2018 Speakers

Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, IHS Markit

Daniel Yergin is a highly respected authority on energy, international politics, and economics. He is Vice Chairman of IHS Markit and cofounded Cambridge Energy Research Associates®. In selecting Dr. Yergin as one of the “hundred people who mattered” worldwide, Time Magazine said, “If there is one man whose opinion matters more than any other on global energy markets, it’s Daniel Yergin.” Fortune said that he is “one of the planet’s foremost thinkers about energy and its implications.” A Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Yergin is the author of the recent bestseller The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. The Quest has been called “a masterly piece of work” by The Economist and described by the Financial Times as “a triumph.” Dr. Yergin is known around the world for his book The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It became a number one New York Times best seller and has been translated into 17 languages. Of Dr. Yergin’s book Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, which has been translated into 13 languages, The Wall Street Journal said, “No one could ask for a better account of the world’s political and economic destiny since World War II.” Both The Prize and Commanding Heights were made into award-winning television documentaries for PBS and BBC. Dr. Yergin was awarded the United States Energy Award for “lifelong achievements in energy and the promotion of international understanding.” He received the Charles Percy Award for Public Service from the Alliance to Save Energy. The International Association for Energy Economics gave Dr. Yergin its 2012 award for “outstanding contributions to the profession of energy economics and to its literature.” In 2014 India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Yergin serves on the US Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. He is a member of the National Petroleum Council, a trustee of the Brookings Institution, and a director of the United States Energy Association and of the US-Russia Business Council. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, Singapore’s International Energy Advisory Board, and the Russian Academy of Oil and Gas.

  • Hon. Rick Perry
    Secretary of Energy, United States
    [Hon. Rick Perry][Secretary of Energy][United States][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Amin Nasser
    President & CEO, Saudi Aramco
    [Amin Nasser][President & CEO][Saudi Aramco][Speaker]
  • Hon. Ryan Zinke
    Secretary of the Interior, United States
    [Hon. Ryan Zinke][Secretary of the Interior][United States][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Mary Barra
    Chairman & CEO, General Motors
    [Mary Barra][Chairman & CEO][General Motors][Featured Speaker]
  • Ben van Beurden
    Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc
    [Ben van Beurden][Chief Executive Officer][Royal Dutch Shell plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Dudley
    Group Chief Executive, BP plc
    [Robert Dudley][Group Chief Executive][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Patrick Pouyanné
    Chairman of the Board & CEO, TOTAL S.A.
    [Keynote/Plenary][Patrick Pouyanné][Chairman of the Board & CEO][TOTAL S.A.][Featured Speaker]
  • Kevin McIntyre
    Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
    [Kevin McIntyre][Chairman][Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Vicki Hollub
    President & CEO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    [Vicki Hollub][President & CEO][Occidental Petroleum Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber
    Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, CEO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
    [Keynote/Plenary][HE Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber][Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, CEO][Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Lisa Murkowski
    Chairman, US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
    [Hon. Lisa Murkowski][Chairman][US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Wan Zulkiflee
    President & Group CEO, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Wan Zulkiflee][President & Group CEO][Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo
    Secretary General, OPEC
    [Keynote/Plenary][HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo][Secretary General][OPEC][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Lynn Good
    Chairman, President & CEO, Duke Energy
    [Keynote/Plenary][Lynn Good][Chairman, President & CEO][Duke Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Ryan Lance
    Chairman & CEO, ConocoPhillips
    [Ryan Lance][Chairman & CEO][ConocoPhillips][Featured Speaker]
  • Daniel Ennis
    Global Head of Threat Intelligence & Operations, BlueVoyant
    [Daniel Ennis][Global Head of Threat Intelligence & Operations][BlueVoyant][Featured Speaker]
  • Andrew Liveris
    Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company, Executive Chairman, DowDuPont
    [Andrew Liveris][Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company][Executive Chairman, DowDuPont][Featured Speaker]
  • Marcel van Poecke
    Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund, Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)
    [Keynote/Plenary][Marcel van Poecke][Head of Carlyle International Energy Fund][Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Bakheet S. Al-Rashidi
    Minister of Oil, Electricity & Water, Kuwait, Chairman of the Board, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
    [HE Bakheet S. Al-Rashidi][Minister of Oil, Electricity & Water, Kuwait][Chairman of the Board, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell
    Secretary of Energy, Mexico
    [Keynote/Plenary][Hon. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell][Secretary of Energy][Mexico][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Musabbeh Al Kaabi
    CEO, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Mubadala Investment Company
    [Musabbeh Al Kaabi][CEO, Petroleum & Petrochemicals][Mubadala Investment Company][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei
    Minister of Energy & Industry, United Arab Emirates
    [Keynote/Plenary][HE Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei][Minister of Energy & Industry][United Arab Emirates][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Fatih Birol
    Executive Director, International Energy Agency
    [Keynote/Plenary][Fatih Birol][Executive Director][International Energy Agency][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
    Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Federal Republic of Nigeria
    [Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Keynote/Plenary][HE Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu][Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources][Federal Republic of Nigeria][Ministers And Government Official]
  • David Farr
    Chairman & CEO, Emerson
    [David Farr][Chairman & CEO][Emerson][Featured Speaker]
  • Ulrich Spiesshofer
    President & Chief Executive Officer, ABB Ltd.
    [Ulrich Spiesshofer][President & Chief Executive Officer][ABB Ltd.][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Kaplan
    President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
    [Robert Kaplan][President & CEO][Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas][Featured Speaker]
  • Hendrik Gordenker
    Executive Chairman, JERA Co.
    [Keynote/Plenary][Hendrik Gordenker][Executive Chairman][JERA Co.][Featured Speaker]
  • Paal Kibsgaard
    Chairman & CEO, Schlumberger
    [Keynote/Plenary][Paal Kibsgaard][Chairman & CEO][Schlumberger][Featured Speaker]
  • Lisa Davis
    CEO Energy & Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG
    [Lisa Davis][CEO Energy & Member of the Managing Board][Siemens AG][Featured Speaker]
  • Timothy Dove
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Pioneer Natural Resources
    [Timothy Dove][President & Chief Executive Officer][Pioneer Natural Resources][Featured Speaker]
  • Pedro Parente
    Chief Executive Officer, Petrobras
    [Keynote/Plenary][Pedro Parente][Chief Executive Officer][Petrobras][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Terje Søviknes
    Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Kingdom of Norway
    [Keynote/Plenary][HE Terje Søviknes][Minister of Petroleum and Energy][Kingdom of Norway][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Joe Kaeser
    President & CEO, Siemens AG
    [Joe Kaeser][President & CEO][Siemens AG][Featured Speaker]
  • Patricia Vincent-Collawn
    Chairman, President & CEO, PNM Resources
    [Patricia Vincent-Collawn][Chairman, President & CEO][PNM Resources][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Gabriel M. Obiang Lima
    Minister of Mines & Hydrocarbons, Equatorial Guinea
    [Hon. Gabriel M. Obiang Lima][Minister of Mines & Hydrocarbons][Equatorial Guinea][Featured Speaker]
  • John Hess
    Chief Executive Officer, Hess Corporation
    [Keynote/Plenary][John Hess][Chief Executive Officer][Hess Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Shunichi Miyanaga
    President & CEO, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    [Shunichi Miyanaga][President & CEO][Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.][Featured Speaker]
  • Geisha Williams
    President & CEO, PG&E Corporation
    [Geisha Williams][President & CEO][PG&E Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Russell Girling
    President & CEO, TransCanada Corporation
    [Keynote/Plenary][Russell Girling][President & CEO][TransCanada Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Lorenzo Simonelli
    Chairman & CEO, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
    [Keynote/Plenary][Lorenzo Simonelli][Chairman & CEO][Baker Hughes, a GE Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Steven Kean
    President & CEO, Kinder Morgan
    [Keynote/Plenary][Steven Kean][President & CEO][Kinder Morgan][Featured Speaker]
  • Rainer Seele
    Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO, OMV Aktiengesellschaft
    [Keynote/Plenary][Rainer Seele][Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO][OMV Aktiengesellschaft][Featured Speaker]
  • Greg Armstrong
    Chairman & CEO, Plains All American Pipeline
    [Greg Armstrong][Chairman & CEO][Plains All American Pipeline][Featured Speaker]
  • Kelcy Warren
    Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Energy Transfer Partners
    [Keynote/Plenary][Kelcy Warren][Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors][Energy Transfer Partners][Featured Speaker]
  • Alex Pourbaix
    President & CEO, Cenovus Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Alex Pourbaix][President & CEO][Cenovus Energy][Speaker]
  • Pedro Pizarro
    President & CEO, Edison International
    [Pedro Pizarro][President & CEO][Edison International][Featured Speaker]
  • Osmar Abib
    Global Co-Head of Oil & Gas, Credit Suisse
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Osmar Abib][Global Co-Head of Oil & Gas][Credit Suisse][Speaker]
  • Samir Assaf
    Chief Executive, Global Banking & Markets, HSBC
    [Samir Assaf][Chief Executive, Global Banking & Markets][HSBC][Featured Speaker]
  • Patricia Espinosa
    Executive Secretary, UNFCCC
    [Keynote/Plenary][Patricia Espinosa][Executive Secretary][UNFCCC][Featured Speaker]
  • Steve Bolze
    Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Infrastructure Portfolio Operations & Asset Management, Blackstone
    [Steve Bolze][Senior Managing Director, Global Head of Infrastructure Portfolio Operations & Asset Management][Blackstone][Speaker]
  • Christopher Crane
    President & CEO, Exelon
    [Keynote/Plenary][Christopher Crane][President & CEO][Exelon][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Matthew Canavan
    Minister for Resources & Northern Australia - Senator for Queensland, Australia
    [Hon. Matthew Canavan][Minister for Resources & Northern Australia - Senator for Queensland][Australia][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. John Cornyn
    Majority Whip, United States Senate, Texas
    [Hon. John Cornyn][Majority Whip, United States Senate][Texas][Featured Speaker]
  • Charif Souki
    Chairman of the Board, Tellurian
    [Keynote/Plenary][Charif Souki][Chairman of the Board][Tellurian][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Daniel Sullivan
    United States Senator, Alaska
    [Keynote/Plenary][Hon. Daniel Sullivan][United States Senator][Alaska][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Hon. Sylvester Turner
    Mayor, City of Houston
    [Hon. Sylvester Turner][Mayor][City of Houston][Featured Speaker]
  • Jeremy Weir
    Chief Executive Officer, Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd.
