


    President, Centrica North America and Direct Energy Business

    ["John Schultz","Centrica","President, Centrica North America and Direct Energy Business","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Shashi Shanker

    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

    Chairman & Managing Director

    ["Shashi Shanker","Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited","Chairman & Managing Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Vic Shao

    AMPLY Power

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Vic Shao","AMPLY Power","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Parulian Sihotang

    SKK Migas

    Deputy of Finance and Monetization

    ["Parulian Sihotang","SKK Migas","Deputy of Finance and Monetization","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Daniel Simmons

    U.S. Department of Energy

    Assistant Secretary, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    ["Daniel Simmons","U.S. Department of Energy","Assistant Secretary, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Roberto Simon

    Société Générale

    Managing Director, Head of Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Americas

    ["Roberto Simon","Société Générale","Managing Director, Head of Natural Resources and Infrastructure, Americas","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Kartikeya Singh

    Center for Strategic & International Studies

    Deputy Director & Senior Fellow, Energy & National Security Program

    ["Kartikeya Singh","Center for Strategic & International Studies","Deputy Director & Senior Fellow, Energy & National Security Program","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Prabhat Singh

    Petronet LNG Ltd.

    Managing Director & CEO

    ["Prabhat Singh","Petronet LNG Ltd.","Managing Director & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Alok Sinha

    Standard Chartered Bank

    Managing Director & Global Head of Oil & Gas, Global Industries Group

    ["Alok Sinha","Standard Chartered Bank","Managing Director & Global Head of Oil & Gas, Global Industries Group","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Anders Sjoelin


    Lead Division Manager Power Grids Division, North America

    ["Anders Sjoelin","ABB","Lead Division Manager Power Grids Division, North America","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Geraldine Slattery


    President Operations Petroleum

    ["Geraldine Slattery","BHP","President Operations Petroleum","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Katie Sloan

    Southern California Edison

    Director of eMobility

    ["Katie Sloan","Southern California Edison","Director of eMobility","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ginanjar Sofyan

    Pertamina Power Indonesia

    President Director

    ["Ginanjar Sofyan","Pertamina Power Indonesia","President Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Mike Sommers

    American Petroleum Institute (API)

    President & CEO

    ["Mike Sommers","American Petroleum Institute (API)","President & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Claudia Squeglia


    Vice President, Positioning Strategies & Legislative Analysis

    ["Claudia Squeglia","ENI","Vice President, Positioning Strategies & Legislative Analysis","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • HE Minister George Stathakis


    Minister of Environment and Energy

    ["HE Minister George Stathakis","Greece","Minister of Environment and Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz


    Minister of Energy

    ["HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz","Israel","Minister of Energy","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Sean Strawbridge

    Port Corpus Christi

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Sean Strawbridge","Port Corpus Christi","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nathan Strik

    Fidelity Management and Research Company

    Portfolio Manager

    ["Nathan Strik","Fidelity Management and Research Company","Portfolio Manager","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Katie Sullivan

    International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)

    Managing Director

    ["Katie Sullivan","International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)","Managing Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Xiansheng Sun

    International Energy Forum (IEF)

    Secretary General

    ["Xiansheng Sun","International Energy Forum (IEF)","Secretary General","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jeremy Sussman

    Clarkson’s Platou Securities

    Managing Director

    ["Jeremy Sussman","Clarkson’s Platou Securities","Managing Director","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bjørn Otto Sverdrup


    Senior Vice President, Sustainability

    ["Bjørn Otto Sverdrup","Equinor","Senior Vice President, Sustainability","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dan Szeezil

    Honeywell UOP

    Lead Sales Specialist at Envergent Technologies

    ["Dan Szeezil","Honeywell UOP","Lead Sales Specialist at Envergent Technologies","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Anuar Taib


    Executive Vice President and CEO Upstream

    ["Anuar Taib","PETRONAS","Executive Vice President and CEO Upstream","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Gaku Takagi

    JERA Co.

    Senior Vice President, Value Chain Business Development

    ["Gaku Takagi","JERA Co.","Senior Vice President, Value Chain Business Development","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • R. Blair Thomas

    EIG Global Energy Partners

    Chairman and CEO

    ["R. Blair Thomas","EIG Global Energy Partners","Chairman and CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Maxim Timchenko


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Maxim Timchenko","DTEK, LLC","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Dave Tredinnick


    Group President, Flow Solutions

    ["Dave Tredinnick","Emerson","Group President, Flow Solutions","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Bobby Tudor

    Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.


    ["Bobby Tudor","Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.","Chairman","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Yoshiaki Ueda

    JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation

    Chief Technical Officer

    ["Yoshiaki Ueda","JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation","Chief Technical Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Sergey Vakulenko

    Gazprom Neft PJSC

    Head of Strategy and Innovations

    ["Sergey Vakulenko","Gazprom Neft PJSC","Head of Strategy and Innovations","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Laurent Vivier

    TOTAL S.A.

