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2015 Highlights

Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil discusses the US energy transformation and the impact it has had on job creation and government revenues in the midst of the 2009 recession.
Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO of ExxonMobil
Daniel Yergin, IHS Vice Chairman and Roger Diwan, Managing Director IHS Energy re-launch our coverage of oil markets and the industry recalibration by sharing the highlights of our CERAWeek conference which took place April 20-24 in Houston.
CERAWeek Highlights Webinar
Senator Lisa Murkowski discusses the Future of US Energy Policy
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Carlos Pascual and William Burns discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal: the prospects for the Middle East and the World
Carlos Pascual and William Burns
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Turning Point: Energy's New World

“As we all know, this conference is always one of the highlights of the year for our industry. It’s a great gathering of the industry.”
Bob Dudley, CEO, BP

“Each year, CERAWeek brings together some of the greatest minds in the world to talk of energy supply, market innovation and new directions for energy.”
Greg Boyce, Chairman & CEO, Peabody Energy

“I’ve heard about this conference and this event, but being here is amazing: just the people and the energy in the room…”
Henry Paulson, former US Secretary of the Treasury

“It is really my honor and pleasure to participate in this illustrious and prestigious conference, and I look forward to the discussions…that will unfold throughout the week.”
Muhammad Al-Saggaf, Acting Head of Shared Operations & Services, Saudi Aramco

“It’s a pleasure to be back at CERAWeek…I do appreciate, though, the influence and the impact that CERAWeek has in our industry, but, I think, more broadly in terms of the exchange, the dialogue and informing the public as well as policy-makers on the important issues that bring us all together.”
Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO, ExxonMobil

“Thank you for organizing yet another outstanding CERAWeek…it truly is an opportunity for great collaboration, great networking, great thought.”
Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska

IHS CERAWeek is the premier annual international conference for energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policymakers, leaders from the technology, financial, and industrial communities – and energy technology innovators. Taking place April 20-24, this year marks the 34th anniversary of this influential event, ranked among the top five “corporate leader” conferences in the world. Midst the turbulence and uncertainty in energy markets this year, CERAWeek 2015 will provide new insights and critically-important dialogue with decision-makers in the oil and gas, electric power, coal, renewables, and nuclear sectors from around the world.