    [Keynote/Plenary][Jeremy Weir][Chief Executive Officer][Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd.][Featured Speaker]
  • Jeffrey Lyash
    President & CEO, Ontario Power Generation
    [Jeffrey Lyash][President & CEO][Ontario Power Generation][Featured Speaker]
  • Mohamed Al Hammadi
    Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
    [Mohamed Al Hammadi][Chief Executive Officer][Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Walter Isaacson
    President & CEO; History Professor, The Aspen Institute; Tulane University
    [Walter Isaacson][President & CEO; History Professor][The Aspen Institute; Tulane University][Featured Speaker]
  • Thad Hill
    President & CEO, Calpine Corporation
    [Keynote/Plenary][Thad Hill][President & CEO][Calpine Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz
    Minister of Energy, Israel
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz][Minister of Energy][Israel][Speaker]
  • Hon. James Gordon Carr
    Minister of Natural Resources, Canada
    [Keynote/Plenary][Hon. James Gordon Carr][Minister of Natural Resources][Canada][Featured Speaker]
  • Sara Ortwein
    President, XTO Energy
    [Sara Ortwein][President][XTO Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • John Hopkins
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, NuScale Power
    [John Hopkins][Chairman & Chief Executive Officer][NuScale Power][Speaker]
  • Thomas Nimbley
    Chairman & CEO, PBF Energy
    [Thomas Nimbley][Chairman & CEO][PBF Energy][Speaker]
  • Shaikh Nawaf S. Al-Sabah
    Chief Executive Officer, Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC)
    [Shaikh Nawaf S. Al-Sabah][Chief Executive Officer][Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Jay Wileman
    President & CEO, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, GE
    [Jay Wileman][President & CEO, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy][GE][Speaker]
  • Pratima Rangarajan
    Chief Executive Officer, OGCI Climate Investments
    [Keynote/Plenary][Pratima Rangarajan][Chief Executive Officer][OGCI Climate Investments][Featured Speaker]
  • Bernard Looney
    Chief Executive, Upstream, BP plc
    [Bernard Looney][Chief Executive, Upstream][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Xiansheng Sun
    Secretary General, International Energy Forum (IEF)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Xiansheng Sun][Secretary General][International Energy Forum (IEF)][Speaker]
  • Michael Smith
    Chairman, CEO & Founder, Freeport LNG
    [Michael Smith][Chairman, CEO & Founder][Freeport LNG][Featured Speaker]
  • Anatol Feygin
    Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Cheniere
    [Anatol Feygin][Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Jim Fitterling
    President & Chief Operating Officer, The Dow Chemical Company
    [Jim Fitterling][President & Chief Operating Officer][The Dow Chemical Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Greg Scheu
    President, Americas Region, ABB
    [Greg Scheu][President, Americas Region][ABB][Speaker]
  • Ernie Thrasher
    CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources
    [Keynote/Plenary][Ernie Thrasher][CEO & Chief Marketing Officer][Xcoal Energy & Resources][Featured Speaker]
  • Jaime Hernández
    General Director, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)
    [Jaime Hernández][General Director][Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE)][Featured Speaker]
  • Keisuke Kuroki
    President, JOGMEC
    [Keynote/Plenary][Keisuke Kuroki][President][JOGMEC][Featured Speaker]
  • Edward Monser
    President, Emerson
    [Edward Monser][President][Emerson][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Powelson
    Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
    [Robert Powelson][Commissioner][Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Fernando Musa
    Chief Executive Officer, Braskem SA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Fernando Musa][Chief Executive Officer][Braskem SA][Speaker]
  • Scott Prochazka
    President & CEO, CenterPoint Energy
    [Scott Prochazka][President & CEO][CenterPoint Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Armstrong
    Director, MIT Energy Initiative, MIT
    [Robert Armstrong][Director, MIT Energy Initiative][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Mark Little
    Chief Operating Officer, Suncor Energy
    [Keynote/Plenary][Mark Little][Chief Operating Officer][Suncor Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Al Monaco
    President & CEO, Enbridge
    [Al Monaco][President & CEO][Enbridge][Featured Speaker]
  • Paul Vining
    Chief Executive Officer, The Cline Group, LLC
    [Paul Vining][Chief Executive Officer][The Cline Group, LLC][Featured Speaker]
  • Prabhat Singh
    Chief Executive Officer, Petronet LNG Limited
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Prabhat Singh][Chief Executive Officer][Petronet LNG Limited][Speaker]
  • Narendra Verma
    Managing Director & CEO, ONGC Videsh Limited
    [Narendra Verma][Managing Director & CEO][ONGC Videsh Limited][Speaker]
  • Jack Fusco
    President & CEO, Cheniere
    [Jack Fusco][President & CEO][Cheniere][Featured Speaker]
  • Dev Sanyal
    Chief Executive, Alternative Energy & Executive Vice President, Regions, BP plc
    [Dev Sanyal][Chief Executive, Alternative Energy & Executive Vice President, Regions][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Meghan O’Sullivan
    Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project, Harvard University Kennedy School
    [Meghan O’Sullivan][Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project][Harvard University Kennedy School][Featured Speaker]
  • Marty Proctor
    President, Chief Executive Officer & Director, Seven Generations Energy Ltd.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Marty Proctor][President, Chief Executive Officer & Director][Seven Generations Energy Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Arcandra Tahar
    Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia
    [Arcandra Tahar][Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources][Republic of Indonesia][Speaker]
  • Sanjiv Singh
    Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)
    [Sanjiv Singh][Chairman][Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)][Featured Speaker]
  • Guillermo Turrent Schnaas
    Chief Executive Officer, CFE International / CFEnergía
    [Keynote/Plenary][Guillermo Turrent Schnaas][Chief Executive Officer][CFE International / CFEnergía][Featured Speaker]
  • Matt Fox
    Executive Vice President, Strategy, Exploration & Technology, ConocoPhillips
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Matt Fox][Executive Vice President, Strategy, Exploration & Technology][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Carlos Treviño
    Chief Executive Officer, PEMEX
    [Keynote/Plenary][Carlos Treviño][Chief Executive Officer][PEMEX][Featured Speaker]
  • Hital Meswani
    Executive Director, Member of the Board, Reliance Industries
    [Hital Meswani][Executive Director, Member of the Board][Reliance Industries][Featured Speaker]
  • Steve Pastor
    President Operations, Petroleum, BHP
    [Steve Pastor][President Operations, Petroleum][BHP][Speaker]
  • Luca Bertelli
    Chief Exploration Officer, Eni S.p.A.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Luca Bertelli][Chief Exploration Officer][Eni S.p.A.][Speaker]
  • Eric Silagy
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Florida Power & Light Company
    [Eric Silagy][President & Chief Executive Officer][Florida Power & Light Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Marco Alverà
    Chief Executive Officer, Snam S.p.A.
    [Keynote/Plenary][Marco Alverà][Chief Executive Officer][Snam S.p.A.][Featured Speaker]
  • Bill Vass
    Vice President of Engineering, Amazon Web Services
    [Bill Vass][Vice President of Engineering][Amazon Web Services][Featured Speaker]
  • Angela Stent
    Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
    [Angela Stent][Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Walsh School of Foreign Service][Georgetown University][Featured Speaker]
  • Evan Feigenbaum
    Vice Chairman, The Paulson Institute
    [Keynote/Plenary][Evan Feigenbaum][Vice Chairman][The Paulson Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Suzanne Maloney
    Deputy Director, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution
    [Keynote/Plenary][Suzanne Maloney][Deputy Director, Foreign Policy][The Brookings Institution][Featured Speaker]
  • Peter Terwiesch
    President, Industrial Automation, ABB Group
    [Keynote/Plenary][Peter Terwiesch][President, Industrial Automation][ABB Group][Featured Speaker]
  • Michael Train
    Executive President, Automation Solutions, Emerson
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Michael Train][Executive President, Automation Solutions][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Mark Gyetvay
    CFO & Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, PAO NOVATEK
    [Keynote/Plenary][Mark Gyetvay][CFO & Deputy Chairman of the Management Board][PAO NOVATEK][Featured Speaker]
  • Andy Samuel
    Chief Executive Officer, Oil & Gas Authority
    [Andy Samuel][Chief Executive Officer][Oil & Gas Authority][Speaker]
  • Bente Nyland
    Director General, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Bente Nyland][Director General][Norwegian Petroleum Directorate][Speaker]
  • Aldo Flores Quiroga
    Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, Mexico
    [Keynote/Plenary][Aldo Flores Quiroga][Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons][Mexico][Featured Speaker]
  • Nopporn Chuchinda
    ASCOPE Secretary-in-Charge, ASCOPE/PTT
    [Keynote/Plenary][Nopporn Chuchinda][ASCOPE Secretary-in-Charge][ASCOPE/PTT][Featured Speaker]
  • Sir John Scarlett
    Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley
    [Sir John Scarlett][Senior Advisor][Morgan Stanley][Featured Speaker]
  • Barbara J. Burger
    President, Chevron Technology Ventures, Chevron Corporation
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Technology][Barbara J. Burger][President, Chevron Technology Ventures][Chevron Corporation][Speaker]
  • Sean Long
    Founder & CEO, Endeavor Energy Holdings
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Sean Long][Founder & CEO][Endeavor Energy Holdings][Speaker]
  • Ahmad Al Khowaiter
    Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Aramco
    [Ahmad Al Khowaiter][Chief Technology Officer][Saudi Aramco][Featured Speaker]
  • Andrew Ott
    President & CEO, PJM Interconnection
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Andrew Ott][President & CEO][PJM Interconnection][Speaker]
  • Cynthia Walker
    Senior Vice President of Marketing & Midstream Operations and Development, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    [Cynthia Walker][Senior Vice President of Marketing & Midstream Operations and Development][Occidental Petroleum Corporation][Speaker]
  • Décio Oddone
    Director-General, Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)
    [Keynote/Plenary][Décio Oddone][Director-General][Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)][Featured Speaker]
  • Bill Magness
    President & CEO, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Bill Magness][President & CEO][Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)][Speaker]
  • Kunio Nohata
    Member of the Board & Senior Executive Officer, Tokyo Gas
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Kunio Nohata][Member of the Board & Senior Executive Officer][Tokyo Gas][Speaker]
  • Masaaki Yamada
    Managing Executive Officer, Global Head of Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group, Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Masaaki Yamada][Managing Executive Officer, Global Head of Energy and Natural Resources Finance Group][Japan Bank for International Cooperation][Speaker]
  • Juan Carlos Zepeda
    President Commissioner, National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)
    [Keynote/Plenary][Juan Carlos Zepeda][President Commissioner][National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)][Featured Speaker]
  • Jackie Sargent
    General Manager, Austin Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Jackie Sargent][General Manager][Austin Energy][Speaker]
  • Nicholas Eberstadt
    Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute
    [Keynote/Plenary][Nicholas Eberstadt][Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy][American Enterprise Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Chris Carter
    Managing Partner, NGP
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Chris Carter][Managing Partner][NGP][Speaker]
  • Jon Hirschtick
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Onshape
    [Jon Hirschtick][Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer][Onshape][Speaker]
  • Toby Baker
    Commissioner, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    [Toby Baker][Commissioner][Texas Commission on Environmental Quality][Speaker]
  • John McCarrick
    Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][John McCarrick][Deputy Assistant Secretary][US Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources][Speaker]
  • Helen Currie
    Chief Economist, ConocoPhillips
    [Helen Currie][Chief Economist][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Michael Klein
    Managing Partner, M. Klein and Company
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Michael Klein][Managing Partner][M. Klein and Company][Speaker]
  • Ric Fulop
    Co-Founder & CEO, Desktop Metal
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Ric Fulop][Co-Founder & CEO][Desktop Metal][Speaker]
  • Blue Jenkins
    Chief Commercial Officer, EQT Corporation
    [Blue Jenkins][Chief Commercial Officer][EQT Corporation][Speaker]
  • Jürgen Brandes
    CEO Process Industries & Drives Division, Siemens
    [Jürgen Brandes][CEO Process Industries & Drives Division][Siemens][Speaker]
  • David Foley
    Sr. Managing Director & CEO, Blackstone Energy Partners
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][David Foley][Sr. Managing Director & CEO][Blackstone Energy Partners][Speaker]
  • Mark Brownstein
    Vice President, Climate & Energy, Environmental Defense Fund
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Mark Brownstein][Vice President, Climate & Energy][Environmental Defense Fund][Speaker]
  • Nabil Bourisli
    President & CEO, Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI)
    [Nabil Bourisli][President & CEO][Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI)][Speaker]
  • Juan Enriquez
    Managing Director, Excel Venture Management
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Juan Enriquez][Managing Director][Excel Venture Management][Speaker]
  • James Bellingham
    Director, Center of Marine Robotics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][James Bellingham][Director, Center of Marine Robotics][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • Karen Harbert
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Energy Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Karen Harbert][President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Energy Institute][U.S. Chamber of Commerce][Speaker]
  • William J. (John) Berger
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sunnova Energy Corporation
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Technology][William J. (John) Berger][Founder and Chief Executive Officer][Sunnova Energy Corporation][Speaker]
  • Shannon O’Neil
    Vice President, Deputy Director of Studies, & Nelson & David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America, Council on Foreign Relations
    [Shannon O’Neil][Vice President, Deputy Director of Studies, & Nelson & David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America][Council on Foreign Relations][Featured Speaker]
  • Richard Morningstar
    Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center, The Atlantic Council
    [Keynote/Plenary][Richard Morningstar][Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center][The Atlantic Council][Featured Speaker]
  • Vivek Chidambaram
    Managing Director, Global Digital Lead, Accenture Strategy
    [Vivek Chidambaram][Managing Director, Global Digital Lead][Accenture Strategy][Speaker]
  • Kathrine Fog
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Analysis, Norsk Hydro ASA
    [Kathrine Fog][Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Analysis][Norsk Hydro ASA][Speaker]
  • Jason Bordoff
    Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director, Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Jason Bordoff][Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director][Center on Global Energy Policy Columbia University][Speaker]
  • Francisco Morandi
    Vice President Corporate Strategy & Investment, The AES Corporation
    [Francisco Morandi][Vice President Corporate Strategy & Investment][The AES Corporation][Speaker]
  • Marcos Browne
    Executive Vice President of Gas & Power, YPF S.A.