    President, Gas

    ["Laurent Vivier","TOTAL S.A.","President, Gas","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Luca Volta


    Marine Fuels Venture Manager

    ["Luca Volta","ExxonMobil","Marine Fuels Venture Manager","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Philip Vorobyov

    Brussels Energy Club

    Senior Associate

    ["Philip Vorobyov","Brussels Energy Club","Senior Associate","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Eirik Wærness


    Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, and Head of Strategy MMP

    ["Eirik Wærness","Equinor","Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, and Head of Strategy MMP","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Andrew Walker

    Cheniere Energy

    Vice President, Strategy & Communication

    ["Andrew Walker","Cheniere Energy","Vice President, Strategy & Communication","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Cynthia Walker

    Occidental Petroleum Corporation

    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Midstream

    ["Cynthia Walker","Occidental Petroleum Corporation","Senior Vice President, Marketing and Midstream","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Nate Walton


    Partner, Co-Head of North American Private Equity

    ["Nate Walton","Ares","Partner, Co-Head of North American Private Equity","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Cynthia (CJ) Warner

    Renewable Energy Group (REG)

    President & CEO

    ["Cynthia (CJ) Warner","Renewable Energy Group (REG)","President & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Jonathan Westby


    Co-Managing Director EM & T and Global Head of LNG

    ["Jonathan Westby","Centrica","Co-Managing Director EM & T and Global Head of LNG","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Didik Sasongko Widi

    PT Badak NGL

    President Director & CEO

    ["Didik Sasongko Widi","PT Badak NGL","President Director & CEO","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Fiona Wild


    Vice President Sustainability & Climate Change

    ["Fiona Wild","BHP","Vice President Sustainability & Climate Change","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Steven Winn

    JERA Americas

    Chief Development Officer

    ["Steven Winn","JERA Americas","Chief Development Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Robert Yeager


    President, Power & Water Solutions

    ["Robert Yeager","Emerson","President, Power & Water Solutions","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Abe Yokell

    Congruent Ventures

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner

    ["Abe Yokell","Congruent Ventures","Co-Founder & Managing Partner","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Tarigh Yusufi

    Steadfast Capital Management

    Financial Analyst

    ["Tarigh Yusufi","Steadfast Capital Management","Financial Analyst","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Cathy Zoi


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Cathy Zoi","EVgo","Chief Executive Officer","Strategic Dialogue"]
  • Ahmed Abdulla

    University of California, San Diego

    Research Scientist

    ["Ahmed Abdulla","University of California, San Diego","Research Scientist","Agora"]
  • Audun Abelsnes

    Techstars Energy

    Managing Director

    ["Audun Abelsnes","Techstars Energy","Managing Director","Agora"]
  • Michael Ableson


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Michael Ableson","Arrival","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Enass Abo-Hamed

    H2GO Power

    CEO & Co-Founder

    ["Enass Abo-Hamed","H2GO Power","CEO & Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • Josh Adler


    Founding Chief Executive Officer

    ["Josh Adler","Sourcewater","Founding Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Laiq Ahmad

    GE Power Digital

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Laiq Ahmad","GE Power Digital","Chief Technology Officer","Agora"]
  • Fatima Al Shamsi

    United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy and Industry

    Assistant Undersecretary for Electricity and Future Energy

    ["Fatima Al Shamsi","United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy and Industry","Assistant Undersecretary for Electricity and Future Energy","Agora"]
  • Ammar Alali

    Eden GeoPower


    ["Ammar Alali","Eden GeoPower","Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • Almir Alemic


    Head of Knowledge Architecture

    ["Almir Alemic","Maana","Head of Knowledge Architecture","Agora"]
  • Mohsen Almajnouni

    Research Products Development Company (RPDC)

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Mohsen Almajnouni","Research Products Development Company (RPDC)","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Khalil Amine

    Argonne National Laboratory

    Sr. Materials, GL/Argonne Distinguished Fellow

    ["Khalil Amine","Argonne National Laboratory","Sr. Materials, GL/Argonne Distinguished Fellow","Agora"]
  • Brian J. Anderson

    National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)


    ["Brian J. Anderson","National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)","Director","Agora"]
  • Everett Anderson

    Nel Hydrogen

    Vice President, Advanced Product Development

    ["Everett Anderson","Nel Hydrogen","Vice President, Advanced Product Development","Agora"]
  • Doug Arent

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Deputy Associate Laboratory Director, Scientific Computing & Energy Analysis

    ["Doug Arent","National Renewable Energy Laboratory","Deputy Associate Laboratory Director, Scientific Computing & Energy Analysis","Agora"]
  • Charlie Atkins

    Wyoming Innovation Park

    Director of Development

    ["Charlie Atkins","Wyoming Innovation Park","Director of Development","Agora"]
  • Rita Baranwal

    Idaho National Laboratory

    Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN)

    ["Rita Baranwal","Idaho National Laboratory","Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN)","Agora"]
  • Roger Barga

    Amazon Web Services

    General Manager, Robotics and Autonomous Services

    ["Roger Barga","Amazon Web Services","General Manager, Robotics and Autonomous Services","Agora"]
  • Atanu Basu


    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    ["Atanu Basu","Ayata","Chief Executive Officer & Founder","Agora"]
  • Morgan D. Bazilian, Ph.D.