    [Marcos Browne][Executive Vice President of Gas & Power][YPF S.A.][Speaker]
  • Daniel Sperling
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis
    [Daniel Sperling][Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering][University of California, Davis][Speaker]
  • Horace Hobbs
    Chief Economist, Phillips 66
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Horace Hobbs][Chief Economist][Phillips 66][Speaker]
  • Daniel Diehl
    Chief Executive Officer, Aircuity
    [Daniel Diehl][Chief Executive Officer][Aircuity][Speaker]
  • Meg Gentle
    President & CEO, Tellurian
    [Meg Gentle][President & CEO][Tellurian][Speaker]
  • Peter Keavey
    Managing Director Global Energy, CME Group
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Peter Keavey][Managing Director Global Energy][CME Group][Speaker]
  • Corey Grindal
    Senior Vice President, Gas Supply, Cheniere
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Corey Grindal][Senior Vice President, Gas Supply][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Amira El-Mazni
    Former Vice Chair Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][EMEA][Amira El-Mazni][Former Vice Chair Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)][Speaker]
  • Edward Daniels
    Executive Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development, Royal Dutch Shell
    [Edward Daniels][Executive Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development][Royal Dutch Shell][Speaker]
  • Paul Spencer
    CEO, Clean Energy Collective
    [Paul Spencer][CEO][Clean Energy Collective][Speaker]
  • Frank van Mierlo
    CEO, 1366 Technologies
    [Innovation Pioneer][Frank van Mierlo][CEO][1366 Technologies][Speaker]
  • Vaclav Smil
    Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba
    [Vaclav Smil][Distinguished Professor Emeritus][University of Manitoba][Featured Speaker]
  • Richard Wilson
    President, sitesALIVE Foundation
    [Richard Wilson][President][sitesALIVE Foundation][Speaker]
  • Xiaoming Ke
    Deputy Chief Engineer & Director of Market Research Division, Sinopec EDRI
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Xiaoming Ke][Deputy Chief Engineer & Director of Market Research Division][Sinopec EDRI][Speaker]
  • Wendell Brase
    Associate Chancellor for Sustainability, University of California - Irvine
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Wendell Brase][Associate Chancellor for Sustainability][University of California - Irvine][Speaker]
  • Andrew Herscowitz
    Coordinator, Power Africa
    [Andrew Herscowitz][Coordinator][Power Africa][Speaker]
  • Matthew Ketschke
    Senior Vice President - Customer Energy Solutions, Con Edison
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Matthew Ketschke][Senior Vice President - Customer Energy Solutions][Con Edison][Speaker]
  • Vibhu Kaushik
    Director of Grid Technology and Modernization, Southern California Edison
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Vibhu Kaushik][Director of Grid Technology and Modernization][Southern California Edison][Speaker]
  • Roger Kranenburg
    Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy, Eversource
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Roger Kranenburg][Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy][Eversource][Speaker]
  • Doug Kimmelman
    Senior Partner, Energy Capital Partners
    [Keynote/Plenary][Doug Kimmelman][Senior Partner][Energy Capital Partners][Featured Speaker]
  • Mike O’Sullivan
    Senior Vice President, Development, NextEra Energy Resources
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Mike O’Sullivan][Senior Vice President, Development][NextEra Energy Resources][Speaker]
  • Jin-Yong Cai
    Partner, TPG Capital
    [Jin-Yong Cai][Partner][TPG Capital][Speaker]
  • Dan Domeracki
    Vice President, Government, Industry & Corporate Stewardship, Schlumberger
    [Dan Domeracki][Vice President, Government, Industry & Corporate Stewardship][Schlumberger][Speaker]
  • Claudio Facchin
    President, Power Grids Division & Member of the Group Executive Committee, ABB Ltd.
    [Claudio Facchin][President, Power Grids Division & Member of the Group Executive Committee][ABB Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Hon. Fernando Coelho Filho
    Minister of Mines and Energy, Brazil
    [Hon. Fernando Coelho Filho][Minister of Mines and Energy][Brazil][Featured Speaker]
  • Brian Coffman
    President & CEO, Motiva Enterprises
    [Brian Coffman][President & CEO][Motiva Enterprises][Featured Speaker]
  • Gregory Leveille
    Chief Technology Officer, ConocoPhillips
    [Gregory Leveille][Chief Technology Officer][ConocoPhillips][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Mohamed Abdel Vetah
    Minister of Oil, Energy and Mines, Mauritania
    [HE Mohamed Abdel Vetah][Minister of Oil, Energy and Mines][Mauritania][Featured Speaker]
  • José Antonio González Anaya
    Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico
    [José Antonio González Anaya][Minister of Finance and Public Credit][Mexico][Featured Speaker]
  • Didier Holleaux
    Executive Vice President, ENGIE
    [Didier Holleaux][Executive Vice President][ENGIE][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Eng. Irene Nafuna Muloni
    Minister of Energy & Mineral Development, Uganda
    [HE Eng. Irene Nafuna Muloni][Minister of Energy & Mineral Development][Uganda][Featured Speaker]
  • Torgrim Reitan
    Executive Vice President, Development & Production USA, Statoil
    [Torgrim Reitan][Executive Vice President, Development & Production USA][Statoil][Featured Speaker]
  • James Rosenfield
    Senior Vice President IHS Markit, CERAWeek Co-Chairman
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Rosenfield][Senior Vice President IHS Markit][CERAWeek Co-Chairman][Ihs Expert]
  • Atul Arya
    Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Atul Arya][Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Alec Gruss
    Principal Data Scientist, Digital Factory Division, Siemens
    [Alec Gruss][Principal Data Scientist][Digital Factory Division, Siemens][Speaker]
  • Carlos Pascual
    Senior Vice President, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Carlos Pascual][Senior Vice President][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Lawrence Makovich
    Vice President & Senior Advisor, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Lawrence Makovich][Vice President & Senior Advisor, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michael Stoppard
    Chief Strategist, Global Gas, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michael Stoppard][Chief Strategist, Global Gas, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Burkhard
    Chief Researcher, Global Oil Markets & Energy Scenarios, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Burkhard][Chief Researcher, Global Oil Markets & Energy Scenarios, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Anuar Taib
    Executive Vice President & CEO Upstream, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
    [Anuar Taib][Executive Vice President & CEO Upstream][Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)][Speaker]
  • Maynard Holt
    Chief Executive Officer, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
    [Maynard Holt][Chief Executive Officer][Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.][Featured Speaker]
  • Babur Ozden
    Founder & CEO, Maana
    [Babur Ozden][Founder & CEO][Maana][Featured Speaker]
  • B.C. Tripathi
    Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL (India) Limited
    [B.C. Tripathi][Chairman & Managing Director][GAIL (India) Limited][Featured Speaker]
  • Doug Sparkman
    COO, Fuels North America, BP plc
    [Doug Sparkman][COO, Fuels North America][BP plc][Speaker]
  • Peter Zornio
    Chief Technology Officer, Emerson
    [Peter Zornio][Chief Technology Officer][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Tristan Grimbert
    President & CEO, EDF Renewables Energy
    [Tristan Grimbert][President & CEO][EDF Renewables Energy][Speaker]
  • Peter Schwartz
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Salesforce
    [Peter Schwartz][Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning][Salesforce][Featured Speaker]
  • Daniel Jaeggi
    Co-Founder & President, Mercuria Energy Trading SA
    [Daniel Jaeggi][Co-Founder & President][Mercuria Energy Trading SA][Featured Speaker]
  • Steve Pattyn
    Managing Member, Yaupon Capital Management
    [Steve Pattyn][Managing Member][Yaupon Capital Management][Speaker]
  • Jason Lemme
    Managing Director, Hartree Partners
    [Jason Lemme][Managing Director][Hartree Partners][Speaker]
  • Ahmed Hashmi
    Global Head of Upstream Technology, BP
    [Ahmed Hashmi][Global Head of Upstream Technology][BP][Speaker]
  • Thomas Brostrøm
    President, North America, Ørsted
    [Thomas Brostrøm][President, North America][Ørsted][Featured Speaker]
  • Burt Hurlock
    Chief Executive Officer, Azima DLI
    [Burt Hurlock][Chief Executive Officer][Azima DLI][Speaker]
  • Hunter Hunt
    Chief Executive Officer & President, Hunt Consolidated Energy
    [Hunter Hunt][Chief Executive Officer & President][Hunt Consolidated Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Charles Leykum
    Chief Executive Officer, CSL Capital Management
    [Charles Leykum][Chief Executive Officer][CSL Capital Management][Speaker]
  • Jamie Froedge
    President, Process Systems & Solutions, Emerson
    [Jamie Froedge][President, Process Systems & Solutions][Emerson][Featured Speaker]
  • Guido Jouret
    Chief Digital Officer, ABB
    [Guido Jouret][Chief Digital Officer][ABB][Speaker]
  • Stig Olav Settemsdal
    Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Offshore Solutions
    [Stig Olav Settemsdal][Chief Technology Officer][Siemens Offshore Solutions][Speaker]
  • Robert Stoner
    Deputy Director for Science & Technology, MIT
    [Robert Stoner][Deputy Director for Science & Technology][MIT][Speaker]
  • Charles McConnell
    Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative (EEi), Rice University
    [Charles McConnell][Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative (EEi)][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Ted O’Brien
    Manager - Capital Markets & Marketing, Xcoal Energy & Resources
    [Ted O’Brien][Manager - Capital Markets & Marketing][Xcoal Energy & Resources][Speaker]
  • Laurent Vivier
    Senior Vice President, Gas, TOTAL S.A.
    [Laurent Vivier][Senior Vice President, Gas][TOTAL S.A.][Speaker]
  • Arlene Strom
    Vice President, Sustainability & Communications, Suncor
    [Arlene Strom][Vice President, Sustainability & Communications][Suncor][Speaker]
  • Murat Ocalan
    Founder & CEO, Rheidiant
    [Murat Ocalan][Founder & CEO][Rheidiant][Speaker]
  • Jonathan Westby
    Co-Managing Director Energy Marketing & Trading, Centrica
    [Jonathan Westby][Co-Managing Director Energy Marketing & Trading][Centrica][Speaker]
  • Sergej Mahnovski
    Director, Growth and Innovation, Edison International
    [Sergej Mahnovski][Director, Growth and Innovation][Edison International][Speaker]
  • Adam Sieminski
    James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
    [Adam Sieminski][James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics][Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)][Speaker]
  • Oscar Abbink
    Director of Energy, Upstream Research Group, IHS Markit
    [Oscar Abbink][Director of Energy, Upstream Research Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mark Abbott
    President and Director, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Mark Abbott][President and Director][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • Haitham Al Ghais
    Director Market Research, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation & Kuwait Governor for OPEC, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
    [Haitham Al Ghais][Director Market Research, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation & Kuwait Governor for OPEC][Kuwait Petroleum Corporation][Speaker]
  • Tayba Al Hashemi
    Manager, Undeveloped Reservoirs Project Unit, ADNOC
    [Tayba Al Hashemi][Manager, Undeveloped Reservoirs Project Unit][ADNOC][Speaker]
  • Khalifa Al Suwaidi
    Executive Director, Refining & Petrochemicals, Mubadala Investment Company
    [Khalifa Al Suwaidi][Executive Director, Refining & Petrochemicals][Mubadala Investment Company][Speaker]
  • Ibrahim Al-Muhanna
    Adviser to the Oil Minister, Ministry of Energy, Industry & Mineral Resources Saudi Arabia
    [Ibrahim Al-Muhanna][Adviser to the Oil Minister][Ministry of Energy, Industry & Mineral Resources Saudi Arabia][Speaker]
  • HE Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al-Sada
    Minister of Energy and Industry, Qatar
    [HE Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Al-Sada][Minister of Energy and Industry][Qatar][Featured Speaker]
  • Abdulaziz Abdulla Alhajri
    Director, Downstream Directorate, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
    [Abdulaziz Abdulla Alhajri][Director, Downstream Directorate][Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Corie Allemand
    Director for Pipelines, Siemens
    [Corie Allemand][Director for Pipelines][Siemens][Speaker]
  • Samuel Andrus
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Samuel Andrus][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Galina Antova
    Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, Claroty
    [Innovation Pioneer][Galina Antova][Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer][Claroty][Speaker]
  • Doug Arent
    Executive Director, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis and Deputy Lab Director for Computational Science and Energy Analysis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    [Doug Arent][Executive Director, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis and Deputy Lab Director for Computational Science and Energy Analysis][National Renewable Energy Laboratory][Speaker]
  • Basel Nashat Asmar
    Director, Upstream Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Basel Nashat Asmar][Director, Upstream Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Randall Atkins
    Chairman & CEO, Ramaco Coal
    [Randall Atkins][Chairman & CEO][Ramaco Coal][Speaker]
  • Charlie Atkins
    Director of Development, Wyoming Innovation Park
    [Charlie Atkins][Director of Development][Wyoming Innovation Park][Speaker]
  • Neil Atkinson
    Head, Oil Industry and Markets Division, International Energy Agency
    [Neil Atkinson][Head, Oil Industry and Markets Division][International Energy Agency][Speaker]
  • Bhushan Bahree
    Executive Director, Global Oil, IHS Markit
    [Bhushan Bahree][Executive Director, Global Oil][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Paul Bailey
    President & CEO, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
    [Paul Bailey][President & CEO][American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity][Speaker]
  • Fellipe Balieiro
    Director, Energy & Mobility, Refining & Marketing, IHS Markit
    [Fellipe Balieiro][Director, Energy & Mobility, Refining & Marketing][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jonathan Baliff
    President & CEO, Bristow Group
    [Jonathan Baliff][President & CEO][Bristow Group][Speaker]
  • Rodrigo Barragan
    Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy
    [Rodrigo Barragan][Senior Manager][Accenture Strategy][Speaker]
  • Andy Barrett
    Senior Advisor, Global Gas & Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Andy Barrett][Senior Advisor, Global Gas & Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Kurt Barrow
    Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream, IHS Markit
    [Kurt Barrow][Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream and Downstream][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Edward Barry
    Applications Scientist, Argonne National Labratory
    [Edward Barry][Applications Scientist][Argonne National Labratory][Speaker]
  • Don Bartusiak
    Chief Process Control Engineer, EM Research and Engineering, ExxonMobil
    [Don Bartusiak][Chief Process Control Engineer, EM Research and Engineering][ExxonMobil][Speaker]
  • El Mehdi Basslim
    Research Analyst, European Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables, IHS Markit
    [El Mehdi Basslim][Research Analyst, European Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nicholas Basso
    Senior Vice President, Oaktree Capital
    [Nicholas Basso][Senior Vice President][Oaktree Capital][Speaker]
  • Morgan Bazilian
    Executive Director and Research Professor, Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines
    [Morgan Bazilian][Executive Director and Research Professor][Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines][Speaker]
  • Ricardo Bedregal
    Head of Latin America Upstream Research & Consulting, IHS Markit
    [Ricardo Bedregal][Head of Latin America Upstream Research & Consulting][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Chief Economist, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Nariman Behravesh][Chief Economist][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ashok Belani
    Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger
    [Ashok Belani][Executive Vice President Technology][Schlumberger][Speaker]
  • Ganesh Bell
    President, Uptake
    [Ganesh Bell][President][Uptake][Featured Speaker]
  • Carlos Bellorin
    Principal Petroleum Analyst, IHS Markit
    [Carlos Bellorin][Principal Petroleum Analyst][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Alexei Beltyukov
    Founder, NGT Global AG
    [Alexei Beltyukov][Founder][NGT Global AG][Speaker]
  • Kamel Ben Naceur
    Chief Economist, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
    [Kamel Ben Naceur][Chief Economist][Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)][Speaker]
  • Sally Benson
    Director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University
    [Sally Benson][Director, Precourt Institute for Energy][Stanford University][Speaker]
  • Hakon Berg
    Technology Development Manager, ABB
    [Hakon Berg][Technology Development Manager][ABB][Speaker]
  • Daniel Berkove
    Senior Associate, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Daniel Berkove][Senior Associate, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Sampriti Bhattacharyya
    CEO, Hydroswarm
    [Sampriti Bhattacharyya][CEO][Hydroswarm][Speaker]
  • Nazeer Bhore
    Manager, Lead Generation and Breakthrough Research, ExxonMobil
    [Nazeer Bhore][Manager, Lead Generation and Breakthrough Research][ExxonMobil][Speaker]
  • Kevin Birn
    Vice President, North American Crude Oil Market, IHS Markit
    [Kevin Birn][Vice President, North American Crude Oil Market][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Thomas Birr
    Senior Vice President Innovation & Business Transformation, innogy SE
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Thomas Birr][Senior Vice President Innovation & Business Transformation][innogy SE][Speaker]
  • Sibani Lisa Biswal
    Professor, Materials Science and NanoEngineering, Rice University
    [Sibani Lisa Biswal][Professor, Materials Science and NanoEngineering][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Simon Blakey
    Advisor, Global Gas, IHS Markit
    [Simon Blakey][Advisor, Global Gas][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ryan Blitstein
    VP Renewable Energy, Uptake
    [Ryan Blitstein][VP Renewable Energy][Uptake][Speaker]
  • Rupshikha Saikia Borah
    Director Finance, Oil India Limited
    [Rupshikha Saikia Borah][Director Finance][Oil India Limited][Featured Speaker]
  • Chris Borroni-Bird
    Founder, Afreecar
    [Chris Borroni-Bird][Founder][Afreecar][Speaker]
  • Donald Bossi
    President, FIRST
    [Donald Bossi][President][FIRST][Speaker]
  • Aaron Brady
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Aaron Brady][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matthew Brake
    Professor Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
    [Matthew Brake][Professor Mechanical Engineering][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Adam Brett
    Global Head of Advisory, Resources & Energy Group, HSBC Global Banking & Markets
    [Adam Brett][Global Head of Advisory, Resources & Energy Group][HSBC Global Banking & Markets][Speaker]
  • Lysle Brinker
    Senior Director, Company Valuation and Transaction Research, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Lysle Brinker][Senior Director, Company Valuation and Transaction Research, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michael Brooks
    Sr. Director Asset Performance Management, AspenTech
    [Michael Brooks][Sr. Director Asset Performance Management][AspenTech][Speaker]
  • Andrew Brown
    Upstream Director, Royal Dutch Shell
    [Andrew Brown][Upstream Director][Royal Dutch Shell][Featured Speaker]
  • Sir Patrick Brown
    Chairman, UK Oil & Gas Authority
    [Sir Patrick Brown][Chairman][UK Oil & Gas Authority][Speaker]
  • Kevin Brown
    Vice President, Tortoise Capital Advisors
    [Kevin Brown][Vice President][Tortoise Capital Advisors][Speaker]
  • Lord Browne
    Member of IHS Markit Board of Directors, Executive Chairman, L1 Energy
    [Lord Browne][Member of IHS Markit Board of Directors][Executive Chairman, L1 Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Paul Browning
    President & CEO, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America
    [Paul Browning][President & CEO][Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America][Featured Speaker]
  • Ricky Buch
    Commercial Director, Energy Access & Hybrid Distributed Power, GE Power
    [Ricky Buch][Commercial Director, Energy Access & Hybrid Distributed Power][GE Power][Speaker]
  • Antonia Bullard
    Advisor, IHS Markit
    [Antonia Bullard][Advisor][IHS Markit][Speaker]
  • Cary Bullock
    CEO, Atrex Energy
    [Cary Bullock][CEO][Atrex Energy][Speaker]
  • Scott Burger
    Doctoral Candidate & Researcher, MIT
    [Scott Burger][Doctoral Candidate & Researcher][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Sabine Busse
    SVP, Group Head of Marketing & Sales, ABB
    [Sabine Busse][SVP, Group Head of Marketing & Sales][ABB][Speaker]
  • James Calaway
    Chief Executive Officer, Calaway Interests
    [James Calaway][Chief Executive Officer][Calaway Interests][Speaker]
  • Rachel Calvert
    Associate Director of Upstream E&P Terms and Aboveground Risk in Asia Pacific, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Rachel Calvert][Associate Director of Upstream E&P Terms and Aboveground Risk in Asia Pacific][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Javier Canon
    Director of Customer Delivery, Maana
    [Javier Canon][Director of Customer Delivery][Maana][Speaker]
  • Hon. Linda Capuano
    Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration
    [Hon. Linda Capuano][Administrator][U.S. Energy Information Administration][Speaker]
  • Louis Carranza
    Associate Director Energy Initiative, MIT
    [Louis Carranza][Associate Director Energy Initiative][MIT][Speaker]
  • David Carroll
    President, International Gas Union
    [David Carroll][President][International Gas Union][Speaker]
  • Márcio Félix Carvalho
    Secretary of Oil, Natural Gas & Biofuels, Brazil
    [Márcio Félix Carvalho][Secretary of Oil, Natural Gas & Biofuels][Brazil][Speaker]
  • Philippe Castanet
    Senior Executive Vice President North & South America, Electricité de France (EDF)
    [Philippe Castanet][Senior Executive Vice President North & South America][Electricité de France (EDF)][Speaker]
  • Praveen Cheekatamarla
    Director of Research and Product Development, Atrex Energy
    [Praveen Cheekatamarla][Director of Research and Product Development][Atrex Energy][Speaker]
  • Yet-Ming Chiang
    Professor of Materials Science, MIT Materials Science and Engineering
    [Yet-Ming Chiang][Professor of Materials Science][MIT Materials Science and Engineering][Speaker]
  • Bart Chilton
    Former U.S. Trading Commissioner; Partner, OilCoin
    [Bart Chilton][Former U.S. Trading Commissioner; Partner][OilCoin][Speaker]
  • Zhi Xin Chong
    Associate Director, IHS Markit
    [Zhi Xin Chong][Associate Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Debnil Chowdhury
    Executive Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research, IHS Markit
    [Debnil Chowdhury][Executive Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Denton Cinquegrana
    Chief Oil Analyst, Oil Price Information Service, IHS Markit
    [Denton Cinquegrana][Chief Oil Analyst, Oil Price Information Service][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Don Clevenger
    SVP, Strategic Planning, Oncor
    [Don Clevenger][SVP, Strategic Planning][Oncor][Speaker]
  • Keith Cole
    Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Water Lens
    [Innovation Pioneer][Keith Cole][Chief Executive Officer & Founder][Water Lens][Speaker]
  • Jeff Conroy
    Chief Scientist, Authentix, Inc.