    Colorado School of Mines

    Director, Payne Institute & Professor of Public Policy

    ["Morgan D. Bazilian, Ph.D.","Colorado School of Mines","Director, Payne Institute & Professor of Public Policy","Agora"]
  • Benjamin Beberness


    VP and Global Head, Oil and Gas Business Industry Unit

    ["Benjamin Beberness","SAP","VP and Global Head, Oil and Gas Business Industry Unit","Agora"]
  • Dauren Bekturganov


    Deputy Mayor

    ["Dauren Bekturganov","Atyrau","Deputy Mayor","Agora"]
  • James Bellingham

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Director, Center for Marine Robotics

    ["James Bellingham","Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution","Director, Center for Marine Robotics","Agora"]
  • Asher Bennett

    Tevva Motors

    Founder & CEO

    ["Asher Bennett","Tevva Motors","Founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • John Berger

    Sunnova Energy Corporation

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["John Berger","Sunnova Energy Corporation","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Dan Berkovitz

    U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)


    ["Dan Berkovitz","U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)","Commissioner","Agora"]
  • Paolo Bertuzzi

    Turboden - MHI Group

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Paolo Bertuzzi","Turboden - MHI Group","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Trevor Best

    Syzygy Plasmonics, a TPH Disruptor Company

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Trevor Best","Syzygy Plasmonics, a TPH Disruptor Company","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Roger Bhalla


    Manager, Supply Chain Systems & Technology

    ["Roger Bhalla","ConocoPhillips","Manager, Supply Chain Systems & Technology","Agora"]
  • Ben Bishop


    Digital Innovation Specialist

    ["Ben Bishop","Siemens","Digital Innovation Specialist","Agora"]
  • Aleksandr Bochkarev

    Phystech Geoservice, LLC

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Aleksandr Bochkarev","Phystech Geoservice, LLC","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Ben Bodishbaugh

    Evolution Well Services

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ben Bodishbaugh","Evolution Well Services","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Diane Brady

    dB Omnimedia


    ["Diane Brady","dB Omnimedia","Founder","Agora"]
  • Wendell Brase

    University of California - Irvine

    Associate Chancellor - Sustainability

    ["Wendell Brase","University of California - Irvine","Associate Chancellor - Sustainability","Agora"]
  • Josh Broussard

    Ocean Infinity

    Technical Director

    ["Josh Broussard","Ocean Infinity","Technical Director","Agora"]
  • Lord Browne

    L1 Energy

    Executive Chairman

    ["Lord Browne","L1 Energy","Executive Chairman","Agora"]
  • Andrew Bruce

    Data Gumbo

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Andrew Bruce","Data Gumbo","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Semen Budenny

    MIPT Centre of Engineering and Technology

    Head of Department of Digital Technologies in Industry, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology

    ["Semen Budenny","MIPT Centre of Engineering and Technology","Head of Department of Digital Technologies in Industry, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology","Agora"]
  • Michael Buhr


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Michael Buhr","Filld","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Professor Jacopo Buongiorno

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering; Director, CANES

    ["Professor Jacopo Buongiorno","Massachusetts Institute of Technology","Professor, Nuclear Science and Engineering; Director, CANES","Agora"]
  • Barbara Burger


    President, Technology Ventures

    ["Barbara Burger","Chevron","President, Technology Ventures","Agora"]
  • Scott Burger

    MIT Energy Initiative

    PhD Candidate, Research Associate & MITei Energy Fellow

    ["Scott Burger","MIT Energy Initiative","PhD Candidate, Research Associate & MITei Energy Fellow","Agora"]
  • Brad Burke

    Rice University

    Managing Director, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

    ["Brad Burke","Rice University","Managing Director, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship","Agora"]
  • Charles Cameron


    Director of Technology, Engineering and Centrica Innovations

    ["Charles Cameron","Centrica","Director of Technology, Engineering and Centrica Innovations","Agora"]
  • Javier Canon


    Director of Customer Delivery

    ["Javier Canon","MAANA","Director of Customer Delivery","Agora"]
  • Marielle Canter Weikel

    Conservation International

    Senior Director, Responsible Mining & Energy

    ["Marielle Canter Weikel","Conservation International","Senior Director, Responsible Mining & Energy","Agora"]
  • Indy Chakrabarti


    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

    ["Indy Chakrabarti","Emerson","Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing","Agora"]
  • Guarang Chandrakant


    Principal Program Manager, Azure Stack

    ["Guarang Chandrakant","Microsoft","Principal Program Manager, Azure Stack","Agora"]
  • Alejandro Char

    Barranquilla, Colombia


    ["Alejandro Char","Barranquilla, Colombia","Mayor","Agora"]
  • Michael Chasen


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Michael Chasen","PrecisionHawk","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Jim Claunch


    Vice President, Business Efficiency

    ["Jim Claunch","Equinor","Vice President, Business Efficiency","Agora"]
  • Larry Cochrane

    Microsoft Corporation

    Managing Director & CTO, Azure Global Energy Industry

    ["Larry Cochrane","Microsoft Corporation","Managing Director & CTO, Azure Global Energy Industry","Agora"]
  • Colette Cohen

    The Oil and Gas Technology Centre

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Colette Cohen","The Oil and Gas Technology Centre","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Casey Coleman


    Senior Vice President of Global Government Solutions

    ["Casey Coleman","Salesforce","Senior Vice President of Global Government Solutions","Agora"]
  • Matthew Costello


    Chief Executive, Co-Founder

    ["Matthew Costello","Voyager","Chief Executive, Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • Lara Cottingham

    City of Houston, Office of Sustainability

    Chief Sustainability Officer

    ["Lara Cottingham","City of Houston, Office of Sustainability","Chief Sustainability Officer","Agora"]
  • Barney Crockett

    Aberdeen City Council

    Lord Provost of Aberdeen City

    ["Barney Crockett","Aberdeen City Council","Lord Provost of Aberdeen City","Agora"]
  • Alistair Cross

    Mercuria Energy Group

    Chief Operations Officer

    ["Alistair Cross","Mercuria Energy Group","Chief Operations Officer","Agora"]
  • Dave Culler

    Precision Hawk

    Head of Energy

    ["Dave Culler","Precision Hawk","Head of Energy","Agora"]
  • Don D’Souza

    British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

    Unit Head for Industrial Mitigation

    ["Don D’Souza","British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy","Unit Head for Industrial Mitigation","Agora"]
  • Hon. Paul Dabbar

    United States Department of Energy (DOE)

    Under Secretary for Science

    ["Hon. Paul Dabbar","United States Department of Energy (DOE)","Under Secretary for Science","Agora"]
  • Bashir Dabbousi

    Saudi Aramco

    Director, Technology Strategy & Planning

    ["Bashir Dabbousi","Saudi Aramco","Director, Technology Strategy & Planning","Agora"]
  • Jeff Dalgliesh

    Maana, Inc.