    [Jeff Conroy][Chief Scientist][Authentix, Inc.][Speaker]
  • Ian Conway
    Executive Director, Research & Consulting, IHS Markit
    [Ian Conway][Executive Director, Research & Consulting][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Paul Corcoran
    Chief Financial Officer, Nord Stream 2 AG
    [Paul Corcoran][Chief Financial Officer][Nord Stream 2 AG][Speaker]
  • Bruno Courme
    Vice President, Exploration Services, Americas, TOTAL E&P Americas
    [Bruno Courme][Vice President, Exploration Services, Americas][TOTAL E&P Americas][Speaker]
  • George Crabtree
    Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), Argonne National Lab
    [George Crabtree][Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR)][Argonne National Lab][Speaker]
  • Jonathan Crane
    VP Wells Technology Deployment, Shell
    [Jonathan Crane][VP Wells Technology Deployment][Shell][Speaker]
  • David Crisostomo
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][David Crisostomo][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Helima Croft
    Managing Director & Global Head of Commodity Strategy, Global Research, RBC Capital Markets
    [Helima Croft][Managing Director & Global Head of Commodity Strategy, Global Research][RBC Capital Markets][Speaker]
  • Kevin Crutchfield
    Chief Executive Officer & Director, Contura Energy
    [Kevin Crutchfield][Chief Executive Officer & Director][Contura Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Paul Dabbar
    Under Secretary for Science, United States Department of Energy (DOE)
    [Hon. Paul Dabbar][Under Secretary for Science][United States Department of Energy (DOE)][Featured Speaker]
  • Bashir Dabbousi
    Director of Technology Strategy & Planning, Saudi Aramco
    [Bashir Dabbousi][Director of Technology Strategy & Planning][Saudi Aramco][Speaker]
  • Jeff Dalgliesh
    Head of Oil & Gas Digitalization, Maana
    [Jeff Dalgliesh][Head of Oil & Gas Digitalization][Maana][Speaker]
  • Premasish Das
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Premasish Das][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Speaker]
  • Alun Davies
    Associate Director, IHS Markit
    [Alun Davies][Associate Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Andrew Day
    Director, IHS Markit
    [Andrew Day][Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Vera de Ladoucette
    Senior Associate, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Vera de Ladoucette][Senior Associate][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Fernando De Mattos
    Head of Technology Shale and Conventional Petroleum, BHP
    [Fernando De Mattos][Head of Technology Shale and Conventional Petroleum][BHP][Speaker]
  • Carlos de Regules
    Executive Director, National Agency for Safety, Energy & Environment of Mexico (ASEA)
    [Carlos de Regules][Executive Director][National Agency for Safety, Energy & Environment of Mexico (ASEA)][Speaker]
  • Tom De Vleesschauwer
    Senior Director Automotive, leads Transport & Mobility, IHS Markit
    [Tom De Vleesschauwer][Senior Director Automotive, leads Transport & Mobility][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Sven Del Pozzo
    Director of Research and Analysis, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Sven Del Pozzo][Director of Research and Analysis][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ray Dempsey
    Chief Diversity Officer, BP
    [Ray Dempsey][Chief Diversity Officer][BP][Speaker]
  • Reginald DesRoches
    Dean, Brown School of Engineering, Rice University
    [Reginald DesRoches][Dean, Brown School of Engineering][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Zhouwei Diao
    Associate Director of Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Zhouwei Diao][Associate Director of Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Craig Dickman
    Chief Executive Officer, Breakthrough Fuel
    [Craig Dickman][Chief Executive Officer][Breakthrough Fuel][Speaker]
  • Roger Diwan
    Vice President, Financial Services, IHS Markit
    [Roger Diwan][Vice President, Financial Services][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Greg Dobler
    Director of the CUSP Urban Observatory, New York University
    [Greg Dobler][Director of the CUSP Urban Observatory][New York University][Speaker]
  • Mike Donohue
    VP Thermal Generation and Utilities, Uptake
    [Mike Donohue][VP Thermal Generation and Utilities][Uptake][Speaker]
  • Peter Doolan
    EVP, Digital Transformation & Innovation, Salesforce
    [Peter Doolan][EVP, Digital Transformation & Innovation][Salesforce][Speaker]
  • Makhambet Dzholdasgalievich Dosmukhambetov
    First Vice-Minister of Energy, Republic of Kazakhstan
    [Makhambet Dzholdasgalievich Dosmukhambetov][First Vice-Minister of Energy][Republic of Kazakhstan][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Lauren Droege
    Senior Analyst, Commercial Plays and Basins, IHS Markit
    [Lauren Droege][Senior Analyst, Commercial Plays and Basins][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Luis Cabra
    Executive Managing Director Exploration & Production, Repsol
    [Luis Cabra][Executive Managing Director Exploration & Production][Repsol][Speaker]
  • Francesco d’Avack
    Senior Analyst, Global Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Francesco d’Avack][Senior Analyst, Global Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tom Earl
    Chief Commercial Officer, VG LNG Marketing, LLC
    [Tom Earl][Chief Commercial Officer][VG LNG Marketing, LLC][Speaker]
  • Raymond Eby
    VP for Automotive Electrification Program, 3M
    [Raymond Eby][VP for Automotive Electrification Program][3M][Speaker]
  • Elizabeth Economy
    C. V. Starr Senior Fellow & Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
    [Elizabeth Economy][C. V. Starr Senior Fellow & Director for Asia Studies][Council on Foreign Relations][Speaker]
  • Daniel Eisner
    Co-Founder, OilCoin
    [Daniel Eisner][Co-Founder][OilCoin][Speaker]
  • Dominic Emery
    Vice President, Long Term Planning, BP
    [Dominic Emery][Vice President, Long Term Planning][BP][Speaker]
  • Mark Eramo
    Vice President, Chemical Market Insights, Chemical, IHS Markit
    [Mark Eramo][Vice President, Chemical Market Insights, Chemical][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Piero Ercoli
    Senior Vice President Market Analysis, Design & Strategy Support, Eni S.p.A.
    [Piero Ercoli][Senior Vice President Market Analysis, Design & Strategy Support][Eni S.p.A.][Speaker]
  • Øyvind Eriksen
    Chief Executive Officer, Aker ASA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Øyvind Eriksen][Chief Executive Officer][Aker ASA][Speaker]
  • Blake Eskew
    Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream, Downstream and Chemicals, IHS Markit
    [Blake Eskew][Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream, Downstream and Chemicals][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Rafael Esteban
    Chief Executive Officer for North America, ACCIONA Energy
    [Rafael Esteban][Chief Executive Officer for North America][ACCIONA Energy][Speaker]
  • Daniel Evans
    Vice President, Global Refining and Marketing Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Daniel Evans][Vice President, Global Refining and Marketing Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Susan Farrell
    Vice President, Energy-Wide Perspectives, IHS Markit
    [Susan Farrell][Vice President, Energy-Wide Perspectives][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Claudio Fayad
    VP, Technology, Emerson Automation Solutions
    [Claudio Fayad][VP, Technology][Emerson Automation Solutions][Speaker]
  • Gustavo Fernandez
    Director of Coal, Freight, & Biomass Business, Uniper Global Commodities SE
    [Gustavo Fernandez][Director of Coal, Freight, & Biomass Business][Uniper Global Commodities SE][Speaker]
  • Roberto Ferreira da Cunha
    Associate Director, Latin America Gas & Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Roberto Ferreira da Cunha][Associate Director, Latin America Gas & Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Oliver Fetzer
    CEO, Synthetic Genomics
    [Oliver Fetzer][CEO][Synthetic Genomics][Speaker]
  • Kevin Fitzgerald
    Chief Utility Officer, Energy Impact Partners (EIP)
    [Kevin Fitzgerald][Chief Utility Officer][Energy Impact Partners (EIP)][Speaker]
  • Stephen Fitzpatrick
    Chief Executive Officer & Founder, OVO Energy
    [Stephen Fitzpatrick][Chief Executive Officer & Founder][OVO Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • Philip Forshee
    Senior Principle Scientist, Authentix
    [Philip Forshee][Senior Principle Scientist][Authentix][Speaker]
  • Philippe Frangules
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Philippe Frangules][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Gary Freburger
    President Process Automation Business, Schneider Electric
    [Gary Freburger][President Process Automation Business][Schneider Electric][Speaker]
  • Brian Freed
    SVP Midstream & Marketing, Apache
    [Brian Freed][SVP Midstream & Marketing][Apache][Speaker]
  • Bob Fryklund
    Chief Upstream Strategist, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Bob Fryklund][Chief Upstream Strategist, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Yasushi Fukuizumi
    Vice President, Power Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    [Yasushi Fukuizumi][Vice President, Power Systems][Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Etienne Gabel
    Director, Latin America Gas & Power, IHS Markit
    [Etienne Gabel][Director, Latin America Gas & Power][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Guillermo García Alcocer
    Chairman, Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)
    [Guillermo García Alcocer][Chairman][Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)][Featured Speaker]
  • Veronica Garcia
    Co-Founder and CEO, Bitlumens
    [Veronica Garcia][Co-Founder and CEO][Bitlumens][Speaker]
  • Timothy P. Gardner
    Vice President, Power and Gas Consulting, IHS Markit
    [Timothy P. Gardner][Vice President, Power and Gas Consulting][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Eric Gebhardt
    Vice President, Strategic Technology Officer, GE Power
    [Eric Gebhardt][Vice President, Strategic Technology Officer][GE Power][Speaker]
  • John Gibson
    Senior Advisor, Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.
    [John Gibson][Senior Advisor][Tudor Pickering Holt & Co.][Speaker]
  • Pedro Gomes
    Research Associate, IHS Markit
    [Pedro Gomes][Research Associate][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Paul Goodfellow
    EVP Wells, Shell
    [Paul Goodfellow][EVP Wells][Shell][Speaker]
  • Alexandra Goodson
    Director - Americas, Energy Storage Systems, Saft
    [Alexandra Goodson][Director - Americas, Energy Storage Systems][Saft][Speaker]
  • Diane Greene
    Chief Executive Officer, Google Cloud
    [Diane Greene][Chief Executive Officer][Google Cloud][Featured Speaker]
  • Donald Gregory
    Managing Director, Sustainable Maritime Solutions
    [Donald Gregory][Managing Director][Sustainable Maritime Solutions][Speaker]
  • Mark Griffith
    Senior Research Director, IHS Markit
    [Mark Griffith][Senior Research Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Roger Griffiths
    Team Principal, Andretti Formula E, Chief Technical Officer, Andretti Motorsport
    [Roger Griffiths][Team Principal, Andretti Formula E, Chief Technical Officer][Andretti Motorsport][Speaker]
  • Cliff Grossner
    Senior Research Director, Data Center, Cloud, & SDN Technology, IHS Markit
    [Cliff Grossner][Senior Research Director, Data Center, Cloud, & SDN Technology][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Rodi Guidero
    Executive Director, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
    [Rodi Guidero][Executive Director][Breakthrough Energy Ventures][Featured Speaker]
  • Rashika Gupta
    Director Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Rashika Gupta][Director Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Thane Gustafson
    Senior Director and Advisor, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Thane Gustafson][Senior Director and Advisor, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • John Hague
    Senior Vice President and General Manager, APM, AspenTech
    [John Hague][Senior Vice President and General Manager, APM][AspenTech][Speaker]
  • Susan Hakkarainen
    Chairman, Lutron Electronics
    [Susan Hakkarainen][Chairman][Lutron Electronics][Speaker]
  • Bracha Halaf
    Chief Scientist
    [Bracha Halaf][Chief Scientist][Speaker]
  • Hadi Hallouche
    Head of Natural Gas, LNG, Naphtha & Concentrates Trading, Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd.
    [Hadi Hallouche][Head of Natural Gas, LNG, Naphtha & Concentrates Trading][Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Katherine Hamilton
    Chair, 38 North Solutions
    [Katherine Hamilton][Chair][38 North Solutions][Speaker]
  • Rhea Hamilton
    Ventures Director, OGCI Climate Investments
    [Rhea Hamilton][Ventures Director][OGCI Climate Investments][Speaker]
  • Katherine Hardin
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Katherine Hardin][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Todd Harrington
    Resources Investment Commissioner, Queensland Government
    [Todd Harrington][Resources Investment Commissioner][Queensland Government][Speaker]
  • Terry Harvill
    President Grid Development, ITC Holdings Corp
    [Terry Harvill][President Grid Development][ITC Holdings Corp][Speaker]
  • Chad Hawkinson
    Senior Vice President, Engineering and Product Design Solutions, IHS Markit
    [Chad Hawkinson][Senior Vice President, Engineering and Product Design Solutions][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Robert Herman
    Executive Vice President, Refining, Phillips 66
    [Robert Herman][Executive Vice President, Refining][Phillips 66][Speaker]
  • Charles Hernick
    Director of Policy & Advocacy, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)
    [Charles Hernick][Director of Policy & Advocacy][Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES)][Speaker]
  • Peter Herweck
    Executive Vice President Industry Business, Schneider Electric
    [Peter Herweck][Executive Vice President Industry Business][Schneider Electric][Speaker]
  • David Hicks
    Senior Vice President of Upstream Energy, IHS Markit
    [David Hicks][Senior Vice President of Upstream Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Hobbs
    Head of Reseaarch, KAPSARC
    [David Hobbs][Head of Reseaarch][KAPSARC][Speaker]
  • Mike Hogan
    CEO, Deep Data
    [Mike Hogan][CEO][Deep Data][Speaker]
  • Chris Holmes
    Managing Director, Research & Consulting, GPR EMEA & APAC, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Chris Holmes][Managing Director, Research & Consulting, GPR EMEA & APAC][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tim Holt
    CEO, Power Generation Services, Siemens
    [Tim Holt][CEO, Power Generation Services][Siemens][Speaker]
  • David Holt
    President, Consumer Energy Alliance
    [David Holt][President][Consumer Energy Alliance][Speaker]
  • Jeffrey Holzschuh
    Managing Director & Chairman, Institutional Securities Group, Morgan Stanley
    [Jeffrey Holzschuh][Managing Director & Chairman, Institutional Securities Group][Morgan Stanley][Speaker]
  • Hosaka Shin
    Deputy Commissioner, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
    [Hosaka Shin][Deputy Commissioner, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy][Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)][Speaker]
  • Michel Hourcard
    Senior Vice President, TOTAL S.A.
    [Michel Hourcard][Senior Vice President][TOTAL S.A.][Speaker]
  • Randy Howard
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Group
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Randy Howard][President & Chief Executive Officer][Renewable Energy Group][Speaker]
  • Sam Huntington
    Senior Research Analyst, PGCR, IHS Markit
    [Sam Huntington][Senior Research Analyst, PGCR][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Judson Jacobs
    Senior Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Judson Jacobs][Senior Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Gauri Jauhar
    Director, Research & Analysis, IHS Markit
    [Gauri Jauhar][Director, Research & Analysis][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Stephen Jew
    Associate Director, Downstream Research & Consulting Group, IHS Markit
    [Stephen Jew][Associate Director, Downstream Research & Consulting Group][IHS Markit][Speaker]
  • Jim Jewitt
    President, Metal Oxide Technologies LLC
    [Jim Jewitt][President][Metal Oxide Technologies LLC][Speaker]
  • Boseok Jin
    Associate Director, Power Gas Coal & Renewables (PGCR) Group, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Boseok Jin][Associate Director, Power Gas Coal & Renewables (PGCR) Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jon Jipping
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ITC Holdings
    [Jon Jipping][Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer][ITC Holdings][Speaker]
  • Ben Jolliffe
    Founder, Feed the Fire
    [Ben Jolliffe][Founder][Feed the Fire][Speaker]
  • Adam Jonas
    Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
    [Adam Jonas][Managing Director][Morgan Stanley][Speaker]
  • Coleman Jones
    Technical Fellow, General Motors
    [Coleman Jones][Technical Fellow][General Motors][Speaker]
  • Ganesh Kailasam
    Technical Director, OGCI Climate Investments
    [Ganesh Kailasam][Technical Director][OGCI Climate Investments][Featured Speaker]
  • Jim Kaiser
    Managing Director, Infrastructure, Energy & Real Estate, HSBC Securities (USA)
    [Jim Kaiser][Managing Director, Infrastructure, Energy & Real Estate][HSBC Securities (USA)][Speaker]
  • Dean Kamen
    Founder and CEO, DEKA Research
    [Dean Kamen][Founder and CEO][DEKA Research][Speaker]
  • Christoph Kandziora
    Digital Accelerator, Siemens Process Solutions
    [Christoph Kandziora][Digital Accelerator][Siemens Process Solutions][Speaker]
  • Jan Karl Karlsen
    Vice President Energy Marketing & Origination, Statoil
    [Jan Karl Karlsen][Vice President Energy Marketing & Origination][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Lydia Kavraki
    Professor, Computer Science, Bioengineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
    [Lydia Kavraki][Professor, Computer Science, Bioengineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Paul Kearns
    Director, Argonne National Labratory
    [Paul Kearns][Director][Argonne National Labratory][Speaker]
  • Kairat Kelimbetov
    Governor, Astana International Finance Center
    [Kairat Kelimbetov][Governor][Astana International Finance Center][Speaker]
  • Ed Kelly
    Vice President, Americas Gas and Power consulting, IHS Markit
    [Ed Kelly][Vice President, Americas Gas and Power consulting][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Kurt Kelty
    Senior Vice President, Operations & Market Development, Plenty
    [Kurt Kelty][Senior Vice President, Operations & Market Development][Plenty][Speaker]
  • Gerald Kepes
    Head, Strategy & Competition Group, Upstream Research & Consulting Division, Energy Insight, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Gerald Kepes][Head, Strategy & Competition Group, Upstream Research & Consulting Division, Energy Insight][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Alex Keros
    Smart Cities Chief, General Motors
    [Alex Keros][Smart Cities Chief][General Motors][Speaker]
  • Brad Keywell
    Co-Founder & CEO, Uptake Technologies
    [Brad Keywell][Co-Founder & CEO][Uptake Technologies][Speaker]
  • David Khani
    Executive VP & CFO, CONSOL Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][David Khani][Executive VP & CFO][CONSOL Energy][Speaker]
  • Sila Kiliccote
    Staff Scientist, Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility, Stanford
    [Sila Kiliccote][Staff Scientist, Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility][Stanford][Speaker]
  • David King
    Chief Executive Officer, FogHorn
    [Innovation Pioneer][David King][Chief Executive Officer][FogHorn][Speaker]
  • Keith King
    Senior Advisor, North America Plays & Basins, IHS Markit
    [Keith King][Senior Advisor, North America Plays & Basins][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Anthony Kirincich
    Associate Scientist with Tenure, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Anthony Kirincich][Associate Scientist with Tenure][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • Curtis Kirkeby
    Fellow Engineer - Technology Strategy, Avista Corporation
    [Curtis Kirkeby][Fellow Engineer - Technology Strategy][Avista Corporation][Speaker]
  • Susan Kish
    Agora Curator, IHS Markit
    [Susan Kish][Agora Curator][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • HE John Munyes Kiyonga
    Cabinet Secretary of Petroleum & Mining, Kenya
    [HE John Munyes Kiyonga][Cabinet Secretary of Petroleum & Mining][Kenya][Speaker]
  • Alex Klaessig
    Director - Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Alex Klaessig][Director - Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tom Kloza
    Global Head of Energy Analysis, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tom Kloza][Global Head of Energy Analysis, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ed Knapp
    Chief Technology Officer, American Tower Corporation
    [Ed Knapp][Chief Technology Officer][American Tower Corporation][Speaker]
  • Steven Knell
    Director, Energy Wide Perspectives, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Steven Knell][Director, Energy Wide Perspectives][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • John Knight
    Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development, Statoil ASA
    [John Knight][Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development][Statoil ASA][Speaker]
  • Andriy Kobolyev
    Chief Executive Officer, Naftogaz of Ukraine
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Andriy Kobolyev][Chief Executive Officer][Naftogaz of Ukraine][Speaker]
  • Neil Koehler
    Co-Founder, Director, President & CEO, Pacific Ethanol
    [Neil Koehler][Co-Founder, Director, President & CEO][Pacific Ethanol][Speaker]
  • Sam Kogan
    Co-Founder and CEO, Powermers
    [Sam Kogan][Co-Founder and CEO][Powermers][Speaker]
  • Alan Krupnick
    Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
    [Alan Krupnick][Senior Fellow][Resources for the Future][Speaker]
  • Ajay Kshatriya
    Chief Executive Officer, Biota
    [Ajay Kshatriya][Chief Executive Officer][Biota][Speaker]
  • Baltabek Kuandykov
    President, Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists
    [Baltabek Kuandykov][President][Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists][Speaker]
  • Imre Kugler
    Associate Director, Plays and Basins North America, IHS Markit
    [Imre Kugler][Associate Director, Plays and Basins North America][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Asit Kumar
    Advisor (Geophysics) & HoD (NDR), Directorate General of Hydrocarbons
    [Asit Kumar][Advisor (Geophysics) & HoD (NDR)][Directorate General of Hydrocarbons][Speaker]
  • Diego Kuschnir
    Portfolio Manager, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
    [Diego Kuschnir][Portfolio Manager][Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.][Speaker]
  • Sarah Ladislaw
    Director & Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
    [Sarah Ladislaw][Director & Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program][Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)][Speaker]
  • Arno Laeven
    Digital Strategy Executive, Shell
    [Arno Laeven][Digital Strategy Executive][Shell][Speaker]
  • Michael Lambert
    President & CEO, WirelessSeismic Inc.
    [Michael Lambert][President & CEO][WirelessSeismic Inc.][Speaker]
  • Kaiser Lashkari
    Chef, Himalaya Restaurant
    [Kaiser Lashkari][Chef][Himalaya Restaurant][Speaker]
  • Raoul LeBlanc
    Vice President, North American Unconventionals, IHS Markit
    [Raoul LeBlanc][Vice President, North American Unconventionals][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Yun-Kyoung Lee
    Director General, Energy & Management Research Institute, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    [Yun-Kyoung Lee][Director General, Energy & Management Research Institute][Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)][Speaker]
  • Mike Lepech
    Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford
    [Mike Lepech][Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment][Stanford][Speaker]
  • John M. Lervik
    CEO, Cognite
    [John M. Lervik][CEO][Cognite][Speaker]
  • Thomas Leurent
    Co-Founder and CEO, Akselos
    [Thomas Leurent][Co-Founder and CEO][Akselos][Speaker]
  • Steve Lewandowski
    Vice President, Global Olefins, IHS Markit
    [Steve Lewandowski][Vice President, Global Olefins][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Gregory Ley
    Partner, PointState Capital LP
    [Gregory Ley][Partner][PointState Capital LP][Speaker]
  • Roger Lin
    Senior Director, Product Marketing, NEC Energy Solutions
    [Roger Lin][Senior Director, Product Marketing][NEC Energy Solutions][Speaker]
  • Kevin Lindemer
    Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Downstream & Midstream][IHS Markit Expert][Kevin Lindemer][Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Lars-Peter Lindfors
    Senior Vice President, Technology, Neste Corporation
    [Lars-Peter Lindfors][Senior Vice President, Technology][Neste Corporation][Speaker]
  • Victor Liu
    President, Hunt Energy Enterprises
    [Victor Liu][President][Hunt Energy Enterprises][Speaker]
  • Phil Loader
    Executive Vice President, Global Exploration, Woodside Energy Ltd.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Phil Loader][Executive Vice President, Global Exploration][Woodside Energy Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Christina Lomasney
    President & CEO, Modumetal
    [Christina Lomasney][President & CEO][Modumetal][Speaker]
  • Mike Lorenz
    Executive Vice President, Petroleum Supply, Sheetz
    [Mike Lorenz][Executive Vice President, Petroleum Supply][Sheetz][Speaker]
  • Heath Lovell
    Vice President, Public Affairs, Alliance Resource Partners
    [Heath Lovell][Vice President, Public Affairs][Alliance Resource Partners][Speaker]
  • Nick Lowes
    Vice President, Oil and Gas Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Nick Lowes][Vice President, Oil and Gas Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Sam Lucero
    Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and IoT, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Sam Lucero][Senior Principal Analyst, M2M and IoT][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Patrick Luckow
    Associate Director, IHS Markit
    [Patrick Luckow][Associate Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Borghild Lunde
    Director of Oil, Gas and Chemicals for ABB's Industrial Automation division, Norway, ABB
    [Borghild Lunde][Director of Oil, Gas and Chemicals for ABB's Industrial Automation division, Norway][ABB][Speaker]
  • Nikolai Lyngø
    Senior Vice President & Head of Corporate Strategy, Statoil ASA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Nikolai Lyngø][Senior Vice President & Head of Corporate Strategy][Statoil ASA][Speaker]
  • Katharine MacGregor
    Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, United States
    [Katharine MacGregor][Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary][United States][Speaker]
  • Robert Maguire
    Managing Director, Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Robert Maguire][Managing Director][Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)][Speaker]
  • Janice Ee-Ping Mah
    Global HR Design & Planning Manager, ExxonMobil Corporation
    [Janice Ee-Ping Mah][Global HR Design & Planning Manager][ExxonMobil Corporation][Speaker]
  • Rodney Malcolm
    Chief Financial Officer, Trafigura North America
    [Rodney Malcolm][Chief Financial Officer][Trafigura North America][Speaker]
  • Elia Massa Manik
    President Director & CEO, Pertamina
    [Elia Massa Manik][President Director & CEO][Pertamina][Speaker]
  • Deborah Mann
    Director, European Gas, Power, and Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Deborah Mann][Director, European Gas, Power, and Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Savvas Manousos
    Head of Global Trading, Maersk Oil Trading
    [Savvas Manousos][Head of Global Trading][Maersk Oil Trading][Speaker]
  • William Marko
    Managing Director, Energy Investment Banking Group, Jefferies LLC
    [William Marko][Managing Director, Energy Investment Banking Group][Jefferies LLC][Speaker]
  • Paul Markwell
    Vice President, Global Upstream Oil and Gas, IHS Markit
    [Paul Markwell][Vice President, Global Upstream Oil and Gas][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Martin
    Co-Founder, Power Ledger
    [David Martin][Co-Founder][Power Ledger][Speaker]
  • Steven Martin
    Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, GE Power
    [Steven Martin][Vice President and Chief Digital Officer][GE Power][Speaker]
  • Maria Martinez
    Vice President, Human Resources, Murphy Oil
    [Maria Martinez][Vice President, Human Resources][Murphy Oil][Speaker]
  • Derek Mathieson
    Chief Technology Officer, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE)
    [Derek Mathieson][Chief Technology Officer][Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE)][Speaker]
  • Arshad Matin
    President, E&P Software, Emerson
    [Arshad Matin][President, E&P Software][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Lee Mazzocchi
    SVP - Grid Solutions, Duke Energy
    [Lee Mazzocchi][SVP - Grid Solutions][Duke Energy][Speaker]
  • Thomas McAndrew
    President and CEO, Enchanted Rock
    [Thomas McAndrew][President and CEO][Enchanted Rock][Speaker]
  • Brian McCabe
    Managing Director & Co-Head, Americas Oil & Gas Group, Credit Suisse
    [Brian McCabe][Managing Director & Co-Head, Americas Oil & Gas Group][Credit Suisse][Featured Speaker]
  • David McCaleb
    Director Frontier North America, IHS Markit
    [David McCaleb][Director Frontier North America][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Niall McCormack
    Vice President Exploration, BHP
    [Niall McCormack][Vice President Exploration][BHP][Speaker]
  • Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd
    Minister of Energy, Government of Alberta