    Director, Oil Field Digital Transformation

    ["Jeff Dalgliesh","Maana, Inc.","Director, Oil Field Digital Transformation","Agora"]
  • Maher Damak

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Infinite Cooling

    ["Maher Damak","Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer","Infinite Cooling","Agora"]
  • Kyle Daniels

    Clarke Valve

    Director, President & CEO

    ["Kyle Daniels","Clarke Valve","Director, President & CEO","Agora"]
  • Shreya Dave

    Via Separations

    Co-founder & CEO

    ["Shreya Dave","Via Separations","Co-founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • Nicolas De Keijser


    Manager, Sales & Marketing

    ["Nicolas De Keijser","ABB","Manager, Sales & Marketing","Agora"]
  • Ody De La Paz

    Sensytec, Inc.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Ody De La Paz","Sensytec, Inc.","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Steven Deiker

    Kairos Aerospace

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Steven Deiker","Kairos Aerospace","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Franz Deimbacher

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Worldwide Technical Leader for Energy

    ["Franz Deimbacher","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Worldwide Technical Leader for Energy","Agora"]
  • Reginald DesRoches

    Rice University

    Dean, George R. Brown School of Engineering

    ["Reginald DesRoches","Rice University","Dean, George R. Brown School of Engineering","Agora"]
  • Mircea Dincă


    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    ["Mircea Dincă","MIT","Associate Professor of Chemistry","Agora"]
  • Bobby Dornbos


    Principal Solution Engineer

    ["Bobby Dornbos","Salesforce","Principal Solution Engineer","Agora"]
  • Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio

    Rice University

    Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    ["Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio","Rice University","Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering","Agora"]
  • Ken Ebest

    ExxonMobil Corporation

    Application Architect

    ["Ken Ebest","ExxonMobil Corporation","Application Architect","Agora"]
  • Taher Elgamal


    Chief Technology Officer, Security

    ["Taher Elgamal","Salesforce","Chief Technology Officer, Security","Agora"]
  • Nick Farrant

    Uptake Technologies

    Senior Vice President, Industry - Oil & Gas

    ["Nick Farrant","Uptake Technologies","Senior Vice President, Industry - Oil & Gas","Agora"]
  • Jens Festervoll


    Corporate Liaison

    ["Jens Festervoll","Equinor","Corporate Liaison","Agora"]
  • Marco Fiorentino

    Hewlett Packard Enterprises

    Distinguished Technologist

    ["Marco Fiorentino","Hewlett Packard Enterprises","Distinguished Technologist","Agora"]
  • Henrik Fisker


    Founder, Chairman & CEO

    ["Henrik Fisker","Fisker","Founder, Chairman & CEO","Agora"]
  • Heather Flanagan


    Marketing Manager, EV Infrastructure

    ["Heather Flanagan","ABB","Marketing Manager, EV Infrastructure","Agora"]
  • Garrett Fowler

    ResFrac Corporation

    Vice President of Operations

    ["Garrett Fowler","ResFrac Corporation","Vice President of Operations","Agora"]
  • William Fox

    Data Gumbo

    Chief Product Officer

    ["William Fox","Data Gumbo","Chief Product Officer","Agora"]
  • Cedric Fraces


    Lead Data Scientist, Oil and Gas

    ["Cedric Fraces","2predict","Lead Data Scientist, Oil and Gas","Agora"]
  • Gary Freburger

    Schneider Electric

    President Process Automation

    ["Gary Freburger","Schneider Electric","President Process Automation","Agora"]
  • Sam French

    Johnson Matthey

    Business Development Manager

    ["Sam French","Johnson Matthey","Business Development Manager","Agora"]
  • Alexander Fuglesang

    FSubsea AS

    Founder & CEO

    ["Alexander Fuglesang","FSubsea AS","Founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • Patrick Fuller

    NuMat Technologies

    Director of Engineering

    ["Patrick Fuller","NuMat Technologies","Director of Engineering","Agora"]
  • Erin Galiger


    EV Infrastructure Product Manager

    ["Erin Galiger","ABB","EV Infrastructure Product Manager","Agora"]
  • Sonny Garg

    Uptake Technologies

    Global Lead, Energy Solutions

    ["Sonny Garg","Uptake Technologies","Global Lead, Energy Solutions","Agora"]
  • Emre Gençer


    Research Scientist, MIT Energy Initiative

    ["Emre Gençer","MIT","Research Scientist, MIT Energy Initiative","Agora"]
  • Adeeb Gharzouzi


    Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Energy

    ["Adeeb Gharzouzi","Accenture","Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Energy","Agora"]
  • Fathi Ghorbel


    Co-Founder & CTO

    ["Fathi Ghorbel","inRobotics","Co-Founder & CTO","Agora"]
  • Nicoletta Giadrossi

    IHS Markit

    Member of the Board

    ["Nicoletta Giadrossi","IHS Markit","Member of the Board","Agora"]
  • Doon Gibbs

    Brookhaven National Laboratory

    Laboratory Director

    ["Doon Gibbs","Brookhaven National Laboratory","Laboratory Director","Agora"]
  • John Gibson

    Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

    Chairman, Energy Tech

    ["John Gibson","Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.","Chairman, Energy Tech","Agora"]
  • H. Cody Girod


    Principal Solution Engineer

    ["H. Cody Girod","Salesforce","Principal Solution Engineer","Agora"]
  • Mark Goulthorpe


    Associate Professor Department of Architecture

    ["Mark Goulthorpe","MIT","Associate Professor Department of Architecture","Agora"]
  • Diana Grauer


    Director, External Technology Engagement – North America

    ["Diana Grauer","TechnipFMC","Director, External Technology Engagement – North America","Agora"]
  • Atty. Saifuah-Mai Gray

    National Oil Company of Liberia

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Atty. Saifuah-Mai Gray","National Oil Company of Liberia","President & Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Jim Green

    Chevron Corporation

    GM IT Service Delivery

    ["Jim Green","Chevron Corporation","GM IT Service Delivery","Agora"]
  • Bill Green


    Hoyt C. Hottel Professor in Chemical Engineering

    ["Bill Green","MIT","Hoyt C. Hottel Professor in Chemical Engineering","Agora"]
  • William (Bill) Hahn

    Siemens PLM Software

    Software Solutions Consultant

    ["William (Bill) Hahn","Siemens PLM Software","Software Solutions Consultant","Agora"]
  • Katherine Hamilton

    38 North Solutions


    ["Katherine Hamilton","38 North Solutions","Chair","Agora"]
  • Rhea Hamilton

    OGCI Climate Investments

    Ventures Director

    ["Rhea Hamilton","OGCI Climate Investments","Ventures Director","Agora"]
  • Chris Hamlin


    Director Operational Certainty Consulting

    ["Chris Hamlin","Emerson","Director Operational Certainty Consulting","Agora"]
  • Ryan Hanna

    University of California, San Diego

    Post-doctoral Researcher

    ["Ryan Hanna","University of California, San Diego","Post-doctoral Researcher","Agora"]
  • Henning Hansen

    Aarbakke Innovation AS

    R&D Manager

    ["Henning Hansen","Aarbakke Innovation AS","R&D Manager","Agora"]
  • Lyon Hardgrave

    VAKT Global Ltd.

    Vice President, Business and Product Development

    ["Lyon Hardgrave","VAKT Global Ltd.","Vice President, Business and Product Development","Agora"]
  • Peter Harding


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Peter Harding","Kelvin","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Sammy Haroon

    AlphaX Decision Sciences

    Founder and CEO

    ["Sammy Haroon","AlphaX Decision Sciences","Founder and CEO","Agora"]
  • Craig Hayman


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Craig Hayman","AVEVA","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Christine Sagen Helgø

    City Of Stavanger


    ["Christine Sagen Helgø","City Of Stavanger","Mayor","Agora"]
  • Ana Gonzalez Hernandez


    Resource Efficiency Consultant & Commercialization Manager

    ["Ana Gonzalez Hernandez","Emerson","Resource Efficiency Consultant & Commercialization Manager","Agora"]
  • C. Fred Higgs III

    Rice University

    Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    ["C. Fred Higgs III","Rice University","Professor of Mechanical Engineering","Agora"]
  • Katrine Hilmen


    Head of Engineering & Technology Studies, IA Energy

    ["Katrine Hilmen","ABB","Head of Engineering & Technology Studies, IA Energy","Agora"]
  • Jon Hirschtick

    Onshape Inc.

    Co-Founder & CEO

    ["Jon Hirschtick","Onshape Inc.","Co-Founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • Rebecca Hofmann

    Equinor US

    US Blockchain Strategy & Innovation

    ["Rebecca Hofmann","Equinor US","US Blockchain Strategy & Innovation","Agora"]
  • Per Erik Holsten

    ABB AS

    Vice President, Hub BU Manager for North Europe

    ["Per Erik Holsten","ABB AS","Vice President, Hub BU Manager for North Europe","Agora"]
  • Per Christian Honningsvåg

    Microsoft Corporation

    Director WW Power & Utilities Industry

    ["Per Christian Honningsvåg","Microsoft Corporation","Director WW Power & Utilities Industry","Agora"]
  • Erik Horn

    Fair Worlds

    Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    ["Erik Horn","Fair Worlds","Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer","Agora"]
  • Barbara Humpton

    Siemens US


    ["Barbara Humpton","Siemens US","CEO","Agora"]
  • Hunter Hunt

    Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Hunter Hunt","Hunt Consolidated, Inc.","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Ray Hunt

    Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

    Executive Chairman

    ["Ray Hunt","Hunt Consolidated, Inc.","Executive Chairman","Agora"]
  • Michael Irwin

    HEE Solar

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Michael Irwin","HEE Solar","Chief Technology Officer","Agora"]
  • Mateo Jaramillo

    Form Energy

    CEO & Co-Founder

    ["Mateo Jaramillo","Form Energy","CEO & Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • Thomas Jaramillo

    Director, SUNCAT Center, Stanford University

    Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy

    ["Thomas Jaramillo","Director, SUNCAT Center, Stanford University","Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy","Agora"]
  • Adam Jonas