    [Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd][Minister of Energy][Government of Alberta][Speaker]
  • Meg McIntosh
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Meg McIntosh][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Lamar McKay
    Deputy Group Chief Executive, BP plc
    [Lamar McKay][Deputy Group Chief Executive][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Keith McWhorter
    Associate, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Keith McWhorter][Associate, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Veeral Mehta
    Senior Consultant, Midstream Oil & NGLs, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Veeral Mehta][Senior Consultant, Midstream Oil & NGLs][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Dan Meyer
    Chief Executive Officer, ES Xplore
    [Innovation Pioneer][Dan Meyer][Chief Executive Officer][ES Xplore][Speaker]
  • Austin Miller
    Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    [Austin Miller][Lead Solution Engineer][Salesforce][Speaker]
  • Marie Lynn Miranda
    Howard R. Hughes Provost, Rice University
    [Marie Lynn Miranda][Howard R. Hughes Provost][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Kareemah Mohamed
    Associate Director, Plays & Basins Group, IHS Markit
    [Kareemah Mohamed][Associate Director, Plays & Basins Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mirko Molinari
    Global Commercial & Marketing Executive Energy Storage, GE Power
    [Mirko Molinari][Global Commercial & Marketing Executive Energy Storage][GE Power][Speaker]
  • Esteban Montero
    Systems Engineer, Chevron
    [Esteban Montero][Systems Engineer][Chevron][Speaker]
  • Maria Moræus Hanssen
    Chief Executive Officer, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
    [Maria Moræus Hanssen][Chief Executive Officer][DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG][Speaker]
  • Arlindo Moreira Filho
    Downstream Restructuring Program General Manager, Petrobras
    [Arlindo Moreira Filho][Downstream Restructuring Program General Manager][Petrobras][Speaker]
  • Bill Morelli
    Senior Director, IT & Networks, Technology, IHS Markit
    [Bill Morelli][Senior Director, IT & Networks, Technology][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bob Mumgaard
    Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Fusion Systems
    [Bob Mumgaard][Chief Executive Officer][Commonwealth Fusion Systems][Speaker]
  • Paul Murphy
    Managing Director and GM Fault Current Limiter Products, Applied Materials
    [Paul Murphy][Managing Director and GM Fault Current Limiter Products][Applied Materials][Speaker]
  • Yaacov Mutnikas
    Executive Vice President, Financial Market Technologies, IHS Markit
    [Yaacov Mutnikas][Executive Vice President, Financial Market Technologies][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Hisanori Nei
    Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan
    [Hisanori Nei][Professor][National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan][Speaker]
  • Charles Nevle
    Vice President of Production, IHS Markit
    [Charles Nevle][Vice President of Production][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Richard Newell
    President & CEO, Resources for the Future (RFF)
    [Richard Newell][President & CEO][Resources for the Future (RFF)][Speaker]
  • Ha Nguyen
    Director Oil Markets Research, IHS Markit
    [Ha Nguyen][Director Oil Markets Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Shaw Nguyen
    Principal Technology Business Partner - Petroleum, BHP
    [Shaw Nguyen][Principal Technology Business Partner - Petroleum][BHP][Speaker]
  • Tate Nurkin
    Senior Associate, IHS Markit
    [Tate Nurkin][Senior Associate][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jim Nyquist
    Group President, Automation Solutions, Emerson
    [Jim Nyquist][Group President, Automation Solutions][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Jan Odegard
    Executive Director, Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology, Rice University
    [Jan Odegard][Executive Director, Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology][Rice University][Speaker]
  • KJ Oh
    Director, XLNG Energy & Resources
    [KJ Oh][Director][XLNG Energy & Resources][Speaker]
  • Reed Olmstead
    Director, North America Upstream Research, Plays & Basins Group, IHS Markit
    [Reed Olmstead][Director, North America Upstream Research, Plays & Basins Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matt Ondler
    CEO, Houston Mechatronics
    [Matt Ondler][CEO][Houston Mechatronics][Speaker]
  • Paul Orland
    Co-Founder and CTO, Tachyus
    [Paul Orland][Co-Founder and CTO][Tachyus][Speaker]
  • Hiroaki Osaki
    President, Oil & Gas Division, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (MHIA)
    [Hiroaki Osaki][President, Oil & Gas Division][Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (MHIA)][Speaker]
  • Chulong Ouyang
    Chief Financial Officer, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)
    [Chulong Ouyang][Chief Financial Officer][China Communications Construction Company (CCCC)][Speaker]
  • David Owens
    Vice President Coal & Gas Services, Tennessee Valley Authority
    [David Owens][Vice President Coal & Gas Services][Tennessee Valley Authority][Speaker]
  • John O’Brien
    Head of R&D, Chevron ETC
    [John O’Brien][Head of R&D][Chevron ETC][Speaker]
  • John O’Donnell
    VP of Business Development, GlassPoint
    [John O’Donnell][VP of Business Development][GlassPoint][Speaker]
  • Francis O’Sullivan
    Director of Research, MIT Energy Initiative
    [Francis O’Sullivan][Director of Research][MIT Energy Initiative][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Eng. Carlos Pérez
    Minister of Hydrocarbons, Republic of Ecuador
    [HE Eng. Carlos Pérez][Minister of Hydrocarbons][Republic of Ecuador][Featured Speaker]
  • Mark Papa
    Chairman & CEO, Centennial Resource Development
    [Mark Papa][Chairman & CEO][Centennial Resource Development][Speaker]
  • Felipe Bayón Pardo
    President, Ecopetrol S.A.
    [Felipe Bayón Pardo][President][Ecopetrol S.A.][Speaker]
  • Jun Geun Park
    General Manager, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    [Jun Geun Park][General Manager][Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)][Speaker]
  • Jesse Parrish
    Chief Financial Officer, Blackhawk Mining
    [Jesse Parrish][Chief Financial Officer][Blackhawk Mining][Featured Speaker]
  • Pritesh Patel
    Executive Director, Capital Costs Analysis Forum, IHS Markit
    [Pritesh Patel][Executive Director, Capital Costs Analysis Forum][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jeff Patterson
    Chief Operating Officer, ASME
    [Jeff Patterson][Chief Operating Officer][ASME][Speaker]
  • Robert Pender
    Founder and Co-Chairman, Venture Global LNG
    [Robert Pender][Founder and Co-Chairman][Venture Global LNG][Featured Speaker]
  • Felipe Perez
    Consulting Director, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Felipe Perez][Consulting Director, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tim Perry
    Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking, Credit Suisse
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Tim Perry][Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking][Credit Suisse][Speaker]
  • Claudia Pessagno
    Senior Oil & Gas Equity Analyst, Strategies & Transactions, Upstream Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Claudia Pessagno][Senior Oil & Gas Equity Analyst, Strategies & Transactions, Upstream Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Justin Pettit
    Vice President of Upstream Energy, IHS Markit
    [Justin Pettit][Vice President of Upstream Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matthew Piatek
    Associate Director, North American Natural Gas, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Matthew Piatek][Associate Director, North American Natural Gas][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michael Pickens
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michael Pickens][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Thomas Pieper
    Head of Market Analysis & Global Strategy, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
    [Thomas Pieper][Head of Market Analysis & Global Strategy][RWE Supply & Trading GmbH][Speaker]
  • Adam Pierce
    Managing Director, Oaktree Capital
    [Adam Pierce][Managing Director][Oaktree Capital][Speaker]
  • Antonio Pietri
    President & CEO, Aspen Technology
    [Antonio Pietri][President & CEO][Aspen Technology][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Pike
    Director, Market Design and Product Management, New York Independent System Operator
    [Robert Pike][Director, Market Design and Product Management][New York Independent System Operator][Speaker]
  • Nina Plaushin
    VP, Regulatory, Federal Affairs & Communications; President, WIRES group, ITC Holdings Corp.
    [Nina Plaushin][VP, Regulatory, Federal Affairs & Communications; President, WIRES group][ITC Holdings Corp.][Speaker]
  • Jean-François Poupeau
    Executive Vice President Corporate Engagement, Schlumberger
    [Jean-François Poupeau][Executive Vice President Corporate Engagement][Schlumberger][Speaker]
  • Joel Prakken
    Senior Managing Director, Co-founder, Macroeconomic Advisors
    [Joel Prakken][Senior Managing Director, Co-founder][Macroeconomic Advisors][Speaker]
  • Daniel Pratt
    Senior Director, Company, Transaction and Valuation Research, Upstream Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Daniel Pratt][Senior Director, Company, Transaction and Valuation Research, Upstream Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Price
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][David Price][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Oleg Prokhorenko
    CEO & Chairman, Ukrgasvydobuvannya
    [Oleg Prokhorenko][CEO & Chairman][Ukrgasvydobuvannya][Speaker]
  • Corey Prologo
    Director, North American Oil Trading, Trafigura Trading LLC
    [Corey Prologo][Director, North American Oil Trading][Trafigura Trading LLC][Speaker]
  • Gil Quiniones
    President and Chief Executive Officer, New York Power Authority
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Gil Quiniones][President and Chief Executive Officer][New York Power Authority][Speaker]
  • Saad Rahim
    Chief Economist & Head of Analysis, Trafigura
    [Saad Rahim][Chief Economist & Head of Analysis][Trafigura][Speaker]
  • SSV Ramakumar
    Director R&D, IndianOil Corporation Ltd.
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Technology][SSV Ramakumar][Director R&D][IndianOil Corporation Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Jason Ramos
    Principal, Synthesis Design
    [Jason Ramos][Principal][Synthesis Design][Speaker]
  • Hon. Arjuna Ranatunga
    Minister of Petroleum Resources Development, Sri Lanka
    [Hon. Arjuna Ranatunga][Minister of Petroleum Resources Development][Sri Lanka][Speaker]
  • Anuja Ratnayake
    Director, Emerging Technology Strategy, Duke Energy
    [Anuja Ratnayake][Director, Emerging Technology Strategy][Duke Energy][Speaker]
  • Mitch Reichmann
    Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
    [Mitch Reichmann][Principal Solution Engineer][Salesforce][Speaker]
  • James Rekoske
    Vice President & CTO, Honeywell UOP
    [James Rekoske][Vice President & CTO][Honeywell UOP][Speaker]
  • Nick Revelas
    Vice President of Oil and Gas, Uptake
    [Nick Revelas][Vice President of Oil and Gas][Uptake][Speaker]
  • Kevin Robert
    Chairman & CEO, M-TriGen
    [Kevin Robert][Chairman & CEO][M-TriGen][Speaker]
  • Catherine Robinson
    Executive Director, IHS Markit
    [Catherine Robinson][Executive Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Hector Robles
    Executive Director, Head of Commodities Trading, Quantitative Brokers
    [Hector Robles][Executive Director, Head of Commodities Trading][Quantitative Brokers][Speaker]
  • Peter Rodriguez
    Dean, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
    [Peter Rodriguez][Dean, Jones Graduate School of Business][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Darryl Rogers
    Vice President, Midstream Oil & NGL Research & Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Darryl Rogers][Vice President, Midstream Oil & NGL Research & Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jeff Rose
    CEO, ThinkTopic
    [Jeff Rose][CEO][ThinkTopic][Speaker]
  • Laurent Ruseckas
    Senior Advisor, Eurasian Gas, IHS Markit
    [Laurent Ruseckas][Senior Advisor, Eurasian Gas][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Robert Ryan
    Vice President, Global Exploration, Chevron
    [Robert Ryan][Vice President, Global Exploration][Chevron][Speaker]
  • Yasuo Ryoki
    Advisor, Osaka Gas
    [Yasuo Ryoki][Advisor][Osaka Gas][Speaker]
  • Michael Sabel
    Co-CEO, Co-Chairman & Founder, Venture Global LNG
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Michael Sabel][Co-CEO, Co-Chairman & Founder][Venture Global LNG][Speaker]
  • James Saeger
    Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Saeger][Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matthew Sagers
    Executive Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Matthew Sagers][Executive Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Eduard Sala de Vedruna
    Executive Director, Global Power & Renewables, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Eduard Sala de Vedruna][Executive Director, Global Power & Renewables, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Lisa Salley
    Vice President Global Industry Services, American Petroleum Institute (API)
    [Lisa Salley][Vice President Global Industry Services][American Petroleum Institute (API)][Speaker]
  • HE Professor Tiémoko Sangare
    Minister of Mines & Petroleum, Republic of Mali
    [HE Professor Tiémoko Sangare][Minister of Mines & Petroleum][Republic of Mali][Speaker]
  • Dolores Santos
    Business Development Manager, Conferences and Training, IHS Markit
    [Dolores Santos][Business Development Manager, Conferences and Training][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Manas Satapathy
    Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
    [Manas Satapathy][Managing Director][Accenture Strategy][Speaker]
  • Wael Sawan
    Executive Vice President, Deep Water, Royal Dutch Shell
    [Wael Sawan][Executive Vice President, Deep Water][Royal Dutch Shell][Speaker]
  • Sandeep Sayal
    Vice President, Downstream Energy Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Sandeep Sayal][Vice President, Downstream Energy Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Johanna Schmidtke
    Investment Director, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures
    [Johanna Schmidtke][Investment Director][Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures][Speaker]
  • Brent Secrest
    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Products Partners L.P.
    [Brent Secrest][Senior Vice President][Enterprise Products Partners L.P.][Speaker]
  • Carolyn Seto
    Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Carolyn Seto][Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Wade Shafer
    Associate Director for Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Wade Shafer][Associate Director for Power, Gas, Coal, & Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Weiguo Shan
    Head of Gas Market Research, CNPC Economic & Technology Research Institute
    [Weiguo Shan][Head of Gas Market Research][CNPC Economic & Technology Research Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Nick Sharma
    Executive Director, IHS Markit
    [Nick Sharma][Executive Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Justin Siller
    Research Director, Home and Building Technologies, IHS Markit
    [Justin Siller][Research Director, Home and Building Technologies][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Emanuel Simon
    Associate Director, Latin America, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Emanuel Simon][Associate Director, Latin America, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Roberto Simon
    Managing Director, Société Générale
    [Roberto Simon][Managing Director][Société Générale][Speaker]
  • José Simon Buela
    Senior Vice President, Global Gas, Iberdrola
    [José Simon Buela][Senior Vice President, Global Gas][Iberdrola][Speaker]
  • Leo Simonovich
    VP and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens
    [Leo Simonovich][VP and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security][Siemens][Speaker]
  • Ashutosh (Ash) Singh
    Associate Director, Financial Services, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Ashutosh (Ash) Singh][Associate Director, Financial Services][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Carol SingletonSlade
    Global Head, Energy Practice, Egon Zehnder
    [Carol SingletonSlade][Global Head, Energy Practice][Egon Zehnder][Speaker]
  • Varun Sivaram
    Philip D. Reed Fellow for Science and Technology, Council on Foreign Relations
    [Varun Sivaram][Philip D. Reed Fellow for Science and Technology][Council on Foreign Relations][Speaker]
  • Geraldine Slattery
    Asset President Conventional, BHP
    [Geraldine Slattery][Asset President Conventional][BHP][Speaker]
  • Anne Smart
    Vice President, Public Policy, ChargePoint
    [Anne Smart][Vice President, Public Policy][ChargePoint][Speaker]
  • Curtis Smith
    Director Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Curtis Smith][Director Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Steve Sonnenberg
    Senior Advisor (Former Chairman), Emerson Automation Solutions
    [Steve Sonnenberg][Senior Advisor (Former Chairman)][Emerson Automation Solutions][Speaker]
  • Pavel Sorokin
    Head of the Energy Research Center, Russian Energy Agency, Russian Ministry of Energy
    [Pavel Sorokin][Head of the Energy Research Center, Russian Energy Agency][Russian Ministry of Energy][Speaker]
  • Shankari Srinivasan
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Shankari Srinivasan][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Patrick Stanley
    Analytics Leader, ConocoPhillips Canada
    [Patrick Stanley][Analytics Leader, ConocoPhillips Canada][Speaker]
  • Timothy Stephure
    Director, Latin American Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Timothy Stephure][Director, Latin American Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Stevenson
    Senior Director, Global Coal, Energy, IHS Markit
    [James Stevenson][Senior Director, Global Coal, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bob Stojanovic
    Manager, EV Charging, ABB
    [Bob Stojanovic][Manager, EV Charging][ABB][Speaker]
  • Jon Story
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Jon Story][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jaffee Arizon Suardin
    Deputy of Planning, SKK Migas
    [Jaffee Arizon Suardin][Deputy of Planning][SKK Migas][Speaker]
  • Gautam Sudhakar
    Director, Global LNG, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Gautam Sudhakar][Director, Global LNG][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ruffy Sulaiman
    Executive Chef, Hilton Americas Houston
    [Ruffy Sulaiman][Executive Chef][Hilton Americas Houston][Speaker]
  • Björn Otto Sverdrup
    Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Statoil
    [Björn Otto Sverdrup][Senior Vice President, Sustainability][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Vijay Swarup
    Vice President, Research & Engineering, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
    [Vijay Swarup][Vice President, Research & Engineering][ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company][Speaker]
  • Derk Jan Swider
    E.ON, Vice President Corporate Strategy
    [Derk Jan Swider][E.ON][Vice President Corporate Strategy][Speaker]
  • Gert Sylvest
    Co-Founder and General Manager, Tradeshift
    [Gert Sylvest][Co-Founder and General Manager][Tradeshift][Speaker]
  • Zbyszko Tabernacki
    Senior Vice President, Economics and Country Risk, Global Economics, IHS Markit
    [Zbyszko Tabernacki][Senior Vice President, Economics and Country Risk, Global Economics][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Denie Tampubolon
    Senior Vice President, Upstream Business Development, Pertamina
    [Denie Tampubolon][Senior Vice President, Upstream Business Development][Pertamina][Speaker]
  • Marc Taverner
    Head of Business Development, BitFury
    [Marc Taverner][Head of Business Development][BitFury][Speaker]
  • Skip Teel
    Executive Vice President, Olefins of Westlake Chemical Corporation
    [Skip Teel][Executive Vice President][Olefins of Westlake Chemical Corporation][Speaker]
  • Aleksey Texler
    First Deputy Minister of Energy, Russian Federation
    [Aleksey Texler][First Deputy Minister of Energy][Russian Federation][Speaker]
  • Jim Thompson
    Senior Director, Coal, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jim Thompson][Senior Director, Coal, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nick Thomson
    Director, Research and Analysis, Upstream, IHS Markit
    [Nick Thomson][Director, Research and Analysis, Upstream][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Chris Thorne
    Chief Technology Officer - Heavy Duty Vehicles, Energy Technologies Institute
    [Chris Thorne][Chief Technology Officer - Heavy Duty Vehicles][Energy Technologies Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Tomicah Tillemann
    Chairman, Global Blockchain Business Council
    [Tomicah Tillemann][Chairman][Global Blockchain Business Council][Speaker]
  • Jeff Tillery
    Head of Capital Solutions, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
    [Jeff Tillery][Head of Capital Solutions][Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.][Speaker]
  • Adewale Tinubu
    Group Chief Executive, Oando PLC
    [Adewale Tinubu][Group Chief Executive][Oando PLC][Speaker]
  • Meeyoung Toh
    Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Meeyoung Toh][Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Hervé Touati
    President, Energy Web Foundation
    [Hervé Touati][President][Energy Web Foundation][Speaker]
  • Quang Tran Tue
    Deputy Director General, Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV)
    [Quang Tran Tue][Deputy Director General][Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam (ERAV)][Speaker]
  • Azizi Tucker
    Chief Technology Officer, XING Mobility
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Azizi Tucker][Chief Technology Officer][XING Mobility][Speaker]
  • Sergey Vakulenko
    Head of Strategy & Innovations, Gazprom Neft
    [Sergey Vakulenko][Head of Strategy & Innovations][Gazprom Neft][Speaker]
  • Gordon van Welie
    President & CEO, ISO New England
    [Gordon van Welie][President & CEO][ISO New England][Speaker]
  • Moshe Vardi
    Director Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology, Rice University
    [Moshe Vardi][Director Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Orlando Velandia
    President, Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)
    [Orlando Velandia][President][Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)][Speaker]
  • De la Rey Venter
    EVP Integrated Gas Ventures, Shell Integrated Gas & New Energies
    [De la Rey Venter][EVP Integrated Gas Ventures][Shell Integrated Gas & New Energies][Speaker]
  • Michael Verkruyse
    Director of Customer Solutions, Maana
    [Michael Verkruyse][Director of Customer Solutions][Maana][Speaker]
  • Frank Verrastro
    Senior Vice President & Trustee Fellow in Energy & National Security & Foreign Affairs, Center for Strategic & National Studies (CSIS)
    [Frank Verrastro][Senior Vice President & Trustee Fellow in Energy & National Security & Foreign Affairs][Center for Strategic & National Studies (CSIS)][Speaker]
  • David Victor
    Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation, UC San Diego
    [David Victor][Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation][UC San Diego][Speaker]
  • Richard Vidal
    Director, Global Energy Scenarios, IHS Markit
    [Richard Vidal][Director, Global Energy Scenarios][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Andrew Walker
    Vice President Strategy & Communication, Cheniere
    [Andrew Walker][Vice President Strategy & Communication][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Wan Shamilah Saidi
    Chief Digital Officer, PETRONAS
    [Wan Shamilah Saidi][Chief Digital Officer][PETRONAS][Speaker]
  • Jone-Lin Wang
    Vice President, Power and Renewables, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jone-Lin Wang][Vice President, Power and Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Zhixin Wang
    Deputy General Manager, Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange
    [Zhixin Wang][Deputy General Manager][Shanghai Petroleum and Natural Gas Exchange][Speaker]
  • Guangfu Wang
    Vice President, Sinopec Exploration and Production Research Institute
    [Guangfu Wang][Vice President][Sinopec Exploration and Production Research Institute][Speaker]
  • Min Wang
    Executive Vice President, State Grid Corporation of China
    [Min Wang][Executive Vice President][State Grid Corporation of China][Featured Speaker]
  • Michael Wang
    Director of Transactions Research, IHS Markit
    [Michael Wang][Director of Transactions Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ray Washburne
    President & CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    [Ray Washburne][President & CEO][Overseas Private Investment Corporation][Speaker]
  • Morag Watson
    Chief Digital Innovation Officer, BP
    [Morag Watson][Chief Digital Innovation Officer][BP][Speaker]
  • Ian Weightman
    Vice President, Global Technology Research and Operations, IHS Markit
    [Ian Weightman][Vice President, Global Technology Research and Operations][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tom Werner
    President & CEO, SunPower
    [Tom Werner][President & CEO][SunPower][Speaker]
  • John Werner
    Vice President, Meta
    [John Werner][Vice President][Meta][Speaker]
  • Lisa Westlake
    EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, IHS Markit
    [Lisa Westlake][EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Dennis Whyte
    Head, Nuclear Science and Engineering; Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT
    [Dennis Whyte][Head, Nuclear Science and Engineering; Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center][MIT][Speaker]
  • Clark Wiedetz
    Director, Microgrid and Renewable Integration, Siemens
    [Clark Wiedetz][Director, Microgrid and Renewable Integration][Siemens][Speaker]
  • Sam Wilkinson
    Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage Research, IHS Markit
    [Sam Wilkinson][Associate Director, Solar & Energy Storage Research][IHS Markit][Ihs]
  • Steven Winberg
    Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy, US Department of Energy
    [Steven Winberg][Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy][US Department of Energy][Speaker]
  • David Witte
    Senior Vice President; Division Head, Energy & Chemicals, IHS Markit
    [David Witte][Senior Vice President; Division Head, Energy & Chemicals][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Neil Wizel
    Managing Director, First Reserve
    [Neil Wizel][Managing Director][First Reserve][Speaker]
  • Michael Wynne
    USE Executive Director, IHS Markit
    [Michael Wynne][USE Executive Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jenny Yang
    Director, China Power, Gas, Coal, and Renewables, IHS Markit
    [Jenny Yang][Director, China Power, Gas, Coal, and Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bob Yeager
    President at Automation, Power & Water Solutions, Emerson
    [Bob Yeager][President at Automation, Power & Water Solutions][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Dana Yoerger
    Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Dana Yoerger][Senior Scientist][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • Yusri Mohamed Yusof
    Vice President, Refining & Trading, PETRONAS
    [Yusri Mohamed Yusof][Vice President, Refining & Trading][PETRONAS][Speaker]
  • Cecillia Zheng
    Associate Director, IHS Markit
    [Cecillia Zheng][Associate Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Xizhou Zhou
    Managing Director, IHS Markit
    [Xizhou Zhou][Managing Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jeff Zindel
    Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions
    [Jeff Zindel][Vice President and General Manager][Honeywell Process Solutions][Speaker]