    Morgan Stanley

    Managing Director

    ["Adam Jonas","Morgan Stanley","Managing Director","Agora"]
  • Guido Jouret


    Chief Digital Officer

    ["Guido Jouret","ABB","Chief Digital Officer","Agora"]
  • Johann Jungwirth


    Vice President of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Operations

    ["Johann Jungwirth","Mobileye","Vice President of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Operations","Agora"]
  • Valerie Karplus


    Assistant Professor, Global Economics and Management Group, Sloan School of Management

    ["Valerie Karplus","MIT","Assistant Professor, Global Economics and Management Group, Sloan School of Management","Agora"]
  • Bob Karschnia


    VP, GM, Wireless

    ["Bob Karschnia","Emerson","VP, GM, Wireless","Agora"]
  • Alexander Kashlev

    ADL Completions

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Alexander Kashlev","ADL Completions","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Kentaro Kawamori

    Chesapeake Energy Corporation

    Vice President & Chief Digital Officer

    ["Kentaro Kawamori","Chesapeake Energy Corporation","Vice President & Chief Digital Officer","Agora"]
  • Paul K. Kearns

    Argonne National Laboratory

    Laboratory Director

    ["Paul K. Kearns","Argonne National Laboratory","Laboratory Director","Agora"]
  • David W. Keith

    Harvard University

    Professor of Applied Physics, Professor of Public Policy; Founder, Carbon Engineering

    ["David W. Keith","Harvard University","Professor of Applied Physics, Professor of Public Policy; Founder, Carbon Engineering","Agora"]
  • Morris Kemper

    GE Power

    Enterprise Architect

    ["Morris Kemper","GE Power","Enterprise Architect","Agora"]
  • Robert Kester

    Rebellion Photonics

    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

    ["Robert Kester","Rebellion Photonics","Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • John Kingston


    FreightWaves Editor at Large; Community Engagement, Blockchain in Transport Alliance

    ["John Kingston","FreightWaves","FreightWaves Editor at Large; Community Engagement, Blockchain in Transport Alliance","Agora"]
  • Christopher Knittel


    George P. Shultz Professor of Applied Economics

    ["Christopher Knittel","MIT","George P. Shultz Professor of Applied Economics","Agora"]
  • Dmitry Koroteev


    Founder, Digital Petroleum and Associate Professor

    ["Dmitry Koroteev","Skoltech","Founder, Digital Petroleum and Associate Professor","Agora"]
  • Amy Korté

    Arrowstreet Inc.


    ["Amy Korté","Arrowstreet Inc.","Principal","Agora"]
  • Roger Kranenburg

    Eversource Energy

    Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy

    ["Roger Kranenburg","Eversource Energy","Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy","Agora"]
  • Sujit Kumar

    Agora, a Schlumberger Startup


    ["Sujit Kumar","Agora, a Schlumberger Startup","President","Agora"]
  • General Steven L. Kwast

    U.S. Air Force

    Commander, Air Education and Training Command

    ["General Steven L. Kwast","U.S. Air Force","Commander, Air Education and Training Command","Agora"]
  • Michael Lepech

    Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

    Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

    ["Michael Lepech","Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University","Senior Fellow, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment","Agora"]
  • Mikko Lepistö


    Digital Lead, Marine & Ports

    ["Mikko Lepistö","ABB","Digital Lead, Marine & Ports","Agora"]
  • John Markus Lervik

    Cognite AS

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ["John Markus Lervik","Cognite AS","Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Michael Lester


    Director - Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance and Architecture

    ["Michael Lester","Emerson","Director - Cybersecurity Strategy, Governance and Architecture","Agora"]
  • Claude Letourneau


    President & CEO

    ["Claude Letourneau","Inventys","President & CEO","Agora"]
  • Thomas Leurent


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Thomas Leurent","Akselos","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • John Lovell


    VP Technology & Strategy

    ["John Lovell","MicroSilicon","VP Technology & Strategy","Agora"]
  • Ruben Lubowski

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Chief Natural Resource Economist

    ["Ruben Lubowski","Environmental Defense Fund","Chief Natural Resource Economist","Agora"]
  • Chris Luebkeman


    Director for Global Foresight, Research & Innovation

    ["Chris Luebkeman","ARUP","Director for Global Foresight, Research & Innovation","Agora"]
  • Kristopher Luey


    Client Success Manager

    ["Kristopher Luey","Vulog","Client Success Manager","Agora"]
  • David Mabee


    Innovation Manager

    ["David Mabee","ConocoPhillips","Innovation Manager","Agora"]
  • Sergej Mahnovski

    Edison International

    Director, Growth and Innovation

    ["Sergej Mahnovski","Edison International","Director, Growth and Innovation","Agora"]
  • Arun Majumdar

    Stanford University

    Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Photon Science

    ["Arun Majumdar","Stanford University","Co-Director of Precourt Institute for Energy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Photon Science","Agora"]
  • R. K. Malhotra

    Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI)

    Director General

    ["R. K. Malhotra","Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI)","Director General","Agora"]
  • Dharik Mallapragada

    MIT Energy Initiative

    Postdoctoral Associate

    ["Dharik Mallapragada","MIT Energy Initiative","Postdoctoral Associate","Agora"]
  • Karthish Manthiram


    Professor in Chemical Engineering

    ["Karthish Manthiram","MIT","Professor in Chemical Engineering","Agora"]
  • Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark

    ["Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark","","","Agora"]
  • Rohan Mathews

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Worldwide Technical Leader, Storage Solutions

    ["Rohan Mathews","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Worldwide Technical Leader, Storage Solutions","Agora"]
  • Dan Mbanga

    Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Principal Business Development Manager, Amazon AI

    ["Dan Mbanga","Amazon Web Services (AWS)","Principal Business Development Manager, Amazon AI","Agora"]
  • Adam McElhinney


    Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy

    ["Adam McElhinney","Uptake","Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy","Agora"]
  • Leslie-Ann McGee

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Assistant Director, Center for Marine Robotics

    ["Leslie-Ann McGee","Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution","Assistant Director, Center for Marine Robotics","Agora"]
  • Leah McGowen-Hare


    Trailhead Evangelist and Senior Director

    ["Leah McGowen-Hare","Salesforce","Trailhead Evangelist and Senior Director","Agora"]
  • Kenneth B. Medlock

    Baker Institute for Public Policy

    Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies

    ["Kenneth B. Medlock","Baker Institute for Public Policy","Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies","Agora"]
  • Amit Mehta


    Chief Executive

    ["Amit Mehta","Moblize","Chief Executive","Agora"]
  • Rachel A. Meidl

    Rice University, Baker Institute

    Fellow in Energy and Environment

    ["Rachel A. Meidl","Rice University, Baker Institute","Fellow in Energy and Environment","Agora"]
  • Dr. Antonio Merlo

    Rice University

    George A. Peterkin Professor of Economics and Dean of the School of Social Sciences

    ["Dr. Antonio Merlo","Rice University","George A. Peterkin Professor of Economics and Dean of the School of Social Sciences","Agora"]
  • Carl Mesters


    Chief Scientist Chemistry and Catalysis

    ["Carl Mesters","Shell","Chief Scientist Chemistry and Catalysis","Agora"]
  • Rich Meszaros


    Managing Director – Accenture Digital

    ["Rich Meszaros","Accenture","Managing Director – Accenture Digital","Agora"]
  • Ted Miller


    Energy Industry Director

    ["Ted Miller","Uptake","Energy Industry Director","Agora"]
  • Jonas Moberg


    Global Head of Corporate Affairs

    ["Jonas Moberg","Trafigura","Global Head of Corporate Affairs","Agora"]
  • Isabel Mogstad

    Environmental Defense Fund

    Senior Manager, EDF+Business

    ["Isabel Mogstad","Environmental Defense Fund","Senior Manager, EDF+Business","Agora"]
  • Dr. Ernest Moniz

    Energy Futures Initiative

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Dr. Ernest Moniz","Energy Futures Initiative","President & Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Justin Montgomery


    PhD Candidate, Computational Science & Engineering

    ["Justin Montgomery","MIT","PhD Candidate, Computational Science & Engineering","Agora"]
  • Tom Moroney

    Chesapeake Energy Corporation

    Senior Director - Operations Technology

    ["Tom Moroney","Chesapeake Energy Corporation","Senior Director - Operations Technology","Agora"]
  • Chaim Motzen

    Gigawatt Global

    Founder, Izuba Energy; Co-Founder and former Managing Director

    ["Chaim Motzen","Gigawatt Global","Founder, Izuba Energy; Co-Founder and former Managing Director","Agora"]
  • Bob Mumgaard

    Commonwealth Fusion Systems

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Bob Mumgaard","Commonwealth Fusion Systems","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Jonah Myerberg

    Desktop Metal

    Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

    ["Jonah Myerberg","Desktop Metal","Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer","Agora"]
  • Abhilash Nair


    Senior Principal Technical Sales Consultant

    ["Abhilash Nair","Aveva","Senior Principal Technical Sales Consultant","Agora"]
  • Mohd Najib Mohd

    Kuala Lumpur City Hall

    Executive Director, Project Management

    ["Mohd Najib Mohd","Kuala Lumpur City Hall","Executive Director, Project Management","Agora"]
  • Naheed Nenshi

    The City of Calgary


    ["Naheed Nenshi","The City of Calgary","Mayor","Agora"]
  • Chris Nordh

    Ryder System, Inc.

    Senior Director – Advanced Vehicle Technology & Energy Products

    ["Chris Nordh","Ryder System, Inc.","Senior Director – Advanced Vehicle Technology & Energy Products","Agora"]
  • Sean O'Connor

    IHS Markit

    Principal Research Analyst

    ["Sean O'Connor","IHS Markit","Principal Research Analyst","Agora"]
  • Aric Ohana

    Envoy Technologies


    ["Aric Ohana","Envoy Technologies","Co-Founder","Agora"]
  • Elsa Olivetti

    Department of Materials Science & Engineering, MIT

    Associate Professor of Energy Studies

    ["Elsa Olivetti","Department of Materials Science & Engineering, MIT","Associate Professor of Energy Studies","Agora"]
  • Simona Onori

    Stanford University

    Assistant Professor, Energy Resources Engineering

    ["Simona Onori","Stanford University","Assistant Professor, Energy Resources Engineering","Agora"]
  • Paul Orland


    Co-Founder & CEO

    ["Paul Orland","Tachyus","Co-Founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • Chef Hugo Ortega

    H Town Restaurant Group

    Executive Chef

    ["Chef Hugo Ortega","H Town Restaurant Group","Executive Chef","Agora"]
  • Sergey Paltsev


    Deputy Director, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

    ["Sergey Paltsev","MIT","Deputy Director, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change","Agora"]
  • Raj Paul

    Microsoft Corporation

    GM/Regional Lead Automotive Industry

    ["Raj Paul","Microsoft Corporation","GM/Regional Lead Automotive Industry","Agora"]
  • Martín Pérez de Solay

    Orocobre Limited

    CEO & Managing Director

    ["Martín Pérez de Solay","Orocobre Limited","CEO & Managing Director","Agora"]
  • Susan Peterson Sturm


    Digital Lead, Energy Industries

    ["Susan Peterson Sturm","ABB","Digital Lead, Energy Industries","Agora"]
  • Michelle Pflueger

    Chevron Corporation

    General Manager, Digital Innovation and Acceleration

    ["Michelle Pflueger","Chevron Corporation","General Manager, Digital Innovation and Acceleration","Agora"]
  • Matthew E. Piatek

    IHS Markit

    IHS Energy Associate Director

    ["Matthew E. Piatek","IHS Markit","IHS Energy Associate Director","Agora"]
  • Ben Porter

    Microsoft Corporation

    Director of Business Development - Quantum Computing

    ["Ben Porter","Microsoft Corporation","Director of Business Development - Quantum Computing","Agora"]
  • Rich Powell


    Executive Director

    ["Rich Powell","ClearPath","Executive Director","Agora"]
  • Gerald Prolman



    ["Gerald Prolman","Everland","President","Agora"]
  • Peter Quigley

    Loci Controls

    Chief Executive Officer/Chairman

    ["Peter Quigley","Loci Controls","Chief Executive Officer/Chairman","Agora"]
  • Gil Quiniones

    New York Power Authority (NYPA)

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Gil Quiniones","New York Power Authority (NYPA)","President & Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Nicolaus Radford

    Houston Mechatronics

    Chief Technology Officer

    ["Nicolaus Radford","Houston Mechatronics","Chief Technology Officer","Agora"]
  • Dr. SSV Ramakumar

    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)

    Director of Research & Development

    ["Dr. SSV Ramakumar","Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)","Director of Research & Development","Agora"]
  • Jordan Ramer

    EV Connect

    Founder & CEO

    ["Jordan Ramer","EV Connect","Founder & CEO","Agora"]
  • Sanjay Ravi

    Microsoft Corporation

    General Manager, Automotive Industry

    ["Sanjay Ravi","Microsoft Corporation","General Manager, Automotive Industry","Agora"]
  • Dr. Emily Reichert

    Greentown Labs

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Dr. Emily Reichert","Greentown Labs","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Christoph Reinhart


    Professor & Director, Building Technology Program

    ["Christoph Reinhart","MIT","Professor & Director, Building Technology Program","Agora"]
  • Hossein Rokhsare

    Darcy Partners


    ["Hossein Rokhsare","Darcy Partners","Partner","Agora"]
  • Peter Rossky

    Rice University

    Dean, Wiess School of Natural Sciences

    ["Peter Rossky","Rice University","Dean, Wiess School of Natural Sciences","Agora"]
  • Justin Rounce


    EVP & Chief Technology Officer

    ["Justin Rounce","TechnipFMC","EVP & Chief Technology Officer","Agora"]
  • Gabriella Rowe

    Station Houston

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Gabriella Rowe","Station Houston","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Biswajit Roy

    Oil India Ltd.

    Director (HR & BD) & CEO, Hydrocarbon Sector Skill Council

    ["Biswajit Roy","Oil India Ltd.","Director (HR & BD) & CEO, Hydrocarbon Sector Skill Council","Agora"]
  • Amish Sabharwal


    Global Head of Engineering Business

    ["Amish Sabharwal","Aveva","Global Head of Engineering Business","Agora"]
  • Sam Salisbury


    Centrica Innovations Director – Labs

    ["Sam Salisbury","Centrica","Centrica Innovations Director – Labs","Agora"]
  • Manas Satapathy


    Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Energy

    ["Manas Satapathy","Accenture","Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Energy","Agora"]
  • Michael Savage

    Halifax Regional Municipality


    ["Michael Savage","Halifax Regional Municipality","Mayor","Agora"]
  • Laura Schafer


    VP Sales, Precision Fluid Control | Fluid & Motion Control

    ["Laura Schafer","Emerson","VP Sales, Precision Fluid Control | Fluid & Motion Control","Agora"]
  • Ian Schneider


    Research Assistant, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, PhD Candidate

    ["Ian Schneider","MIT","Research Assistant, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, PhD Candidate","Agora"]
  • J. Clay Sell


    Chief Executive Officer

    ["J. Clay Sell","X-energy","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Gregory Servos


    President & Chief Executive Officer

    ["Gregory Servos","OvationData","President & Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Stig Olav Settemsdal


    CTO Offshore Solutions

    ["Stig Olav Settemsdal","Siemens","CTO Offshore Solutions","Agora"]
  • Khalil El Shafei

    Aramco Entrepreneurship Center: Wa’ed

    Chief Executive Officer

    ["Khalil El Shafei","Aramco Entrepreneurship Center: Wa’ed","Chief Executive Officer","Agora"]
  • Hussein Shel

    Microsoft Corporation

    Azure Global, Principal Program Manager

    ["Hussein Shel","Microsoft Corporation","Azure Global, Principal Program Manager","Agora"]
  • Frank Siebke



    ["Frank Siebke","NexWafe","CFO","Agora"]
  • Sanjay Singh

    Dura Automotive Systems LLC

    Executive Vice President & CTO